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Satu Mare

Satu Mare
Satu Mare
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By Air

The city is served by the Satu Mare International Airport (IATA: SUJ, ICAO: LRSM), located 13 kms south of the city with a concrete runway, one of the longest in Romania, and the only operator is TAROM with regular flights to Oradea, Bucharest and Antalya.

By Train

Satu Mare Rail Station located about 2 kms north of the city centre, is situated on the Caile Ferate Romane Line 400 (Brasov-Siculeni–Deda–Dej–Baia Mare) on Line 402 (Oradea-Sacueni-Carei-Satu Mare-Halmeu) and on Line 417 (Satu Mare-Bixad).CFR provides direct rail connections to all the major Romanian cities and to Budapest.The city is also served by another secondary rail station the Saw Station (Gara Ferastrau).

By Bus

The main public transportation system in Satu Mare consists of bus lines.There are twenty-three urban and suburban lines with a total length of 190.1 kms, the main operator being Transurban S.A.In addition there are various taxi companies serving the city.

By Road

Satu Mare has a complex system of transportation, providing road, air and rail connections to major cities in Romania and Europe.The city is an important road and rail hub located near the borders with Hungary and Ukraine.The city is connected to other major Romanian cities by road (E81 European route E81, 671 European route E671 and E58 European route E58) and by rail (CFR Main Line 400).The total number of automobiles registered in Satu Mare was 82,000 in 2008.The city has around 400 streets with a total length of 178 kms and cover an area of 1.3 square kms.

Key places to visit
Satu Mare Chain Church, Satu Mare Administrative Palace, Satu Mare Synagogue, Firemen's Tower, Capitoline Wolf statue


Places to Visit

Satu Mare Chain Church

a Reformed church in Satu Mare, Romania, is one of the oldest churches in the city.Located on Pacii Square it was built based on the plans of Preinlich Sigismund an engineer between 1793 and 1802.The church has a valuable collection of plates, disks and glasses dating from 1657-1679 as well as the oldest bell in Satu Mare, dating to 1633.The furniture inside the church was made between 1799-1807, from oak by a master craftsman named Frits Iosif.

Satu Mare Administrative Palace

The Administrative Palace in a building in Satu Mare, Romania.At 97 metres, it is the highest building in Transylvania and the third highest in the country after Tower Center International and Casa Presei Libere in Bucharest.From the top of the building, almost the entire Satu Mare County is visible and one can see all the way to Hungary.The history of the building starts in the 1960s, when Satu Mare experienced a period of infrastructure development under the communist regime.The Romanian Communist Party wanted to build a new city center with a building that would be a new landmark for the city.Thus in 1972, construction of the building began the main architect being Nicolae Porumbescu of Iasi assisted by Ludovic Gyure of Satu Mare.

Satu Mare Synagogue

The Satu Mare Synagogue located in Satu Mare, Romainia was built in Moorish style at the end of the 19th century.It has a tripartite facade with the prayer house and the temple beside the facade.

Firemen's Tower

is a 47 m high tower in Satu Mare, Romania built in 1904 at the recommendation of bishop Gyula Meszlenyi.The architect of the tower was Ferencz Dittler and the builder Lajos Vajnay.The tower was used because of its height as a fire spotter by the firemen.Today the tower is a tourist attraction visited by around 100 visitors per day.

Capitoline Wolf statue

is a statue depicting the legendary founders of Rome, brothers Romulus and Remus, suckled by a wolf.Statue playing legendary founding of Rome, that the brothers who founded the city were cared for by a wolf.Statue Square is now located Basil Lucaciu of Satu Mare.In the period before 1989 was moved to Liberty Square the center where he is now a statue of Basil Lucaciu.The monument dates from 1936 and was restored in 1992, action which gave input R.Shepherd (artist, sculpture), L.Sabau (architect, design), Rafan IT (engineer, coordination) and cutters Vista in Cluj ( execution).

Right Time to Visit

November - February