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Sao Vicente

Amazonas - Brazil
Sao Vicente
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Internal flights with TACV or Halcyon go from São Pedro airport to Sal and Praia. In 2009 it will also serve international flights.

Key places to visit
Gaspar Frutuoso, São Vicente town centre, Gastronomy, Handicrafts


Places to Visit

Gaspar Frutuoso, The council of São Vicente is situated on the North coast of Madeira island. This is one of the island’s most extensive councils, measuring approximately 78, 70 km2. It was first created in 1744, and was restructured several times over the years to reach its present area in 1898.  This council area is composed of the parishes of São Vicente (headquarters of the council), Ponta Delgada and Boaventura.

São Vicente town centre, it is worth your while to set aside some time to pay a visit to the chapel of São Vicente and its mother church.  The chapel of São Vicente is located at the mouth of the stream which runs through the council area, and was excavated out of and built on the predominantly basalt rock in 1694.  As regards the mother church of São Vicente, it was built in the early 17th century and it contains various art treasures such as the painting of Saint Vicente blessing the town, on the roof of the church, and its magnificently carved high altar.

Gastronomy, Among the various typical regional dishes, there are the following specialties in São Vicente: a dish known as “Caldo da Romaria”, a broth made of veal knuckle (or osso buco), onions, carrots, green peppers, tomatoes, fat, potatoes, water and salt. Other dishes are Corn Soup; Mackerel served with a traditional sauce made of garlic, salt, oregano, pepper, vinegar and white wine; and “Inhame” or yams, a sort of tubercle that is a typical food in Madeira.

Handicrafts, The council of São Vicente presents the visitor with an opportunity to see the manufacture of a variety of handicrafts.  Madeira embroidery is the occupation which still today occupies much of the locals’ free time on a daily basis, as well as wicker work - especially basket weaving - near the lands of the Parish of Boaventura.  Of northern influence, there is the “brinquinho”, made out of the wood of the “vinhático” tree. This is a traditional type of percussion instrument played in Madeira’s folk music.

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