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Sarawak Negeri
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The capital of Sarawak is Kuching. Kuching International Airport has direct flights to Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Bandar Seri Begawan and Perth in Western Australia and to Hong Kong via Kota Kinabalu.

There are also direct flights from Kuala Lumpur to Miri and Sibu, from Johor Bahru to Kuching, and from Kota Kinabalu and Labuan to Kuching and Bintulu.

Sarawak is also well connected by road to all the major towns of Malaysia and buses are available for Sarawak from all the major cities.

Key places to visit
Gunung Mulu National Park, Matang Wildlife Centre, Batang Ai National Park, Similajau National Park, Skrang River Safari,


Places to Visit

Gunung Mulu National Park

Mulu Caves National Park is home to one of the longest networks of caves in the world. Here lies the world’s largest underground chamber, the Sarawak Chamber, capable of accommodating forty Boeing 747 airplanes.

In Mulu, you will also find the world’s biggest cave passage, Deer Cave, which can fit five cathedrals the size of Saint Paul’s in London. Another key attraction is Clear Water Cave, the longest cave in Southeast Asia. The massive caves here are home to millions of bats and cave swiftlets that swarm out into the jungle in great clouds every evening at dusk!

The outdoorsy type will be pleasantly surprised by some of the best examples of tropical limestone weathering in the world, including enormous razor-sharp pinnacles, deep-cut canyons, appropriately named The Pinnacles. There are tough but rewarding multi-day hikes available from the resort. A guide and porter are recommended.

Matang Wildlife Centre

The Matang Wildlife Centre is about 35km from Kuching. Located in Kubah National Park, this large enclosed area of rainforest is home to endangered wildlife. There is a training programme here that teaches Orang Utans, who have been orphaned or rescued from captivity, how to survive in the wild. Visitors will be able to see lots of Orang Utans here, especially during feeding time. Besides these adorable primates, there are also Sun Bears, Sambar Deer, Civet cats as well as three large aviaries that house Sea Eagles, Hornbills and other birds in Sarawak.

Jungle trekking is also possible as there are four jungle trails here, the Pitcher Trail (takes about 2 hours), the Sungai Rayu Trail ( about 3 - 4 hours), the Sungai Senduk trail (about 1 hour) and Sungai Buluh trail (about 2 hours). Picnic spots, an information centre, accommodation facilities, a car park and a small canteen are available at the park HQ.

Batang Ai National Park

Gazetted in 1991, Batang Ai National Park shelters many protected animals. It also serves as a water catchment area for a huge artificial lake, creating the Batang Ai Hydro-electric dam.

The lake extends up to the Engkari and Ai Valleys, where the scenery complements an atmosphere of peace and tranquillity.

Because of the limited facilities available within the park, the best way to see it is by arranging to be part of a longhouse tour. You'll get a chance to meet natives of the Iban tribe and discover how they live in their communal house and how they interact non-destructively with nature.

Similajau National Park

Similajau National Park, just 45 minutes from Bintulu town, provides a great weekend getaway for the people within the central region of Sarawak. It has one of the most beautiful coastal areas in Malaysia with miles of unspoiled white and golden sand and rocky beaches facing the South China Sea.

Gazetted in 1978, it covers 7,064 hectares of virgin coastal forest, starting from Sungai Likau in the south to Similajau River in the north. Spanning 30km, it is abundant in flora and fauna and offers you a wonderful experience exploring miles and miles of empty beach.

The terrestrial fauna of the park boasts 24 recorded species of mammals, such as gibbons, banded langurs and long-tailed macaques. A very noteworthy reptile found here is the Saltwater Crocodile.

The Park has also recorded 230 species of birds, which include hornbills and migratory water birds like Storm’s Stork. If you're lucky, you might be able to see dolphins out amongst the waves. Occasionally, green turtles come ashore to lay their eggs.

Skrang River Safari

When in Sarawak, a visit to a longhouse is highly recommended to complete the experience. Skrang is an exciting destination for visitors who wish to see and experience life in a longhouse, once the home of notorious pirates and headhunters.

There is a longhouse safari available, which begins with a 4-wheel drive to the banks of the Skrang River. From there, the safari continues by motorised longboat down the shallow Skrang River, occasionally "shooting the rapids". A thrilling journey along this scenic river brings you to a series of wooden Iban longhouses.

Or extend your trip by spending the night at a longhouse to experience the traditions and customs of the Dayak Ibans. The highlight of the Skrang River Safari is an evening of entertainment by the longhouse residents, featuring traditional dances and music. Tuak, a specially brewed rice wine, will be served during the evening's entertainment.

The surrounding jungle is also available for exciting trekking and exploration.

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