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By Car

If not on a package tour, the best way to get there is by hiring a taxi for the day, or organsing a private driver to take you. Be warned, even drivers that work in the tourist industry are not likely to know where the site is exactly and may rely on directions from the locals once in Zagazig. When you get to the roundabout in Zagazig with the statue of Bastet in the middle you know you are damn close.

Key places to visit
The Temple of Bastet, Monuments


Places to Visit

The Temple of Bastet

This red granite temple of the cat goddess Bastet was originally documented by Herodotus in the 5th century. Herodotus tells us that the city was popular with religious pilgrims who came here by the thousands for the goddess' annual festival. He tells us this festival was one of the grandest in Egypt.


Naville also discovered ka-temples of the 5th Dynasty rulers, Teti and Pepi I, and two jubilee chapels built by Amenemhet III (Amenemhet I is also known to have built here) and Amenhotep III. The ka-temple of Pepi I lies to the west of the Temple of Bastet, but all that remains are two rows of pillars. Teti's ka temple was to the northwest of the main temple. To the southwest of the Temple of Bastet stood a temple dedicated to Atum and built by Osorkon I or II.

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January - April
October - December