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By plane

Tiny Savonlinna Airport (IATA: SVL) is served by Finnair's subsidiary FinnComm, which offers flights from Helsinki to Savonlinna up to three times a day, especially during the Opera Festival. Advance fares start from €32/one way, cheaper than the train, but go up quickly as the plane fills. There is a shuttle service to and from the bus station, which departs one hour before the flight leaves.

By train

There are 3-4 trains daily from Helsinki or Joensuu to Savonlinna. The price is reasonable especially for students, seniors and juniors. It takes about 4 and half hour to Helsinki by train.There are two stations in Savonlinna, the more central Savonlinna-Kauppatori halt next to the market square, and the main Savonlinna station about 1 km away. Both are unmanned, but you can buy tickets in the train with no surcharge if you board here.

By bus

Long-distance buses are also an option.

Key places to visit
olavinlinna castle, Kayaking near Savonlinna, Savonlinna Opera Festival, Castle Museum, Orthodox Museum


Places to Visit

olavinlinna castle

Olavinlinna medieval castle lies on a rocky island in Lake Saimaa area in the town of Savonlinna, in Finland. Olavinlinna Castle is one of the best preserved castles in the Nordic countries. The castle (fortress) was built in 1475 by Swedish monarch Erik Axelsson Tott and should serve to repel attacks from the east and as a protection of the eastern border of Sweden.In 1714, the Castle Olavinlinna became the property of the Russians for a few years. The castle has three massive towers, however it originally had five towers. Today there are several museum exhibitions and Castle Museum. In the museum there are objects associated with the castle. There is also a museum with a collection of religious icons and religious objects in Finland and Russia. Olavinlinna Castle Opera Festival held every year and has been since 1912.Olavinlinna Castle is one of Finland`s biggest tourist attractions, and the site is used for the annual opera festival.

Kayaking near Savonlinna

Savonlinna is located in the middle of Finnish lake land, only a short drive away from two popular Finnish National Parks, Kolovesi and Linnansaari, both of which are a dream come true for anyone wanting to try kayaking in wilderness-like surroundings, but yet with good services available. Both areas have fire and camping places, platforms and equipment rental available, and organised tours are also provided. Linnasaari has a bit more services available, but Kolovesi, which is a motor-boat free area, suits those looking for peace and silence.

Savonlinna Opera Festival

The most magnetic event in the calendar year of Savonlinna is the annual Opera Festival, which is organized every summer. Adding the charm of the event, the festival takes place mainly inside the medieval St Olaf's Castle. Savonlinna Opera Festival is arranged annually in July / August, with the total length of the festival of about one month. Savonlinna Opera Festival offers high class entertainment, with worldwide famous performances available, making it a must-see for everyone wanting to explore the cultural life of Finland.

Castle Museum, covers the castle's history

Orthodox Museum, with Russian Orthodox icons and paraphernalia

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