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Seydisfiordur is a village in the Eastfjords of Iceland at the end of the fjord of the same name.A road over Fjardarheidi mountain pass connects Seydisfiordur to the rest of Iceland 27 km to the ring road and Egilsstadir.Seydisfiordur is surrounded by mountains on all sides with most prominent Mt. Bjolfur to the West (1085m) and Strandartindur (1010m) to the East.The fjord itself is accessible on each side from the town, by following the main road that leads through the town. Further out the fjord is fairly remote but rich with natural interests including puffin colonies and ruins of former activity such as nearby Vestdalseyri, from where the local church was transported.

The town of Seydisfiordur is well-known for its old wooden buildings and has remnants of urban street configurations within its urban fabric.There is a camping ground, facilities for campers, hotels, a swimming pool, a library, hospital, post office, liquor store, and other retail activity.Seydisfiordur also has a vibrant cultural scene with an arts centre, a telecommunications museum and the only two cinemas in the east of Iceland.The Lunga art festival takes place in Seydisfiordur in July and world renowned artist Dieter Roth had a residence and art studio in Seydisfiordur.The Dieter Roth Academy is centered in the Skaftfell cultural center.

There are several waterfalls in the town.A popular hiking path starts at the town center,following the East bank of the Fjardara, the river that flows through the center of town.Further up the river there are 25 waterfalls.During the winter,a skiing area is used in Fjardarheidi mountain pass.Skalanes nature and heritage centre can be found 17 km (10.56 mi) east of the town.The nature reserve is home to a diverse range of wildlife, as well as catering for visitors and anyone wanting to explore the south side of the Fjord.

Every week the car ferry MV Norrona of Smyril Line comes to Seydisfiordur from Hirtshals in Denmark and Torshavn in the Faroe Islands.Until January 2009 it also called at Bergen,Norway and Scrabster, Scotland.Settlement in Seydisfiordur traces back to the early period of settlement in Iceland.The first settler was Bjolfur, who occupied the entire fjord.The burned down ruin of a "staf"church at Þorunnarstadir has been carbon-dated to the 10th century, with earlier graves exhumed dating back to the 8th century.

How to Reach

By Air

The nearest Airport in Egilsstadir,about 30 minutes away,has regular flights to the capital, there is a daily bus to Seydisfiordur connecting with the flights stopping in central Egilsstadir on route.

By Ferries

There is a weekly ferry run by Smyril line,to Denmark and the Faroe Islands.The schedule is complicated but it generally departs once per week at 8AM during the summer half the year (April-June and August-October) ,and at 1PM during high season (June-August).Check website for details. Due to the limited market,and rough conditions,prices are very high.A return journey to Denmark for instance will set you back €280-590 with a car or €120-250 per passenger,depending on the season,excluding a supplement fare for a cabin or bed.

By Bus

The nearest Airport in Egilsstadir, about 30 minutes away, has regular flights to the capital, there is a daily bus to Seydisfiordur connecting with the flights stopping in central Egilsstadir on route.From central Egilsstadir there are one or two additional departures per day during the summer, as well as the option to change to several bus lines connecting to other parts of Iceland.The buses are run by Ferdapjonusta Austurlands.

Key places to visit
Skalanes, Hiking Trails, Fjardarsel Power Plant Museum, Mount Bjolfur, Waterfall's Lane, Vestdalur Hike


Places to Visit


Within the reserve there are at least 90 archaeological sites which are thought to be evidence of continuous habitation of the land in this area since the settlement of Iceland over 1000 years ago. Many of the remains are now covered with vegetation and make the perfect place to rest for a while and contemplate the subsistence lifestyles of the people that lived from these lands.

Hiking Trails

Many pleasant marked hiking trails can be found in Seydisfiordur fjord.Alongside the river,into valleys, up to mountains tops or to deserted neighbour fjords.Connecting trails like „Viknaslodir“ in the north and Fjardabyggd in the south is an option for further hiking.

Fjardarsel Power Plant Museum

Fjardarselsvirkjun in Seydisfiordur is Iceland’s oldest operational power plant,started on 18.October 1913.The plant marked a turning point in the history of Icelandic electrification.It was the first power plant in Iceland that generated alternating current.It was the power station of the first municipal electric utility.The first high voltage cable in Iceland was laid from this station.On the occasion of the 90th anniversary of the power plant the Iceland State Electricity (Rarik) decided to open the plant to Icelandic and foreign visitors.For this purpose, a historical exhibition was staged in the station house.The first water turbine is still there with its accompanying equipment.

Mount Bjolfur

A sightseeing tour lasting little longer than one hour to the snow avalanche barriers at Mt. Bjolfur.This tour is ideal after dinner at Hotel Aldan or Skaftfell Bistro to extend the evening with a interesting but relatively short drive at an schenic view point.Participants must wear good footwear suitable for a walk/hike, a windproof jacket.

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