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Surat Thani

Surat Thani
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By plane

Surat Thani Airport(URT) (IATA: URT | ICAO: VTSB) is about 20 km west of the city in Phunphin district. Thai Airways international ,Thai Air Asia, Nok Air operate daily flights to/from Don Mueang International Airport and Suvarnabhumi Airport Bangkok. And connect by bus or car rent (buy ticket and rent in the airport) to the main town. Phantip Travel have bus service connecting all flights to airport from Surathani city.

By train

The Surat Thani train station, despite its name, is located in Phunphin district, about 12km west of the town center. Most comfortable are the overnight trains from Bangkok, which arrive in early morning. There are always many who try to catch the tourists and sell them trips to Surat or the islands directly - usually the most aggressive sellers are the most expensive. However, it's not a big problem to reach a 'Surat Thani City' from Phunphin district - 'Surathani' railway station - by municipal bus (departure every 30 mins) from the train station building. It costs only 20 baht. Taxis from Phunphin to Surat Thani City are around 150-200 baht.

By bus

The Surat Thani new bus terminal is located a bit outside the city; however if you plan to go directly into the city, it is usually possible to ask for a stop before. The old bus terminal in the middle of city is now frequented only by some private buses, which are however much more risky than the government buses. There are many bus companies from Southern Bus Terminal Bangkok to Surat Thani Bus terminal. If you are coming from Phuket, it takes about 6 hours to reach Surat Thani. Connexions by bus, tuk-tuk, or Songthaew from the bus terminal to the main town are available.

Key places to visit
Lak Mueang, Ko Lamphu, Ang Thong National Marine Park, Ko Mae Ko


Places to Visit

Lak Mueang

Lak Mueang are City pillars found in most cities of Thailand. Usually housed in a shrine which is also believed to house Chao Pho Lak Mueang, the city spirit deity; it is held in high esteem by citizens.
It was probably King Rama I, who erected the first city pillar on April 21, 1782, when he moved his capital from Thonburi to Bangkok. The shrine was actually the first building of his new capital, the Palace and other buildings were created later.

Ko Lamphu

Ko Lamphu' is a small island in the Tapi River, Thailand. This island is located about 9 km from the river mouth, near the town center of Surat Thani.It is connected by bridge to the city at the Pillar Shrine.
Ko Lamphu is 0.75 km in length and it is flat. This island is car-free, which contributes to the peaceful atmosphere and makes it a popular place for picnic as well as for sports. Ko Lamphu has a promenade by the riverfront with food stalls that is particularly pleasant in the evening.

Ang Thong National Marine Park

Ang Thong National Marine Park is a fascinating archipelago of 42 or so islands in the Central Gulf Coast of Southern Thailand. It is north west of Ko Samui. Most of the islands are close to each other making a breathtaking panorama sailing around the park. All the islands are of different sizes and shapes. Most of them are covered with tropical forests and named after their distinguishing geography, a kind of descriptive appellation, such as 'Sleeping Cow Island' and 'Three Pillars Island'.

Ko Mae Ko

Ko Mae Ko (Mother Island) is a must to visit. Here, an emerald seawater lake in the middle of the island is encircled on all sides by limestone cliffs, but linked by an underground tunnel connecting with the sea. Reaching the lake entails a strenuous climb of 40 minutes or so, but is rewarded with a spectacular view across the whole park.

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