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By Air

There are daily flights from Istanbul and Ankara to Sivas Nuri Demirag Airport (VAS).A number of other cities across Turkey are also served with less frequent flights.In summer, there are weekly flights from Amsterdam and Dusseldorf.

By Bus

As Turkish bus system is extensive, you can find buses from many cities in Turkey, including Istanbul (70 TL one-way, which takes around 14 hours) and Ankara among many others.

By Taxi

Here is a list of average prices for taxi rides along some important routes in Sivas.Airport-City Center: 60 TL,Coach Station-City Centre: 25 TL and Train Station-City Centre: 8 TL.

Key places to visit
Sifaiye Medresesi, Kursunlu Hamami, Ataturk Congress and Ethnography Museum, Cifte Minareli Medrese, Guduk Minare


Places to Visit

Sifaiye Medresesi

is a medrese built in 1217 in Sivas, Turkey.It bears typical Seljuk features and was built by the Rum Seljuk Sultan Kaykaus I, who was known for his fondness for the city of Sivas where he spent the large part of his period of reign.The complex consists of a Darussifa (Dar al-Shifa, literally "house of health", a hospital) and the medrese where medicinal studies were also taught.The complex is also alternatively called under the sultan Izeddin Keykavus I's name whose tomb is located within the compound.An ancient Islamic school with wonderful architecture with the usual majestic gate like the other Seljuk sites have.A nice to take lots of photographs as great sights occur as the sun moves.

Kursunlu Hamami

The city also contains some fine examples of the Ottoman architectural style.Kursunlu Hamami (Leaden Bath) which was completed in 1576, is the largest Turkish bath in the city and it contains many details from the classical Ottoman bath building.Behrampasa Hani (Caravansaray), was completed in 1573 and it is famous for the lion motifs around its windows.

Ataturk Congress and Ethnography Museum

is a museum with two sections.One is a dedicated to the Ottoman heritage of Sivas.The other is to the Sivas Congress, one of the pivotal moments in the Turkish national movement.The modern heart of the city is Hukumet Square (Hukumet Meydani, also called Konak Meydani) located just next to the Governor's mansion.This area is also home to many of the city's high end hotels and restaurants.The city's shoppers usually head to Ataturk Avenue.

Cifte Minareli Medrese

on Konak Meydani in the town center of Sivas are of architectural interest.It is named after the twin minarets ("cift", double).Only the front of the building with its decorative portal and the two minarets remain.The foundations are visible behind the portal in the park.

Guduk Minare

To the east of the Ataturk Caddesi in Sivas behind the Meydan Camii stands a tomb to Sheik Hassan (1347) which looks like a cropped minaret (Güdük Minare).This unusually shaped building with a tiled upper section which changes from a triangular to a cylindrical form is built on a stone plinth.

Right Time to Visit

November - March
April - July