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Szolnok Museum

Jasz-Nagykun-Szolnok Megye
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by train

Szolnok has excellent train services you can travel to/from Budapest (1004Ft, 1¾ hours, 100km), Debrecen (1420Ft, 1¾ hours, 120km), Nyiregyhaza (1828Ft, two hours, 170km), Bekescsaba (1004Ft, 1½ hours, 95km) and dozens of points in between without changing. For Miskolc (2030Ft, 3¾ hours, 185km), change at Hatvan Cegled is where you transfer for Kecskemét (544Ft, one hour, 60km) and Szeged (1624Ft, 2¾ hours, 145km).

by bus

Buses go to towns around Hungary, including Jaszbereny (725Ft, 1¼ hours, 55km, eight daily), Kecskemet (846Ft, 1¾ hours, 65km, seven daily), Budapest (1150Ft, 1¾ hours, 95km, two daily), Szeged (1690Ft, three hours, 135km, seven daily) and Tiszafured (907Ft, two hours, 70km, three daily).

Key places to visit
John Damjanich Museum, Hungarian Aviation History Museum, Open-air Water Museum, Szolnok Gallery, Tabani House


Places to Visit

John Damjanich Museum

The Szolnok Damjanich John Obermayer Louis Museum of the plans of 1860 was built in the former Kingdom of Hungary from the Hotel room. Named after the 1848-49 revolution and freedom fight generals, Damjanich John , who fought the leadership of the victorious battle of Szolnok.The museum foundation Hild Viktor historian, researcher already in 1913 was promoted. Bela Balogh and then professor in 1933 he established the city's first working, Library and Museum of the associations. A real boom, 1948 , in Kaposvar, Gyula activity was designed. The escalating, ethnographic, historical, and last but not least, the Art Colony alkatoinak and spa, made it necessary to be in the final exhibition. The John Damjanich Museum, the former Hungarian Kingdom Hotel, 1860 was built in neoclassical style building, is located on 1952 in.

Hungarian Aviation History Museum

The Hungarian Aviation History Museum of Military History Institute and Museum of Szolnok, working, flying in filialeja.
The Museum of Szolnok military airport right next to, Szandaszolos found. The museum issued by the aircraft, equipment, documents, and the majority of the Hungarian Air Force used by the device, but a number of civilian passenger and cargo aircraft can be found in the collection. The museum in 1973 was opened by George Kilian Aviation Technical College, as part of it is just six Soviet -made aircraft. While the collection remains a key strength of World War II military aviation after the presentation of the exhibits date back to the beginning of the Hungarian aviation and documents the first and second world war in the history of flight. Today the museum in Central Europe is one of the largest in the history of aviation facilities.

Open-air Water Museum

The Open-Air Water Museum in Szolnok , pumping stations located in the Miller.The open-air Water Museum collections specialist in nature. The main attraction of the museum in 1862 and the sluice was built in 1885 was built pumping station. The pumping of more than 100 years of machine is still working. The outdoor section presents mainly water machines and related equipment and tools. The museum of the Central Tisza region nearly 200 years of water management processes.

Szolnok Gallery

The riverside promenade. Large, at some synagogues. The synagogue in 1898 , was built in Leopold Baumhorn designed by Moorish style . Detached due to each of the four facades of its splendor unfolds before the visitor. Before the bust is Baumhorn Leopold, Simon Francis sculpture. The building itself is rectangular, like the dome of the Museum of Applied Arts dome. Height of 26 meters. The attention to historical status of renovations to restore all the color and the environment. 1972 took place in the conversion. Core Cabinet approved the Torah, topped with a plaque depicting the Ten Commandments in two. The fence is not restored, but the colony was used in building the fence. Inside a van. An ideal place for exhibitions. Today, John Damjanich Museum , houses a collection of fine art. Permanent exhibition of the Szolnok Colony of Artists exhibition.

Tabani House

The Taban Szolnok oldest part is the years from 1600 there are records about him. As at the junction of two rivers Szolnok, built by the locals in the main activity was fishing. The Taban residents were primarily poor people, were characteristic of the divided town of narrow, dark, winding streets. Marshy, wet area was. Directly to the Taba Art Colony was near, the theme became popular artists in Szolnok. The Tabani now demolished and replaced by modern houses were built on narrow, atmospheric streets.
Today Tabani House in 1930 was built around. When John Damjanich Museum bought a ruined was that in 1989 I had was completely renovated. Today, the former fishermen's use of everyday objects of life are presented, with contemporary furnishings.

Right Time to Visit

April - September