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Lansi-Suomen Laani
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By train

The easiest way to come to Seinajoki is by train. It takes roughly three hours by train from Helsinki to Seinajoki, 40€ for a one-way trip.

By plane

There is an airline connection from Helsinki to Seinajoki, operated by Finncomm airlines. Prices start from 49€ without taxes for the 50-minute flight.

Key places to visit
Tornava Church, Entrepreneurship monument, Cross the plain


Places to Visit

Tornava Church

Tornava church is located in Seinajoki Tornava district.The church was built in 1827, but it was originally ostermyra ruutimakasiinina gunpowder factory. When the warehouse operations in the 1850s ended, the congregation bought the building for the purpose to restore it as a church. The church was completed in 1864, the architect Carl Axel Setter according to plan. Master builder was on site talollinen Herman Bjorkqvist parent who was also the first chapel in the parish churchwarden.The church was restored between 1924 and 1962.A long rectangular church sacristy behind the altar is located. Paalaivan on both sides of the two short cross arms. Saddle roof of the second frame inside the room are covered by a sloping mansard roof.

Entrepreneurship monument

Entrepreneurship is a monument to the Seinajoki Capernaum industrial area located in the roundabout statue. The statue was designed by Helsinki-based artist Mauno Honkanen , and it was erected in a festive ceremony 2 October 2005 nationwide self-month phase of connection. The statue was donated in Seinajoki-Nurmo Entrepreneurs Association of Seinajoki City of gratitude for entrepreneurship to take into account over the years. The statue is 3.5 meters high and made of stainless steel. Handed over the statue of President of the Entrepreneurs Kimmo Heinonen, and received the Mayor Mr. Rasi Hill . Banquet speech held MEP Virrankoski .

Cross the plain

Plain Cross in the years 1957 - 1959 , and built in 1960 , inaugurated the church building in Seinajoki . The Church was designed by academician Alvar Aalto . The church is located in the Aalto Centre, City Hall and the library in the immediate vicinity. Particularly known as the Church has made its 65-meter-high bell tower, which is almost the entire city of Seinajoki. It is a popular tourist destination with tourists. Plain cross is the museum's protected, such as the entire rest of the Aalto Centre .

Right Time to Visit

May - December