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Region Syddanmark
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By Air

Airports nearest to Sonderborg are sorted by the distance to the airport from the city centre.

Sonderborg Airport (distanced approximately 5.3 km)
Meierwik Airport (distanced approximately 21 km)
Flensburg Schaferhaus Airport (distanced approximately 30 km)
Krusa Padborg Airport (distanced approximately 33 km)
Eggebek Airport (distanced approximately 42 km)

By Train

Sonderborg Station is a Danish railway station in Sonderborg.It opened to traffic in 1901, when the route to Tinglev Station was opened.There have been three station buildings on the site.First, the original from 1901 that resembled the other in Sonderborg Railway but was just the biggest on the line.In 1967 was inaugurated a new and modern building, however had already been demolished in 2004 and today is only the platform with two tracks left.Ticketing is done either by machine or ticket office, located in Alsion building from 2007.

Key places to visit
St. Marie Church, Sonderborg Castle, Call Rider Festival, Dybbol Mill


Places to Visit

St. Marie Church

St. Marie Church is a church of St. Marie Parish, located in the center of Sonderborg.After the demolition of the old St. George's Church in the late 16th century were built later St. Marie Church.The tower was however was built in 1883.Church furniture is characterized by Duke Hans the Younger penchant for Renaissance style, and his assiduous acquisition of goods and values from the population of Sundeved and Als.With its high altitude location in central Rome near Als Sund works St. Marie Church today (along with Dybbol Mill just outside the urban area) as a sort of landmark for Sonderborg town and the immediate environs.

Sonderborg Castle

Sonderborg Castle is a secular edifice located in North Schleswig (former South Jutland County).Sonderborg Castle was founded around 1170 as part of the Danish kingdom of defense against the Wends ravages.In 1300 - and 1400-century defense system was expanded to a strong medieval castle, which was alternately in the Danish kings and the Silesian Dukes possession.At Whitsun 1340 was Count Valdemar, afterwards Valdemar IV, the castle married to Duke Valdemar of South Sister Princess Hedvig an important part of his appointment as king later that year.

Call Rider Festival

When a tradition still alive after 100 years to life like never before it must contain very specific qualities.Call Rider Festival in Sonderborg is attended by up to 500 riders and 40000 guests region's largest equestrian and folkefest.Det is summer's big event with many festive highlights.The large colorful equestrian procession can be seen Friday and Sunday at exactly 11.30.Parade beginning at Castle Square with large national and international marching bands, horse-drawn carriages and riding music heralds.The parade ends at the ring rides site where riders prestigious race to be tilting king or queen takes place.

Dybbol Mill

Dybbol Mill was a Dutch windmill built in wood in 1744.It lay west of Sonderborg on Dybbol.It burned in 1800.The seventh July 1936 was inaugurated the present and fifth mill on site.The ground corn until 1990.The mill was the center of heavy fighting in both in 1848-1849 and 1864 the Schleswig wars.The mill was destroyed both times, but rebuilt.1864 established the Danish military an observation and signaling post in Dybbol Mill.With the help of their wings was possible to convey to the Danish troops were quartered on the island of Als.From 15 March the mill was under constant attack and on 10 april was the mill caught fire by German troops.The nacelle and wings burned and shaft crashed.Storming of Dybbol had the mill in the center.

Right Time to Visit

November - May