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By Air

The closest major airport to Taubate, Brazil is Sao Jose dos Campos Airport (SJK / SBSJ). This airport is in Sao Jose Dos Campos, Brazil and is about 39 km from the center of Taubate, Brazil.

By Train

The Central Railroad of Brazil - Taubate Station, located near Old Road, is an important heritage of the city, it is a living memory of the railway came to enrich and promote the region at the height of "Coffee Cycle" and as in "Industrial Advent" of the city and region.For the station which was not only loading and unloading products, goods and raw materials like today but also for passenger transport.It is the record of an era of wealth, fights, projects, hopes that today by looking at its construction, we refer to the past with respect and a certain nostalgia even though we have not lived. Brought through their tracks the development and hope for a promising future life for the city. It is a cultural asset that should be preserved in memory taubateana.Although in the past the transport of passengers has been of paramount importance to the people taubateana in the future is already provided for the passage of high-speed train ( TAV ) taubateanos linking the city and visitors to Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo and Campinas.

By Bus

Currently the grant of the city's public transport company for ABC Transport which makes the operation of urban bus taking passengers to the neighborhoods of the city and some neighboring towns.The city has also TCTAU ( Transport Supplementary Taubate ), which performs the same services of ABC company, but with minibuses and small buses.The city also has a network of taxis, motorcycle taxis and vehicles for charter and school.The city has several long distance bus lines connecting the city to neighboring Tremembe, Pindamonhangaba, Cacapava, Redemption Serra, Pond, St. Louis do Paraitinga, Monteiro Lobato, Campos do Jordao, Sao Jose dos Campos, Ali, Caraguatatuba and even Ubatuba.And besides connecting to several cities in Brazil and Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte, Salvador among many others.Taubate Road has two called New Road and Old Road where the first distance and plays while the second is responsible for loading and unloading of buses for the 178 districts of Taubate.

Key places to visit
Italian Immigration Museum of Taubate, Monteiro Lobato Museum, Mazzaropi Museum, The National Capital Children's Literature


Places to Visit

Italian Immigration Museum of Taubate

is a public cultural institution located in the district of Quiririm in the city in Brazil of Taubate in Sao Paulo State.It is maintained by the government of the municipality and is situated in one of the first places of Italian immigration to Brazil.The museum has its seat in the house of the family Indiani, born in Cremona, Italy.In 1888 the family came to the country being one of the first to perform immigration to Brazil.Initially, along with forty other families, the Indians came to town to work in Taubate Farm Coffee Barreiro.In 1890, however, moved to the the village of Quiririm then starting the planting of rice and manufacturing of ropes and bricks.The left of the family, whose architecture is typical of northern Italy, was built between 1897 and April 1903.In 1958, after the death of the patriarchs the manor was deteriorating, until in 1985 it was declared a public utility by the city of Taubate.Later in 1995 was restored.ds works after the end of restoration in 1997 was opened in the local Italian Immigration Museum.

Monteiro Lobato Museum

is a public cultural institution located in the Yellow Woodpecker Ranch in the city in Brazil of Taubate in Sao Paulo State.It is maintained by the state government and is listed as state and national heritage.The museum works in the house where the writer Monteiro Lobato was born and lived until age 12.It houses a children's library with the works of Lobato, some collections of family and green area known as the Yellow Woodpecker Ranch Park.Theatrical performances with the characters immortalized by the author accompany the site.There are also workshops for children.According to the Department of Environment, Tourism and Culture of the State of São Paulo, the Museum Lobato is the most visited in São Paulo State.About a year and a half, the museum hopes to repair the roof of the house where the writer lived. The bureaucracy of the official organs prevents the recovery of construction, which is poorly conserved.The municipalization is one of the attempts to accomplish the work that would cost $ 154 000.

Mazzaropi Museum

was created in 1992 by John Roman Junior as a way to honor his old friend and Brazilian filmmaker. The long-standing friendship, was the meeting point of the night serenades the Paraitinga St. Louis, which did not lack the composer of Elpidio Santos, creator of music for films Mazzaropi, and the conductor Fego Campbell (father of TV presenter Hebe Camargo).At that time nostalgic, nobody imagined that years after the death of Mazzaropi the location of PAM Movies Studios would be purchased by John Roman Junior where there is now the Hotel Mazzaropi.The children of John Roman Junior continue the rescue work and publicize Mazzaropi believing in the importance of preserving the memory of this character of Brazilian cinemaIn the collection there are over 6,000 pieces of photos, movies, documents, props, furniture and equipment "count" much of the artist's career. The museum is open to the public Tuesday through Sunday from 8:30 to 12:30 and constantly promotes the service to the school students interested in learning more about the history of cinema.

The National Capital Children's Literature

Taubate is one of the most traditional cities of the interior of Sao Paulo and having long been a center of excellence in the Vale do Paraiba, the city has always been considered the most invested in culture in the region.The fact that the city currently known as the Capital University of the Valley is important for the city to continue to have considerable cultural production.Approved by Congress, on 15/12/2010 Bill No. 164, 2010 authored by Rep. Roberto Alves (PTB-SP) is Taubate as "The National Capital Children's Literature."

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