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Sao Jose dos Pinhais

Sao Jose dos Pinhais
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By Air

Afonso Pena International Airport (IATA: CWB, ICAO: SBCT) is the main airport serving Curitiba, Brazil, located in the adjoining municipality of Sao Jose dos Pinhais.It is named after Afonso Augusto Moreira Pena (1847–1909), the 6th President of Brazil.In 2010 the airport was ranked 10th in terms of transported passengers and 9th in terms of aircraft operations and of cargo handled in Brazil, placing it amongst the busiest airports in the country.It is operated by Infraero.On 31 August 2009, Infraero unveiled a BRL30 million (USD16 million; EUR11 million) investiment plan to upgrade Afonso Pena International Airport focusing on the preparations for the 2014 FIFA World Cup which will be held in Brazil, Curitiba being one of the venue cities.The investiment will invested in the enlargement of the apron and implementation of taxiways with completion due in March 2011.The airport is located 18 km southeast of downtown Curitiba.

By Train

Due to the Brazilian government decision on not providing passenger train services anymore, Curitiba is no longer serviced by scheduled passenger train service.However, there is a touristic train route that goes to Parana State's ocean coast, reaching its end in Paranagua.It is definitely a worthwhile ride for those willing to see natural and Atlantic Forrest scenery with many waterfalls, cliffs, peaks and historic sites.

By Bus

Curitiba's Bus & Train Station (Estacao Rodoferroviaria) is a large station with 3 terminals (train terminal, interstate bus terminal and intrastate bus terminal) provides scheduled bus service from Curitiba to all over Brazil, as well as locations in Argentina, Chile and Paraguay.

Key places to visit
Divine Word Square, Way of the Wine and Wine Festival, Sports and Leisure Centre Braga, Santa's house, Shopping St. Joseph, Una River


Places to Visit

Divine Word Square

It is the largest square of St. Joseph of the Pines is never closed and entrance is free.The square contains a track bike, block of beach soccer, playgrounds simple (swing, seesaw and slide), outdoor gym for the 3rd age and places to walk.Over the holidays, the square contains more children's toys, various stalls selling everyday objects, food and rarest of objects encontrar.As Tuesday is Monday night that sells everything from fruits and vegetables to meals and snacks.It is located on the corner of the street Dr. Claudino dos Santos and Dr. Marques Verissimo.

Way of the Wine and Wine Festival

The Wine Road is a route with more than 30 wine producers in Sao Jose dos Pinhais, located in the Loon Cologne, works throughout the year providing wines, cheeses and sweets of various kinds, the culmination of the Path of wine takes place the Wine Festival, where you are greeted by students of local tourist and locals dressed as typically Italian.The festival is held annually in August.

Sports and Leisure Centre Braga

It is the largest sports stadium in San Jose, with courts for basketball volleyball and futsal courts and fields.The size of the gym attracts many sportsmen who live in the city.It is open every day from 9:00 pm until 18:00 hours.It is located at Rua XV Rua in November and Isabel the Redeemer.

Santa's house

The home of Santa Claus is open in the month of December until the 25th day, all day.Here there are several shops selling ornaments Christmas, park for children, small squares and the home of Santa Claus, which is where the children ask their gifts.It is open 24 hours a day and receives many visitors.It is located away from the center of town, near Rua Rui Barbosa. It is open the second to sixth from 15:00 to 23:00 hours, on Saturdays and Sundays, it opens a little later at 16:00 and closes at the same time Monday through Friday.To enter into the days of celebrations people take toys, clothes, food to needy organizations.

Shopping St. Joseph

The Shopping St. Joseph was opened in September 2008.The mall has over 150 stores, including four anchors (AMERICAN STORES, centaurs, and RENNER CINEMARK 3D) also has a mega-store Free Music and numerous shopping, entertainment and food.The five multiplex movie theaters, Cinemark network are among the most modern in the country.Also offers comfort and security with more than one thousand parking spaces.The Shopping St. Joseph has become a reference in the city for their events geared to children and consequently the family and its saojoseense promotions that move the economy further from ciadade.

Una River

It is a beautiful place with many forests and few inhabitants.Known by the hotel "La Dulce Vita" this place is on the border of San Jose and the South Tijucas.

Right Time to Visit

August - December
February - July