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Targu Neamt

Targu Neamt
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By air

Aircraft The nearest airport is in Salcea-Suceava, at 65 kilometers. It has regular flights to Bucharest and Timisoara. Nearby are Iasi International Airport, which has regular flights to Vienna, Budapest, Bucharest, Constanta and Timisoara, and Bacau International Airport which has regular flights to cities in Italy (Bologna, Milan, Rome, Turin), Bucharest and Timisoara.

By road

Targu Neamt point of the national road 15B ( Cristesti - Glade Largului ) and 15C ( Piatra Neamt - Falticeni ). Thus the city is a bridge between the monasteries of Bucovina and Neamt ( Voronet, Moldovita, Sucevita, Putna ). From here you can easily reach Mountain Spring Lake, to massive Ceahlau and resorts to Durau, Borsec, Worcester and Baltatesti. European route E 85 passes about 15 km east of the city by Cristesti and Falticeni.

By railway

Targu Neamt is connected to one of the most important rail lines, Bucharest-Suceava Targu Neamt through the track - Pascani, served by eight pairs of passenger train per day (between 3:35 am and 9:24 p.m., at intervals of approximately two hours), of which one to Iasi and one to Falticeni. The line is operated by private operator Regiotrans.

By bus

In 2008 were put into service a few lines from bus to bus station, to neighboring villages or neighborhoods for Stadium and bathrooms mirrors. It provides public transport. There are also buses to Piatra Neamt, Roman, Bacau and Iasi.

Key places to visit
Neamt Fortress, Alexander Memorial House Vlahuta from Agapia, Monument of Targu Neamt, Hunters-Neamt Natural Park, Agapia, Monastery Varatec, Neamt Monastery, Secu Monastery, Hermitage Monastery, Monastery Sihla


Places to Visit

Neamt Fortress

Neamt Citadel (improperly known under the name Neamt Fortress) is a medieval fortress in Moldova, located on the outskirts of the northwestern city of Targu Neamt (north-eastern Romania ). It is located on the Peak Plesa Timus rock (called Castle Hill), at an altitude of 480 m and a height of 80 m above water level Neamt. From here, guarded valley Moldova and Siret, and went over the mountain road in Transylvania. Neamt Fortress was part of the system of fortifications built in Moldova in the late fourteenth century, when a danger Ottoman. The fortified medieval fortified settlements included (royal court, monasteries with high walls and strategically important cities) for de

Alexander Memorial House Vlahuta from Agapia

Alexander Memorial House Vlahuta from Agape is a memorial museum established in the house where the writer lived Vlahuta Alexander (1858-1919) near Agapia ( Neamt County ). The house was built of wood in 1885.The writer Alexander House Vlahuta Agapia is in Neamt County Historical Monuments in 2004, with NT-II code-mB-10628. In 1880, after being widowed, his sister Vlahuta, Strajescu Elizabeth (1850-1925), became a monk at the Monastery Agapia. Ten years later, in 1890, were a monk and his parents named Elizabeth and nectar, and then a younger brother, named Mardarius.

Monument of Targu Neamt

Monument of Targu Neamt is a monument to the body of Mountain of the Romanian Army and heroes of World War. Monument located in Targu Neamt is located in the north-east of the city, the terrace artificially created in 1936, the Peak Plesa. The city was chosen for the construction of this building because here, in one thousand nine hundred sixteen - 1917, the first body was founded Mountain by King Charles II. Located at an altitude of 491 meters, almost 100 meters above the city, construction can be easily observed from a distance.

Hunters-Neamt Natural Park

Hunters Neamt Nature Park is a natural park, located on the eastern slope of Stânisoarei Mountains in northern Neamt county, bordering county of Suceava, the area municipalities Cracaoani, Agapia, Hunters Neamt, the city of Tg. German, and resorts Baltatesti and mirrors.It was established as a natural park in 1999, the area of 30,818 hectares, including over 26,300 hectares forest. Park hosts a wide range of natural values, cultural and historical.


Agapia (New Agapia called for differentiation Agapia Old Hermitage ) is an Orthodox monastery of nuns in Romania, located in Valley Stream Agapia, at a distance of 9 km from the city of Targu Neamt. It is located in the middle of a forest at a distance of 3 km from the village Agapia. It is one of the largest monasteries of nuns in Romania, with 300 to 400 nuns and being second in population after Varatec monastery.The monastery was built between 1641-1643. Church architecture has a specific style. What makes this monument are as interesting frescoes painted by Nicolae Grigorescu the period 1858-1861.

Monastery Varatec

Varatec Monastery is a monastery of nuns of the Orthodox Romania, situated in a clearing at the foot of the mountains, the village Varatec of common Agapia ( Neamt County ), at a distance of 12 km from the city of Targu Neamt and 40 km from the city of Stone- German. It is the largest convent in Romania, here enlivened more than 400 nuns.The monastery was founded in 1785 by Schemanun Olympics, along with Joseph confessor. In this paper, Olympics mother was advised and guided by Paisius Velicicovschi, abbot of the monastery Neamt. Placed under administration Agapia Monastery nearby monastery monastery Varatec became independent in 1839.

Neamt Monastery

Neamt Monastery is an Orthodox monastery of monks of Romania, located in Hunters-Neamt village, village Monastery Neamt, Neamt County. It is the largest and oldest monastic establishment in Moldova. The monastery is documented in 1407, but while the activity monastic roots stretch back to the twelfth century. Ctitorirea monastery is attributed to Prince Peter Mu ( 1375 - 1 391 ), which built the first stone church, now extinct, but the site of the monastery, there is an old wooden church, called the White Church, the monks built a century before. The present church of the monastery was founded by Prince Stephen the Great in the late fifteenth century and is dedicated to the Ascension.

Secu Monastery

Secu Monastery is an Orthodox monastery in Romania located in the village Pipirig, Neamt County. Secu Monastery was built in 1602 with the support of Nestor Ear, great governor of the Netherlands, the father of the famous chronicler Grigore Ear, place a small hermitages called "Zosim's Hermitage", founded in 1564.

Hermitage Monastery

Hermitage Monastery is a monastery Orthodox monks, the patron Virgin Birth, located in the north of Neamt county, 22 km from the city of Targu Neamt, on the road leading to Pipirig - Worcester. The first foundation was held in 1655 by Athanasius hermit with seven disciples of his countrymen. Hard times that followed led to the ruin of the church and therefore, in 1734, bishop of the Roman Gideon built a new church of stone, the old place. The building is austere and full of harmony, respecting the traditional Moldavian style architecture faithfully.

Monastery Sihla

Sihla Monastery (or Monastery Sihla) is a century Orthodox monastery. XVIII-XIX.Sihla monastery is 8 miles from Hermitage Monastery at 1000 m altitude, in a rocky area. Near the monastery is the cave where - in the eighteenth century - lived pious Theodora, daughter of Joldea Armasu from Neamt Fortress, who will be known in the Orthodox world as Saint Theodora Sihla.

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