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Vasternorrlands Lan
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By Air

There are 3 airline companies operating from Sundsvall airport. Sundsvall has direct flights to Stockholm and Luleå.

By Train

Trains are limited, the price system is strange but the services are good and the scenery even better.Sundsvall is easy to reach by Train. It's one of the most northern cities to be served by the fast X2000 trains to Stockholm. A private line runs the track from Sundsvall to Östersund, which connects to trains to Trondheim in Norway.There are also several trains to Härnosand. Further north trains go to Luleå and Umeå but these don't run direct.A very good site to check uit the Swedish timetables is www.resplus.seThe main trainstation of Sundsvall is southeast of the citycenter. Southwest is another smaller station.

Key places to visit
Lake Marmen, Alno, Njurunda, Open-Air Museum, Liden


Places to Visit

Lake Marmen

To the west of the island of Alnö, reached by way of E 14 and the village of Matfors, is Lake Marmen, on the shores of which are numerous prehistoric remains. In front of the beautiful 18th century church of Attmar can be seen the largest runic stone in Medelpad. Other features of interest are the church of Tuna (1776-77; 13th C. font) and the Tunabacken cemetery area.


To the north of Sundsvall a road bridge (1,024m/1,100yd long, 40m/130ft high) crosses the Alnönsund to the island of Alnö. 2km/1.25mi north of Alvik is a 13th century stone church with stellar vaulting which has vividly colored wall paintings, fine sculpture and atriumphal cross dating back to about 1500. The new church (1896) has a richly carved wooden font from the 12th/13th century. At the southeastern tip of the island is the attractive little fishing village of Spikarna, with the popular Vindheim summer restaurant.


South of Sundsvall on E 4, around Njurunda, is an attractive region of lakes featuring waterfowl and moorland with orchids, fishing villages and islands with good beaches.

The village of Njurunda features the ruins of a 12th century church and a graveyard by Stångån river.

Open-Air Museum

From Sundsvall's two hills, the Norra and Södra Stadsberg, there are extensive views of the town and the island Alnö. On the Norra Stadsberg is the Norra Bergets Hantverks- och Frilufmuseum (Craft and Open-Air Museum), with many old wooden houses from the province of Medelpad and comprehensive collections of other material illustrating the way of life of the pre-industrial period.


50km/30mi northwest of Sundsvall is Liden. From the Vettaberg (381m/1,250ft) there is a fine view into the valley of the Indalsälv. On the lower slopes of the hill can be found a late medieval church.

Right Time to Visit

April - October