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By Air

Tepic has a small airport serving general aviation,charter,and a few commercial flights

By Land

Regarding road Highway highlight the international highway from north to south Pacific and several neighborhood roads with a length of 337 kilometers,including the toll road at 39 miles. It has a central bus station which are trips into the city,state and throughout the Republic.
  Highway 15 Mexico-Nogales
  Highway 200 Tepic -Puerto Vallarta
  Carretera Tepic -Francisco I. Madero
  Carretera Tepic -San Blas
  Carretera Tepic -Aguascalientes

Key places to visit
Cathedral of Tepic, Cerro de la Cruz, National Fair Mexicanidad, Nayarit's Regional Museum


Places to Visit

Cathedral of Tepic

The Cathedral of Tepic,the Catholic church is the seat of the Diocese of Tepic. It is located opposite the main square in the center of the city. Famous for its home-style Gothic .The first building was erected about 1750. Different from what we know today as it was of smaller proportions.In the early nineteenth century,they decided to build a larger and larger. The works were completed in the year 1885. The temple was designated as a cathedral by Pope Leo XIII on 23 June 1891,and its first Bishop Ignacio Diaz and Macedo.

Cerro de la Cruz

The Cerro de la Cruz is a hill located in the city of Tepic,Nayarit. Located close CONALEP the road to Bellavista.There are 2 options to climb the hill,one is a paved road with curb,the other is a rough road with many paths of different difficulties. Along the paved road there are 14 crosses representing each of the 14 stations of the Via Crucis.On top of the hill there is a small plain,and on this there are 3 crosses,the largest has a figure of Jesus Christ and the other 2 are smaller.Many people visit the Cerro de la Cruz for exercise,fresh air or distracted. At the top of the hill you can see very good views. In addition,the view you get from the city of Tepic is very good and wide. So,is classified as a tourist attraction in the city.

National Fair Mexicanidad

The National Fair Mexicana is a show that takes place in the city of Tepic,began October 26 in 1989 during the government of Celso Humberto Delgado Ramirez,and is held every year. During the government of Antonio Echevarría Domínguez called "National Fair Tepic",but in 2006,the government of Ney Gonzalez Sanchez returned to his original name and starts with the International Festival Amado Nervo,to date it is preserved and no events culturares,entertainment,games,rides,restaurants and more.

Nayarit's Regional Museum

The Regional Museum resides in a palatial 18th-century neoclassical house with a lovely courtyard. It also presents changing exhibitions that are the honored host to pre-Hispanic objects,such as ancient pottery and tomb artifacts. The museum also displays colonial painting and artifacts of the Huichol culture.

Right Time to Visit

January - April
November - December