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South Sinai
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By Plane

Visitors to Taba arrive either north from Israel, south from Egypt or by air to Taba International Airport. On leaving Israel, a departure tax of 101NIS (until end 2011) is charged, although if you pay this in advance at Eilat's main post office, you will pay 5 NIS less. For entering Egypt, most nationalities can receive a free Sinai permit allowing 14 days within Sinai itself. You must have an advance visa if you wish to proceed out of the Sinai. Whether you have a visa or not, you'll be charged 75EGP (at Mar 2011) as "Sinai tax".

By Bus

Coming from there are four buses, two in the morning and another two at night leaving at 10 PM and 11 PM from the main bus station, Turgoman. The ones in the morning cost 70EGP and the ones that leave at night cost 80EGP (Aug 2010) If you need help finding the bus station there is a tourist information stand in the main Cairo train station, they speak English and are generally helpful. Cost is around 70EGP one way.

Key places to visit
casino , Castle Zaman


Places to Visit


The main reason for Taba's existence is the casino at the Hilton. Tour operators organize excursions to more interesting places nearby, including Mount Sinai and even Petra (in Jordan).

Castle Zaman

25km Taba-Nuweiba Rd, Taba, Red Sea and Sinai, South Sinai, Egypt,open 12PM. East of the Sinai Peninsula, overlooking the Gulf of Aqaba, this impressive monument commands a dramatic mountainous view of four countries. The exact site signifies a landmark on the ancient road connecting St. Catherine's Monastery with Jerusalem. Castle Zaman offers an exquisite and generous cuisine. Meat and seafood are roasted to perfection with an assortment of fresh vegetables, spices, dates and figs slowly prepared in earth pots. Preparation takes 1-3.5 hours, time gladly spent by the pool, exploring the underground treasure room, or sipping fresh coctails by the bar.

Right Time to Visit

January - March
October - December