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Ternopil Oblast
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By Air

Ternopil Airport (IATA: TNL, ICAO: UKLT) is an airport in Ukraine located 8 km southeast of Ternopil.It services medium-sized airliners.The airport is relatively small and has a simple taxiway/tarmac layout owing to its size.Several years ago, twice a week were flying to Istanbul, Turkey and in 2010 was a long time operated a special flight Ternopil, Kyiv which later canceled because of unprofitability.In terms of local and regional authorities the restoration of regular flights.

By Train

Ternopil is an important railway junction.From Ternopil trains travel in such key areas: Lviv, Khmelnytsky, Chertkov, Lanivtsi, Rohatyn.Ternopil station was established in 1870 with the way paved rail line Lviv-Pidvolochysk.Since that time the building was reconstructed several times.Now within Ternopil is a passenger rail station: Main station Ternopil, which is located in the area between the streets of Bohdan Khmelnytsky, Soldiers Division Galicia, Krushelnytska.

By Bus

The current bus station in Ternopil opened in 1971, he belongs to the class.It offers passengers - a mother and child room, post office, hairdresser, cafe, pharmacy and newspaper kiosks, ticket offices, information bureau, pay phones, camera storage.Bus provides bus service to regional centers and other settlements of the region with some regional centers of Ukraine and Kyiv.In Ternopil is also a bus station serving the bus commuter settlements.In the region - 40 bus station.Currently, buses run from Ternopil and other cities in several countries.

By Ferry

In Ternopil lake in the navigation season runs ship Hero Tantsorova.Vessel connecting the city center with a distant beach, but only in warm weather.On cooler days it makes cruises without stopping.Tickets for the full circle as of 2010 year amounted to UAH 10 in one end to the far beach - 5 USD.Ticket price for children under 10 years-50% of the total cost.Also in the summer of 2009 began the restoration of single-deck ship PT-50, which came out last flight in 1994.13 October 2010, the vessel is lowered into water.It is expected that this vehicle will be released in flight is to start navigating the period 1 May 2011 year.Now is the competition for the best name of the vessel.In addition to ships on the lake you can see the yacht "Svetlana."It docks at the pier that park.Shevchenko opposite the playground.It can also be ordered for a walk.the cost of rent for half an hour is 90 UAH.

Key places to visit
Ternopil Church, Shevchenko Academic Drama Theatre, Ternopil regional museum, Ternopil Regional Art Museum, Baida Festival, John Puluj Museum


Places to Visit

Ternopil Church

is a Catholic Church in Ternopil, the main temple of Ternopil-Zboriv diocese.Built in in 1749-1779 in the style of baroque.The interior was painted by S. Stroyinskyy, murals lateral naves - J. Hoynytskyy.In the Dominican Church was a monastery. For the maintenance of religious church founder Joseph Potocki recorded village Stehnykivtsi now Ternopil region.From 1772 the monastery institution placed a compass (the county). 1820-48 there were oo. Jesuits.Some premises occupied gymnasium.1903 Dominicans returned to the church. 1908-10 restored church led by architect Vladislav Sadlovskyy : built a new dome, restored old frescoes and domalovano new (artist K. Politynskyy), established a new body and small altars, electrified.

Shevchenko Academic Drama Theatre

is located at Shevchenko Boulevard 22 Theatre Square, Ternopil, Ukraine.Ternopil Regional Academic Drama Theater Taras Shevchenko founded 8 December 1930 on the basis of the 2nd mobile worker-peasant Theater. Mr. Ellan-Blue from 1933 - Workers collective farm peresuv.Theatre Shevchenko City Romney now Sumy region.Ternopil in March-April 1944, during the liberation from German occupation, was destroyed. Therefore, artists Theater Shevchenko, who came from Okhtyrka, were living in Chortkiv.Okhtyrka team led by then chief artistic director Nicholas Yanovsky, artist Volodymyr Kulyk and head of the musical part of Olga Reznikova.In 2000 the theater was awarded academic, since modern official name the Ternopil Regional Academic Ukrainian Drama Theater Taras Shevchenko.

Ternopil regional museum

Museum in the city of Ternopil, the largest collection of sites and materials from nature, history, ethnography and life Ternopil, the oldest institution of culture and enlightenment in the area.The museum is located at the following address: Ukraine, Ternopil, neighborhood Center Arts Square, house. 3.Ternopil Regional Museum founded in 1913 year.Officially opened on April 13 1913 as the Museum Society Podolsky People's School.Even then in the museum there were almost 100 thousand exhibits.Both of the above museum institutions existed in Ternopil to September 1939 year, until December 26 under the decree of the People's Commissariat of Education of the USSR Podolsky Regional Museum was reorganized and established on its basis Ternopil Historical Museum, where funds were transferred to the Ukrainian Museum Society Native School.Funds museum also enriched material from the county museum in Berezhany and collections with museums Chortkiv, Zalishchyky more.

Ternopil Regional Art Museum

one of the museums in Ternopil, located in north-central part of the street Krushelnytska 1.Art Museum has a long history.His pedigree starts from the Regional Museum Podolski opened April 13 1913 in four halls of the National Association of Schools (TNSH) on the street. S. Kachali.The founder of the museum was Professor S. Sorokivskyy, veteran chairman of council TNSH.He also worked out the first guide to the museum.Among the museum exhibits were works of professional painting and sculpture, carpets and embroidery, coins, original documents.During the First World War, the Russians destroyed the collection.The second museum was opened on 9 November 1930 year.At the same time issued the second guide to the museum.In autumn 1939 the Regional Museum Podolsky new government reorganized in Ternopil Historical Museum. Museum's funds replenished many works of art of Western Europe XVII-XIX centuries of the nationalized collections of graphs Potocki and Kozyebrodskyh.

Baida Festival

Ukrainian Cossack song festival in Ternopil.Conducted on the initiative and under the auspices of the Great Council of the Ukrainian Cossacks.Ternopil regional festivals held October 6-7, 2001, 12-13 October 2002 and 29-30 August 2003 in the latter attended also by representatives of the Crimean Tatars, Russia and Serbia.

John Puluj Museum

is a Memorial Museum, which tells about the life and scientific achievements of the Ukrainian scientist Ivan Pavlovich Puluj in 1845 - 1918, born Husyatynschyny, located in Ternopil.The first exposition of the museum stands the future John Puluj prepared teachers and university students at the end of 2009 was actually before the Ternopil had come for the award of university status by then National President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko.Thus John Puluj Museum opened in Ternopil State Technical University on the occasion of 165th anniversary of the famous countryman in February 2010 year.During urochyn with the opening of the museum in Ternopil Ivan Puluj representatives of National Bank of Ukraine presented a commemorative silver coin in honor of the scientist from the series "Outstanding Personalities of Ukraine".In the museum exhibit of John Puluj represented all the major milestones of the scientist see its opening.This is a valuable museum and although still rarities here a little but enough interesting material it lists photographs, copies of important documents and scientific papers of John Puluj.Among the exhibits of course and the renowned "tube Puluj" which he designed himself and through which subjects learned to shine at more than 10 years years before the winner of the Nobel Prize Wilhelm Roentgen.

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