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By railway

Slobozia is the railway junction of bus 800 of the Romanian Railways, M802 Slobozia - Calarasi (44 km), the main route linking to 800 Bucharest (North) - Ciulnita - Fetesti - Medgidia - Constanta - Mangalia the node Ciulnita, 17 Km.

By road

The city lies on E60 (Matei Basarab local Bd), which links - internal - between Oradea and Constanta and internationally (interrupted) between Brest and Irkestam ( Kirghizstan, on the border with China ).
Other important road lines including Slobozia are DN2A ( FC - Slobozia - Constanta, passing the Danube Bridge at Hârsova ), linking Bucharest and Constanta and DN21 ( Braila - newly married couples - Slobozia - Calarasi ).
However, the city is now the Sun Highway, connecting point is at 17 km in town Drajna.

By bus

During the communist period and in early September decade of last century, the company operated transportation Translocations SA Ialomita SC (written and Translocations), line out and Slobozia New and Bora. Buses were most Mercedes-Benz series A, Ikarus and DAC. Now, after dissolution Translocations SA, where buses were taken under machine minibus that voyages line railway station - Union Avenue - Avenue Cosminului - Boulevard Matei Basarab - Paradise (Bridge), with 16 stations. Lately there has been a reintroduction of the city bus route.

Key places to visit
National Museum of Agriculture, Cultural Centre, Holy Monastery of Slobozia Voievozi, Cathedral "Ascension" Slobozia., Roman Catholic Church, Wooden Church, Monumentul Eroilor


Places to Visit

National Museum of Agriculture

National Museum of Agriculture, located in Slobozia, was established in March 1996, is the only museum of its kind in Romania. The museum owns the main building for exhibitions in addition, multiple outdoor units and annexes.Heritage museum are:
Wooden Church "Clearing" - located in the courtyard of the museum;
Perieti model farm;
Mill stones for grinding wheat and corn "Korona" - Palos, Brasov county ;
Mill Cottage with stones - Buces, Hunedoara County ;
mortar for finishing cloth - Danica, Valcea County.

Cultural Centre

The main center is the cultural center known as the great conductor and composer Ionel Perlea, son of Ialomita, inaugurated in 1990. In building their exhibitions, with theaters, libraries, cultural institutions and a radio station. In 1999, the Centre Cultural Center acquired the status of UNESCO.

Holy Monastery of Slobozia Voievozi

The oldest monastery in its existing Bishop Calarasi Sloboziei and also the oldest monastic establishment of the whole of this plain Baragan Voievozi Slobozia Holy Monastery is located in Ialomita county. The settlement is now located on Convent Avenue no. 1, in the southern city of Slobozia, DN 2A near highway road from Bucharest to Constanta.Beyond the road that goes near the monastery and a dam of earth, flowing river Ialomita, over which lies the former village Bora, today district of Slobozia. The monastery is visible on both the direction from High or from Calarasi zarindu the belfry first, then high church steeple. From Bucharest and FC, last, at 65 km westward route to the monastery is to follow to the center Sloboziei taking Bd Basarab, to right old school no. 1, type Spiru Haret, across the street from the school principal to see walls, the right or ring road mentioned, this monastery is on the left, visible from a distance and with a sign on the road.

Cathedral "Ascension" Slobozia.

The cornerstone of the Episcopal Cathedral of Slobozia dedicated Ascension was committed by His Beatitude Teoctist, Patriarch of the Romanian Orthodox Church, on 15 July 1992. The initiative belonged to this institution building local business man Elijah Alexander, who has borne the costs of construction until 1996 (foundation and masonry construction were made to about four meters). The remaining expenditures were made with the contribution of the clergy, the faithful and state support. Construction work was performed during the shepherding PS. Nifon Mihaita ( 1 994 - 1999 ) and Damascus Coravu - Episcopal bishops Sloboziei and Calarasi

Roman Catholic Church

Church "Sacred Heart of Jesus" (secondary employer "Blessed Jeremiah Wallachian ") - built in record time (3 months), had Mass of consecration to 21 October 2001, the Archbishop and Metropolitan of Bucharest Ioan Robu.
The presence of the first Roman Catholics in Slobozia is attested in 1967, when the city was assigned a few graduates of higher education in Iasi. Them a final Slobozia made after the year 1970 to be first Catholic families in town, which were initially assigned by Bishop Ioan Robu shepherding Romanop Catholic Parish in Buzau. Until 1990, Mass was celebrated regularly and rotate Catholic families in apartments in the city.

Wooden Church

Different sources give the year of construction of the wooden church in the village of Lower Glade, dedicated to St. Nicholas, the original and authentic document of history and architecture, the years 1737 and 1746. Church inscription, rewritten in 2000 when it was moved to Slobozia, mentions that the ascension year 1737, the noble founder Raducan pen with his family. It is made of oak planks (surprising for this area, where churches were at the time of wattle), which are stacked horizontally and merged into the loops at the ends.

Monumentul Eroilor

Cornerstone of the Monument was laid on June 29, 1927, and after a year to 10 June 1928, it was to be inaugurated in a special ceremony. Its first location was in the former cinema Ialomita on Blvd. Matei Basarab (at the time that the center Sloboziei). After 1982, when the area came under reconstruction, the monument was dislodged and yacut about five years, abandoned the nursery yard.
In 1988, it has found place in Youth Park, in a solemn atmosphere, built by architect John Viewing.

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