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Region Midtjylland
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By Air

Airports nearest to Silkeborg are sorted by the distance to the airport from the city centre.

Viborg Airport (distanced approximately 29 km)
Karup MIL Airport (distanced approximately 31 km)
Herning Skinderholm Airport (distanced approximately 32 km)
Finderup Airport (distanced approximately 32 km)
Arhus/kirstinesm Airport (distanced approximately 40 km)

By Train

Silkeborg Station Rail or bus from Aarhus or Copenhagen via Skanderborg.Silkeborg kill hourly train connections via Skanderborg or Herning and finns excellent coach connections from the Surrounding communities.The journey by regular IC departure from Copenhagen two Silkeborg (change trains in Skanderborg) takes 3 hours.

By Ferry

Hjejlen is a historic steamboat that sails from Silkeborg to Himmelbjerget.In the background can be seen the city's former paper mills now home to the Radisson-SAS hotel and shops.

Key places to visit
Silkeborg Church, Museum Jorn in Silkeborg, Riverboat Jazz Festival, Silkeborg Ildfestregatta, AQUA Aquarium and Wildlife Park, Himmelbjerget


Places to Visit

Silkeborg Church

Silkeborg Church was completed in November 1877 after 20 years of painstaking work to raise the necessary funds.In 1845 there were very far to the church for the people who settled around the newly built factory Over a mil to go to the parish church in Lina, later became a living in Silkeborg Manor decorated as the town's first church and poet JC Hostrup moved here (1856).The church was designed by the architect in Copenhagen HS Sibbern.A cruciform church in Romanesque style, then the open roof truss But by the extensive restoration in 1941-43 was the church convex.Architect Harold Lonborg-Jensen was responsible for this beautiful work of a colleague while called brilliant.

Museum Jorn in Silkeborg

is a Danish art museum located in scenic surroundings at Remstrup stream (Guden) in Silkeborg.Jorn Museum houses the collections that were created by Asger Jorn from the early 1950s until his death in 1973 and has since doubled.The museum includes not only the largest collection of Jorn's own works but also thousands of paintings, sculptures and works on paper by other artists - both from COBRA and partly older, international artists who inspired Jorn or artistic stood for the same for example, Max Ernst, Francis Picabia, Fernand Leger and Man Ray.Jorn Museum houses over 12,000 works by 450 different artists from around the world. By Jorn seen around 100 paintings and as many ceramics, graphics and drawings.Two of his masterpieces the painting Stalingrad and the fourteen-meter-long picture weaving the long journey made in collaboration with Pierre Wemaere is centrally located in the museum.

Riverboat Jazz Festival

is one of Scandinavia's largest traditional jazz festivals.Riverboat Jazz Festival (colloquially Riverboat) takes place in Silkeborg city, especially in the area around the harbor.It is centered around S / S Hjejlen, a steam ship from 1861 and Golden Plover boats that followed by a swarm of small boats sailing with traditional jazz bands on board on a piece of Guden.The festival is based largely on volunteer labor.

Silkeborg Ildfestregatta

is a folk festival on the harbor in Silkeborg, which is held approximately every 3 years and in that context held Danish championship in fireworks.The party usually lasts from Wednesday to Saturday.There is live music and evening ends with hundreds of boats sailing into the harbor and enjoy a fireworks display along with the thousands of people at the port.

AQUA Aquarium and Wildlife Park

is a freshwater aquarium and zoological center in Silkeborg built in 1993 (when it was Northern Europe's largest freshwater aquarium).The aquarium and zoo shows life in the Danish freshwater lakes and streams and in large indoor aquariums full of fish outside in lakes where among other things find otters, pike, grebes and beavers.A recurring theme at AQUA are wildlife adaptability under environmental change including pollution.Center adjacent to The Freshwater Centre, located in the former sanatorium near Guden at the southern end of Silkeborg.


is a 147 meter high hill between Ry and Silkeborg.Geological speaking about a so-called false hill since the slope is formed by the ice in the ice age has removed soil in the trench, which later became Julso.For this reason does not stand particularly impressive when you come down the road from the south.The name is known from the 1700s and include used in Erik Pontoppidan, the Danish Atlas from 1727, but locally it is far up in the past called Kollen.Right up to 1847 it was believed that Himmelbjerget was Denmark's highest point.It was therefore natural that the author Steen Steensen Blicher made it a national focal point with Himmelbjerg Meetings 1839 - 1844.You can sail the route both to Himmelbjerget both fame and Silkeborg (Silkeborg including the old steamship Hjejlen).Also today held constitution celebrations on Himmelbjerget and the place is also a popular destination because of the magnificent views and beautiful scenery.

Right Time to Visit

May - August