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Simleu Silvaniei

Simleu Silvaniei
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Nearest airports  to Simleu Silvaniei are sorted by the distance to the airport from the city centre.

   Satu Mare Airport (distanced approximately 53 km)
   Baia Mare Airport (distanced approximately 69 km)
   Oradea Airport (distanced approximately 72 km)
   Cluj Napoca Airport (distanced approximately 84 km)
   Debrecen Airport (distanced approximately 94 km)

Key places to visit
Ruins Bathory, simleu Silvaniei Fort, Catholic Church, simleu Silvaniei, Synagogue simleu Silvaniei, Monastery Bic, Northern Transylvania Holocaust Memorial Museum


Places to Visit

Ruins Bathory

Ruins Bathory (XVI century), actually a residential castle was an interesting representative of Renaissance architecture in Transylvania. It consists of two fortified enclosures, built in two stages. Being now in ruins, the castle gate keep the flag, with two levels above the vaulted corridor. Is preserved also two towers, a bastion walls and part of the defense. In 2007 excavations took place for a possible restoration and enhancement of the archaeological site.

simleu Silvaniei Fort

simleu Silvaniei Castle (Romanian: Cetatea simleu) is a historic fort in Romania, in the modern-day city of simleu Silvaniei.1435 is the last year when the stronghold from the Cetatea's hill near simleu Silvaniei is mentioned. Later Batori Miklos builds a manor in the centre of the locality which between 1582 and 1592 is strengthened by the young Bathori Istvan, nephew of Voivode Bathori Istvan. Year 1592 as well as the damaged coat of arms of The Bathoris and The Bebeks is visible above the gate.

Catholic Church, simleu Silvaniei

The Catholic Church (Romanian: Biserica Catolica; Hungarian: Katolikus templom) is a church in simleu Silvaniei, Romania.The church was built in 1534 by Transylvania's voivode Bathory Istvan and his wife with the occasion of theirs son's birth.

Synagogue simleu Silvaniei

Silvaniei simleu synagogue is a place of worship in the city Hebrew simleu Silvaniei ( Salaj County ), located on Str. May 1 no. 6. It was built in 1876. On September 11, 2005, the synagogue building Going under the Holocaust Memorial Museum was opened in Northern Transylvania.Silvaniei simleu synagogue was listed as historical monuments Salaj 2004, with classification code SJ-II-mB-05125.

Monastery Bic

Near the town, 3 km, is the Monastery Bic, which is a pilgrimage and tourist attractive, unique in the region. The city is also known for its famous champagne factory, whose underground galleries spanning 3.5 km, but as an old cultural center, famous for its quality schools and teachers.

Northern Transylvania Holocaust Memorial Museum

The Northern Transylvania Holocaust Memorial Museum is located in simleu Silvaniei, Romania and was opened September 11, 2005. The museum is operated and maintained by the Jewish Architectural Heritage Foundation of New York and Asociata Memoralia Hebraica Nusfalau - a Romanian NGO, with the support of the Claims Conference, Elie Wiesel National Institute for Studying the Holocaust in Romania, among other philanthropic and pedagogical partners.

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