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By Air

Airports nearest to Thusis are sorted by the distance to the airport from the city centre.

Bad Ragaz Airport (distanced approximately 37 km)
Samedan Airport (distanced approximately 38 km)
Ambri Airport (distanced approximately 60 km)
Schanis Airport (distanced approximately 62 km)
Locarno Airport (distanced approximately 71 km)

By Train

Thusis is on the Swiss motorway network with two connection points of the A13 and is connected to the Albula line of the Rhaetian Railway.This narrow-gauge railway is very popular with railway enthusiasts and on 7 July 2008 in the list of UNESCO world cultural heritage have been included.

Key places to visit
St.Martin Church, Church of St.Peter Mistail, Via Spluga, Obertagstein Castle, Thusis Reformed Church


Places to Visit

St.Martin Church

The church of St.Martin stands in the village core of Zillis in the Swiss canton of Grisons, is a Romanesque church hall world famous for its painted church ceiling.As plebeia ecclesia, the church is mentioned in the year 831 was first documented.Coins found in excavations and confirm that there had to Roman times and a settlement was the first church was built around the year 500th.The church ceiling is a work of art from the era of high-Romanesque and the world's only facility of its kind that has remained almost completely intact and without overwriting.The ceiling was painted around 1109 to 1114 and comprises 153 square panels (9 rows of 17 panels) of about 90 cm on a side.Most are from Tannholz and were first coated with a thin layer of plaster, primed and then painted upright used only in the ceiling.The graphic style of the images indicates that the now unknown artist painting book must have dominated.

Church of St.Peter Mistail

is a Carolingian church in the community Alvaschein in the Swiss canton of Grisons.Mistail is also under the corridor designation and the name of Prada communities Alfos (Alvaschein) and Wapitines (Tiefencastel) mentioned.The name is derived from Mistail monasterium, the Latin word for monastery.St.Peter of Mistail is the only undeveloped Dreiapsidenkirche Switzerland.The second-preserved condition, the Benedictine monastery of St.John in Mustair was heavily modified by late Gothic reconstruction.The church and former convent of St.Peter are deposited in Mistail on a small plateau at the entrance to Schin gorge.She can be reached from a parking lot near the main road near the turnoff to Alvaschein on a forest road or the railway station from Tiefencastel in ten minutes.

Via Spluga

is a long-distance hiking trail that on the historic Alpine -transit from Thusis (720 m) in Switzerland over the Splugenpass (2113 m) to Chiavenna (325 m) in Italy leads.Via Spluga passes the valleys Schams (Romansh Schons), Rheinwald and Val San Giacomo to a length of 65 km the river follows Hinterrhein and Liro through the canyons Viamala, Roffla and Cardinello.Already at Bronze Age led to the Via Spluga a mule across the Alps such as the petroglyphs on the Carschenna a bypass route for the difficult terrain Viamala prove gorge.The cultural distance footpath Via Spluga on 7 July 2001 with a historic parade opened.

Obertagstein Castle

The ruins of the castle Obertagstein is in the municipality of Thusis in the Swiss canton of Grisons.The ruins of the castle is located at Annex Obertagstein the Piz Beverin southwest on a well-vertical rock head of Thusis.At the foot of the rock a mule trail led over the nightmare Saissa.The castle is easily reached from Thusis on foot in about an hour, first on a forest road, at the end of a steep dirt road.Access was by a later walled gate at the southwest corner.Below the bars of the gate, holes are for the wooden staircase.Led from the gate a close kennel on a narrow ledge to a door on the southeast side.As can be seen on the inside of the shield wall is on the northern interior of the palace was not higher than two storeys, although another wooden floor is not completely ruled out.

Thusis Reformed Church

The Reformed Church in Thusis in the canton of Graubunden is a Grade II listed Evangelical - Reformed church.The late Gothic church was built in pre-Reformation period 1491 to 1506 and subjected to 1792, 1814, 1905, 1956 and renovated in 2008.The tower closes north of the church and dates from the year 1727.The 2002 fire badly damaged by onion dome has been faithfully reconstructed.The pulpit dates from the time of the Grisons turmoil of 1628th The organ with five-fold brochure is attached in the left side in front of the choir and dated to the year 1956.Cultivation in the southern one is no longer in use baptismal font in the Baroque style.

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April - September