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Sao Paulo
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By bus

Sorocaba Bus Station, is relatively small, but it has various companies which run between Sorocaba and nearby cities of the region such as Ibiúna, São Roque, and Iperó, as well as destinations further afield such as Curitiba, Londrina, Foz do Iguaçu, Belo Horizonte, and Rio de Janeiro. Only one company, Viação Cometa , offers service from the city of São Paulo.

By car

  • SP 75 (Santos Dumont highway), from Itu, Salto, Piracicaba and Campinas
  • SP 79 (Waldomiro Correa de Camargo highway), from Itu
  • SP 97 (Emerenciano Prestes de Barros highway), from Porto Feliz
  • SP 264 (João Leme dos Santos highway), from Salto de Pirapora, Votorantim, and Piedade
  • SP 270 (Raposo Tavares highway), from Araçoiaba da Serra, Itapetininga, Alumínio, Presidente Prudente
  • SP 280 (Castelo Branco highway), from São Paulo, Ourinhos
  • SCB 354 - from Iperó
Key places to visit
House of the Marquesa de Santos, Pelourinho, Monastery of São Bento, Zoológico Municipal Quinzinho de Barros , A cathedral


Places to Visit

House of the Marquesa de Santos, housing the Sorocaba Historical Museu.

Pelourinho, Rua Dr. Nogueira Martins - Centro. In 1599, governor Dom Francisco de Souza established the first slave trading post in Vila de Nossa Senhora de Monte Serrat. In 1661 it was transferred first to Itavuvu and then to what is now central Sorocaba.

Monastery of São Bento, São Bento Monastery is a mandatory stop for visitors; one of that sacred tips, even for non religious people.

Benedictines arrived in São Paulo in 1598, but the Abbey and São Bento chapel were built only in 1634. The place, that received Pope Benedict XVI during his stay in Brazil in 2007, is today, additionally to the church (Basilica de Nossa Senhora da Assunção – Basilica of Our Lady of Assumption), this Monastery that today is the home for 40 cloistered monks who follow ora et labora (‘pray and work’) tradition, and, in the case of São Paulo monks, et legere ('and read'), specially the Bible.

Zoológico Municipal Quinzinho de Barros, Veja uma grande variedade de animais selvagens de pertinho, além de aproveitar nosso vasto material didático, contando com livros, revistas e vídeos em gerais. Estamos esperando a sua visita.

A cathedral (French cathédrale from Lat. cathedra, "seat" from the Greek kathedra (καθέδρα), seat, bench, from kata "down" + hedra seat, base, chair) is a Christian church that contains the seat of a bishop. It is a religious building for worship, specifically of a denomination with an episcopal hierarchy, such as the Roman Catholic, Anglican, Orthodox, and some Lutheran and Methodist churches, which serves as a bishop's seat, and thus as the central church of a diocese, conference, or episcopate.

Right Time to Visit

January - March
October - December