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By air

Osmani International Airport (ICAO: ZYL) is served by all major domestic carriers, Biman Air and GMG Airlines, Royal Bengal Airlines. Please check the airline's website for latest schedule.

By train

There are train services from Dhaka ,Chittagong and Comilla to Sylhet everyday. From Dhaka, there are three train named Joyontika, Parabat and Upoban depart at morning, noon and evening.

By bus

There are many luxury coach and bus services from Dhaka to Sylhet. Some notable services are Hanif, Shohag Poribahan, Green Line etc. These services are available from 7.30 am to 10.30 pm. For latest schedule it is recommended to contact with particular company.
For budget travelers , there are non AC bus services available from the Sayedabad bus terminal (locally known as a Jonopath mor, near sayedabad hujur's mosque) which depart every half hour from 6 am to midnight. Efficient budget bus service companies are Hanif, Unique Service etc.

Key places to visit
Madhabkunda waterfall, Shah Jalal, Sri Mangal, Lawacherra Rain Forest, Madhabkunda, Jaflong, Greeva Peet - Mahalakshmi peet


Places to Visit

Madhabkunda waterfall

Madhabkunda is the largest waterfall in Bangladesh situated in Barlekha thana in Moulvi Bazar District, Sylhet Division. The waterfall is one of the most attractive tourist spots in Bangladesh. Lots of tourists and picnic parties come to Madhabkunda every day for their enjoyment. Fall of million tons of water form 200ft. height. Big bolder of stones and the black stones with green leafy trees and the sound of waterfall is giving a shape of care in Madhabkunda.

Shah Jalal

Shah Jalal is a saint of Bengal particularly in the region of Sylhet, Bangladesh. Jalal's name is associated with the Muslim conquest of Sylhet, for which he is given the most credit. He was buried at Sylhet. Shahjalal International Airport, Bangladesh's main airport is named in honour of this saint.

Sri Mangal

Sri Mangal is famous for the largest tea gardens of the world covered by lush green carpet. One can have a look into the spectacular tea processing at Tea Research Institute. Bangladesh produces and exports a large quantity of high quality tea every year. Most of the tea estates are in Sri Mangal. It is called "The land of two leaves and a bud". It is also called camellia, green carpet or Tea Mountain. There are a lot of tea estates including the largest one in the world. The terraced tea garden, pineapple, rubber and lemon plantations from a beautiful landscape. It is known as the tea capital in Bangladesh. Just offer entering into the tea estates the nice smells and green beauty will lead you many kilometres away.

Lawacherra Rain Forest

Lawacherra Rain Forest is one of the important & well-reserved forests in Bangladesh. Here visitor may see gibbons swimming through the trees and birds like bee-eater owls parrot. It is a good habitant of Deer, leopard, wild chicken, squirrel, and python. Don't miss it especially if you are bird watcher. The terrain is hilly and vegetation is fairly thick. Only one rare Chloroform tree of Asia is here and a prime attraction of travel


Madhabkunda surrounded by lush tea estates and full of waters lilies is a unique one. Magurchara ruined gas & Oil reserved field, which was inadvertently blown up while digging 3 years ago and was burning a 500-feet height for more than 3 months. A lot of burnt trees now carrying the symbols of disaster. Ever where a lot of rubber & lemon plantation form a beautiful landscape. And you can have a visit to Madhobkundo waterfall.


Jaflong is a natural tourist spot in the Division of Sylhet, Bangladesh. It is located in Gowainghat Upazila of Sylhet District and situated at the border between Bangladesh and the Indian state of Meghalaya. It is just below the mountain range. Jaflong is famous for its stone collections and is home of the Khasi tribe.

Greeva Peet - Mahalakshmi peet

South of Sylhet around 4 Kms from the city is place named Joinpur(Dakshin Surma - Surma is the river that flows through Sylhet). Sri Mahalakshmi temple is situated at this place. As every shakthi peet has its bhairav temple and for this peet Bhairav temple is situated 1 km away from this sakthi peet.


Right Time to Visit

March - June