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By Air

15 kilometers away from Sincelejo is Las Brujas Airport where is possible to find daily flights to the major cities in Colombia: Bogota and Medellin.By land transportation the fare is approximately 1 US Dollar/10 Kilometers.By air transportation the fare is about 2.5 US Dollars/Kilometer.Despite there is not an official a terminal for land transportation, the place where Ocala Avenue and Troncal del Caribe intersect, it is the most important departing and arriving place in Sincelejo.

By Bus

The minibuses service in Sincelejo -often criticized because of the age of the vehicles- carries passengers from the different neighborhoods to the downtown and then to another neighborhood or to the same.The minibuses follow a previously established route that they have to cover in a limited time.Several companies are in charge of this service, regulated by the municipality who gives the routes in concession.The minibuses fare is 1000 Colombian pesos (0.5 US Dollars approximately).This service schedule is from 5:45 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. later it is very hard to find minibuses.

By Taxi

This is the best urban transportation in Sincelejo, because it is available 24/7 and there are several companies in charge of this service.Taxi's standard fare is 3500 Colombian pesos (2 US Dollars approximately), and the night fare varies from 4000 to even 5000 Colombian pesos (2.3 to 3 US Dollars) according to the hour, being more expensive from 1 a.m. to 4 a.m.

By Mototaxi

A Mototaxi (Motorcycle-taxi) is a regular motorcycle used to carry a passenger from one point of the town to another (like a regular taxi) but in a lower fare than a taxi. Despite this kind of transportation being controversial, it is used by the majority of the population because it is the fastest way to move inside the city and its fare is reasonable: 1000 Colombian pesos (0.5 US Dollars) for shorts trips, 1500 Colombian pesos (0.75 US Dollars) for middle trips and 2000 Colombian pesos (0.9 US Dollars) for long trips inside the town. At night short and middle distance trips can increases to 2000 Colombian pesos (1.25 US Dollars). Though this service is very informal and barely legal, it is the most popular. This increase in the number of motorcycles in town led the mayor Jesús Paternina in 2008 to create a space named Anillo Verde -Green Circle- (which includes the most of the central zone) where motorbikes are only allowed if the driver is alone, no passengers.

Key places to visit
Majagual Plaza, Santander Park, Sincelejo's Municipality Theater, Savanna's Accordion Festival, San Francisco Mall


Places to Visit

Majagual Plaza

this place was often referred in several folk songs from artist like Joe Arroyo.This plaza was the epicenter of the January 20 Corralejas for many years before this show was moved to "La Plaza de Mochila" where it took place the disaster of 1980.Since then Majagual Plaza was only useful for activities related with sports, but in 2007 it was relaunched under a new concept and post-modern design with an arch-shaped sculpture and a wide square for cultural events.

Santander Park

As old as Sincelejo, the Santander Park was opened in 1776 and it was the first place where the January 20 Corralejas took place in 1845 until 1964 where it was moved to Majagual Plaza.Just next to the park it is located the Saint Francis of Assis Cathedral (Catedral San Francisco de Asís), which was established in 1853 and it is the center of the religious parties that take place along the year in Sincelejo like Easter, Virgin Mary, Sacred Heart and the most important that takes place on January 20: The party of the sweet name of Jesus (Las Fiestas del Dulce Nombre de Jesús).

Sincelejo's Municipality Theater

It was established in 1997 and it is a beautiful facility where concerts, musicals, folk events and theater operas take place.It is the cultural facility for excellence in Sincelejo.

Savanna's Accordion Festival

Another cultural yearly event in Sincelejo is Festival Sabanero del Accordeon (Savanna's Accordion Festival).Unlike the National Meeting of Bands, this festival is about the folk musical styles but by the accordion and it includes four styles: Paseo, Merengue, Cumbia and Porro.The first winner of this contest was Lisandro Meza in 1974.The festival was created to show the Savanna's culture to the country and to the world, that is why there are always some controversy when the styles of Valledupar, specially the paseo, get to win.

San Francisco Mall

The San Francisco Mall was opened in August 2006 and it has a pleasure ground for children, four movie theaters and shops.It is located on Las Penitas Avenue (Avenida Las Penitas) and it has 61 shops where it is possible to find clothes, shoes, food and entertainment.The mall's area is about 31,000 square meters including parking space for 351 cars and 156 motorcycles.The total investment for this facility was nine billion pesos (About 5.5 Million US Dollars).This mall holds the biggest shopping center in Sincelejo: Almacenes Exito.

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