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Egypt (General)
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By train

There are frequent daily connections from Alexandria, Cairo, and Port Said.

By bus

Minibuses and Peugeot shared taxis abound in other cities. The current fare as of July 2008 is 9 or 10 LE from Alexandria in a shared ride taxi. If you don't feel like sharing with other people, then go ahead and pay for the whole taxi - 63 or 70 LE, whichever it is.

Key places to visit
Zifta Dam , Tell Mokdam


Places to Visit

Zifta Dam

Some 15mi/25km east of Tanta is the Zifta Dam on the Damietta arm of the Nile, built in 1903, with 50 sluice gates 16ft/5m wide. Very similar in construction to the Asyut Dam, it regulates the irrigation of the governorates of Gharbiya, Daqahliya and Sharqiya in the eastern Delta.

Tell Mokdam

Some 25mi/40km southeast of Tanta and 6mi/10km south of Mit Ghamr, in one of the most beautiful parts of the Delta, on the right bank of the Damietta arm of the Nile, is Tell Mokdam, a massive rubble mound marking the site of Leontopolis ("Lion City"), a town mentioned by Strabo which in the Ptolemaic period was the flourishing capital of the 11th nome of Lower Egypt. The buildings, including a temple erected by Osorkon II (22nd Dynasty), were almost completely demolished in later times for the sake of their stone.

Right Time to Visit

January - March
October - December