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Airports nearest to Sogamoso are sorted by the distance to the airport from the city centre.

   Alberto Lieras Camargo Airport (distanced approximately 6.6 km)
   El Yopal Airport (distanced approximately 75 km)
   Nunchia Airport (distanced approximately 81 km)
   Tauramena Airport (distanced approximately 81 km)
   Pore Airport (distanced approximately 100 km)

Key places to visit
Archaeological Museum of Sogamoso, Little Lake Park, Monumento a la Raza, Plaza de Toros de La Pradera, Palacio del Corregidor, Moor and lake Siscunsi, Plaza and Chapel of Christ, Cathedral of St. Martin of Tours, Plaza de la Villa


Places to Visit

Archaeological Museum of Sogamoso

Created by archaeologist Eliezer Silva Celis in 1952 on the remains of a cemetery Muisca in the area of Los Solares (now Barrio El Sol), in the city of Sogamoso, Colombia. On the archaeological traces, based on the descriptions of the chroniclers and rural construction techniques, rose more than in 1964 Célis Silva described as follows: circular huts with walls made of adobe, that is, cane and mud, thatched dome-shaped roof.Its gardens are cultivated numerous indigenous plant species and traditional use. Based on the above sources and the results of archaeological research, Celis Silva managed to rebuild the temple, circular, with columns and beams of wood, woven bamboo walls, sometimes covered with mud or mud and dome shaped roof of straw.Because of the archaeological investigations for some time it was believed that the Sun Temple was three floors. The error arose from the false interpretation of the concentric circles left by the posts or columns charred.

Little Lake Park

The old cemetery was built in a circle in the year 1850 on land donated by Dr. Bernardino Guevara Diaz cemetery was surrounded by a few bars of iron by the year 1860 were plucked to become war material in the civil conflict which pitted the revolutionary troops and the government, by the year 1955 when development of the city to be built roads and recreation the cemetery was moved to another place and a reconstruction of the roundabout According to the design engineer Julio Ernesto Squares and historical assistance Gabriel Camargo Perez. Among the aspects taken into account in the construction of the roundabout was the location of the replica of Lake Tota from which derive the pond.

Monumento a la Raza

Opened in 1976, his executioners wanted to represent the origin of life and man's arrival to the Americas. At the top of a trail cuneiform comes a figure of 16 flames symbol of the Sun and in front of the figure of four women as principle and conservation of the "Colombian race."

Plaza de Toros de La Pradera

In the bullring the prairie north of Sogamoso have passed great figures of world bullfighting Spanish, Mexican and Colombian course and the sands callus wounded one of the most famous bullfighters bullfighting in Colombia "Pepe Caceres", the name of the prairie was chosen through a contest whose jury was composed by Rafael Medina Sandoval, Ramon Diaz Diaz. The winner of this contest was Dr. Daniel Gomez Vargas, and base the name of the arena for being chosen as the site of construction of a traditional sector Sogamoso known as the prairie and in addition, the range is natural habitat of the pray of Lydia.

Palacio del Corregidor

This construction has been very important because there besides the head office of the city was operating the jail, the police offices and even a kind of bullring where in colonial times were made first bullfights in the Spanish style, even in this house in 1875 opened the first telegraph office.

Moor and lake Siscunsi

The paramo vegetation there is, contains the richest diversity and abundance of tropical high mountains, as frailejones, grasses, shrubs and aquatic vegetation. The fauna consists of amphibians, insects, mammals (tinajos, Curis, hares, etc..). avifauna is composed of representative: blackbirds, partridges, duck diver and the majestic Andean condor, the latter is part of a repopulation program unique in South America with 10 condors. This nature reserve is far 45 minutes from Sogamoso, paved road, followed by 12 minutes by road vehicle on land, and continuing 40 minutes by a broad ecological path, until the sighting of condors. Another 20 minutes separate us from the Siscunsí lagoon where you can see the duck diver and watch spectacular forests frailejones. This tour can also do it on foot or horseback from the end of the paved road. For any of the routes Bochica Sogamoso Hotel offers tour guide services and contacts to transport it to this natural beauty.

Plaza and Chapel of Christ

Built by Adolfo Larrarte suggestion, a humble craftsman, his main animator was the priest Dr. Juan Nepomuceno Wheel. The direction of the work was led by architect Martin Vácares and there was long an urn containing data on the families of Sogamoso and other important issues of city life. In 1869 construction was determined in 1872 was dedicated to Our Lady, in 1997, a reconstruction in 2004 the roof collapsed between 2006 and 2007 and was rebuilt.

Cathedral of St. Martin of Tours

Located in the Plaza de la Villa today in exactly the place where in 1564 the first church rose Sogamoso, seismic factors because in 1836 the church was rebuilt between 1917 and 1928 then rose the new temple. It was built as a cathedral on July 16, 1972.

Plaza de la Villa

The heart of the city, there is located the Cathedral of St. Martin of Tours and the monument to the sun, where formerly the marketplace.

Right Time to Visit

December - February