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Saint Peters
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Speightstown also known as Little Bristol,is the second largest town centre of Barbados.It is situated twelve miles to the north of the capital city of Bridgetown, in the northern parish of Saint Peter.The town is named after William Speight, a member of Barbados' first Assembly during the Settlement years, and the former owner of the land where the town is located.

The area of Speightstown was the first major port and commercial centre of Barbados.The city is named after William Speight, a member of Barbados' first Assembly during the colonial years as well as the former land owner where the city is located.It has a long and colorful history reaching back to the 17th century when it served as one of the main ports connecting the island with the “mother country,” England.Back then Speightstown was sometimes called “Little Bristol” because of these trading connections with Bristol in England.This little village was the port that Ayscue could not take, when dispatched by Cromwell to quell the insurrection in Barbados in 1649.The Barbadians were loyal to Charles I, and would not accept Oliver Cromwell as their protector.For six months Ayscue was unable to land in Barbados, and concentrated attacks on Speightstown were repelled by the small forts along the shore.The tiny island was landed only with the help of a defector who led Ayscue and his men to land at Oistins Town where they met with representatives of the island and signed what has become known as the "Charter of Barbados".Signed in 1652, the agreement gave Barbados rights and privileges unheard of in any other Island.In particular it guaranteed that Barbados could not be taxed without the consent of a Barbados General Assembly.

Many historic buildings dating from colonial times, including Arlington House, still remain standing in the town and can be seen mostly along Queen Street, Church Street and Orange Street. Speightstown saw a lot of activity during the reign of the sugar industry and the day of the slave trade. Many slaves would have passed through this town, even if they were to be shipped on further to other islands or America.There is a lot of activity in Speightstown particularly on weekends when locals and visitors come out to do their shopping and banking.Many stalls can be found along the streets hawking local and imported fruits and ground provisions.Falling into disrepair and neglected over the years it has now been revived and is on stream for a number of exciting initiatives.There has been a redevelopment of the Speightstown Esplanade (Fort Denmark) and the Fisheries Complex. There has been some significant work to the drainage of the area with the Salt Pond being adjusted to allow for the flow of water from the sea.The jetty has been rebuilt and there is the talk of resurrecting the Bridgetown to Speightstown Schooner Route as a modern ferry line.

How to Reach

By Air

The nearest Airport is Sir Grantley Adams International Airport (GAIA) located on the ABC Highway/Highway 7 in Seawell, Christ Church.The city of Bridgetown and New York City in the United States, were the only cities in the western hemisphere to be served by regularly scheduled British Airways Concorde flights.Additionally, the GAIA has been chosen as one of only four global display sites for the retired supersonic aircraft.The Airport is currently in the final stages of an expansion project, which will also include the construction of an aviation museum to house the retired Concorde aircraft.

By Bus

Public buses that head northward to destinations such as Holetown and Speightstown, and to some locations in St. Michael including the University of the West Indies - (Cave Hill Campus), leave from the Princess Alice Bus Terminal which lies to the west of the city centre.Buses for points east and south leave from the Fairchild Street Bus Terminal, which is on the eastern edge of the city centre, near to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH).

By Taxi

Route taxis are privately owned mini vans that are a cross between taxis and buses.They follow certain routes around the island.You can easily flag one of these down and for a low fare they'll take you pretty much anywhere.

Key places to visit
The Barbados Museum, Pelican Craft Centre, Blackmans Gully, Arlington House Museum


Places to Visit

The Barbados Museum

Located at the Garrison is housed in the former British Military Prison.The prison,whose upper section was built in 1817 and lower section in 1853, became the headquarters of the Barbados Museum and Historical Society in 1930.Just minutes away from the Barbados Museum sits the five star Hilton resort. The hotel boasts 350 ocean-view guestrooms,including 77 Executive Floor rooms and 33 suites.

Pelican Craft Centre

Pelican Craft Centre also called Pelican Village is a wonderful shopping area where you will find some of the best locally made crafts and souvenirs for gifts to remember your vacation in Barbados.Be sure to visit some of the talented artists at their studios perhaps you'll find a unique treasure here as a reminder of your vacation in Barbados.

Blackmans Gully

Is located in the parish of St. Joseph on the east coast of Barbados.Blackmans is part of an islandwide series of gullies that form a vital part of our ecosystem.The gullies are home to many animals, including the Green Monkey, along with a wide range of plants some of which have medicinal value.Overlooking the gully is Blackmans Bridge which dates back to before 1682.The bridge is between 35 and 40 metres long and between 3 and 5 metres wide.

Arlington House Museum

The Arlington House Museum in Speightstown, Barbados has been open to the public for a little over a year and has turned out to be quite an attraction for locals and visitors to the Island alike.The Arlington House an 18th century ship chandlers house is one of the oldest surviving properties in Speightstown Barbados.It's an extremely rare survivor of a unique type of building which evolved from England.Because of the connection that Barbados had with the USA similar buildings could at one time be found in Charleston South Carolina, USA.

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