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Sao Luis

Amazonas - Brazil
Sao Luis
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Places to Visit
How to Reach

By bus
Bus station some 8 km southeast of the center, close to the airport in Avenida dos Franceses 5073 - right north of the intersection with Rua Tres. The bus Socorrão 2 / Rodoviária(and others) takes you pretty straight to/from the waterfront of Old Town.

By train
Train three times a week  to Parauapebas via Santa Inês, Açailândia, Marabá and others. The train station is in a street named: Companhia Vale do Rio Doce - next to Avenida dos Portugueses - some kilometers south west of the center. Companhia Vale do Rio Doce is the name of the company that operates the train.

By plane
Airport some 13 km from the centre. Domestic flights by Gol, TAM[5], Oceanair[6], TAF (also flies to French Guiana) and Litorânea

Key places to visit
Beaches, Old Town, Bumba-meu-boi, art cinema


Places to Visit
  • Beaches. These all suffer from an enormous tidal variation, -reportedly more than ten metres on spring. On high tide there is no dry sand left. The most popular beach is Ponta d'Areia, -far nicer if you continue a couple of kilometers: The beach of São Marcos continues into the beach of Calhau covering a stretch of some 5 kilometers with plenty of simple bars and restaurants and a broad pavement by the road.
  • Old Town is the main attraction of the city. Plenty of colonial architecture, but still quite needing of more refurbishing.
  • Bumba-meu-boi - From 13 to 30 June - This beautiful folklore manifestation of Iberian origin is one of the highlights of the city's culture. It has been kept alive by the black people of São Luis and is performed by groups in costumes, telling a tale of a certain Bull through music, dance and theater throughout the city.
  • There is an art cinema in the Old Town, with a mix of Brazilian and weird imports.

    The largest and most modern movie theatre, with 10 showrooms, is at the São Luís Shopping, mostly showing Hollywood fare.

Right Time to Visit

January - March
October - December