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Iran, Islamic Republic
Tenth Ostan
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By plane

There are no direct flights from North America or Australia, but there are flights direct from numerous European, African and Asian cities as well as cities in the Middle East. Iran Air, the national carrier of Iran, flies to many destinations such as London (Heathrow), Amsterdam and Tokyo. You can also fly direct from London (Heathrow) with BMI (previously known as British Midland). Alternatively, you can enter via Dubai and then take Emirates or Air Arabia to Tehran

By train

Tehran has rail connections to other cities in Iran and neighbouring countries. If travelling within Iran, train tickets should be bought outside the station, in travel agencies or through internet from Raja passenger train company  that is the passenger daughter company of Islamic Republic of Iran Railways (RAI).

By car

Traffic is very congested but has improved with the completion of several new tunnels and highways (referred to as autobahns by the locals) across the city. You can drive in from Turkey fairly easily as well as from the Southern parts of Iran. Driving is often dangerous and seat belts should be worn at all times.

By bus

Almost every city and far-flung village in Iran has bus services to Tehran, as evidenced by the hundreds of buses that pour in and out of the capital each day. Most buses arrive to, or depart from one of four major bus terminals

Key places to visit
Golestan Palace, Chitgar Forest Park, Laleh Park, Niavaran Park, Jamshidieh Park


Places to Visit

Golestan Palace

 Golestan Palace the oldest of the historic monuments in Tehran. The Golestan (Rose Garden) citadel is one of mainly visited places in Tehran, which was the Qajars' royal residence, and its garden is an oasis of coolness and peace in the heart of the city. The major building, architecturally unpretentious, houses a museum with objects from the Qajar period in the self-important style of last century. In the Golestan garden, a one-story pavilion to the right and a short distance from the entrance, shelters one of the best organized museums in Tehran. It encloses about thirty showcases presenting almost everything related to Iran, which makes up the critical originality of Iranian life in the a variety of provinces of the country.

Chitgar Forest Park

Chitgar Forest Park is situated in Tehran province, Iran. It is an artificial forest and covers an area of 14.5 square kilometers west of Tehran. It lies within the borders of Tehran's district 22. It also has different ramps and facilities for cycling and skating. It is one of the largest parks of the province, and can be used throughout the year. This park is very popular with the population of the Tehran and Karaj and being situated on the way of the West-East wind in the province it has a purifing effect on Tehran's air.

Laleh Park

Laleh Park, is a large recreation area of the Iranian capital Tehran.It is well-kept and has beautiful green areas adjacent to The Ministry of Agriculture in the east, Iran's National Rug Gallery to the northwest, and the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art in the west.

Niavaran Park

Niavaran Park is a public park in Tehran. It is located within the Niavaran district and is situated immediately south of the Niavaran Palace Complex. Niavaran Park is one of the most famous parks in Iran, many teenagers gather around to socialize or take a stroll. Niavaran Park has a small roller skating rink for kids, and many beautiful water fountains. The mild weather and exquisite scenery have contributed to its attracting tourists and the numerous Iranian families who choose the park to spend their weekend picnics

Jamshidieh Park

Jamshidieh Park which is in the Niavaran district at the base of the Kolakchal Mountain, is one of the most picturesque and beautiful parks in Tehran. Mellat Park in Valiasr street is one of the largest recreation areas in the Middle-East. Niavaran Park is one of Tehran's famous and most pleasant public city parks. It is located within the Niavaran district and is situated immediately south of the Niavaran Palace Complex. Additionally there are some large parks called "park-e-jangali" (literally "forest park") around (and some inside) the city which are very popular among the locals for picnic. The most famous one is Chitgar in the west of the city and is accessible via Karaj road.

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