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Sao Jose dos Campos

Sao Paulo
Sao Jose dos Campos
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By Air

The Sao Jose dos Campos Airport (IATA: SJK, ICAO: SBSJ) has a heavy passenger flow, mainly business trips during weekdays and it is an important connection between Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.With a 3,000 m (9,800 ft) runaway, the airport also serves people who come to visit the tourist city of Campos de Jordao.The airlines Azul Brazilian Airlines and TRIP Linhas Aereas fly from Sao Jose dos Campos to several destinations and presently are the only commercial airlines operating on Sao Jose dos Campos.It is also used for the transportation of cargo from the several industries located in the so-called Cone Leste Paulista ("Sao Paulo's East Cone").

By Train

The city is also served by a railway (the former Central do Brasil), administered by MRS Logistica, which today only carries freight.

By Bus

The city has 2 bus stations, having lines to cities in all regions of the country and international routes to Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay and Chile.Sao Jose dos Campos boasts an extensive bus system.Operated by three companies (Expresso Maringa, Julio Simoes and Viacao Capital do Vale), these lines serve nearly all areas in the city with 319 buses.Sao Jose dos Campos also has an alternative system with minivans to supplement the regular buses.

By Ferry

The ports of Sao Sebastiao and Santos can be reached by the highways SP-099, SP-155 and BR-101.The transportation of cargo to the domestic and foreign markets is made through both ports.

By Road

The city uses a ring road system, that interconnects it to important national and state highways: BR-116 (federal highway), which crosses the urban area of Sao Jose.It runs in a north-south direction in the country, near but not on Brazil's coastline.The section that connects Rio de Janeiro to Sao Paulo is known as Presidente Dutra.It is widely used inside the urban area of Sao Jose dos Campos for commuting purposes, SP-070 (state highway) also known as Rodovia Carvalho Pinto which connects São Paulo to Taubate, SP-065 Connects Sao Jose dos Campos to Campinas, SP-099 (state highway) also known as Rodovia dos Tamoios which connects Sao Jose to the coastal lowlands of the city of Caraguatatuba and SP-050 (state highway) - the old road which connects Sao Jose dos Campos to Campos do Jordao and the southern region of Minas Gerais.

Key places to visit
Festa Junina, Valley Shopping Center, Sao Jose dos Campos Sports Museum, City Anniversary Run, Hills Mall


Places to Visit

Festa Junina

These festivities, which were introduced by the Portuguese during the colonial period (1500-1822), are celebrated nationwide but are particularly associated with Northeastern Brazil.The feast is mainly celebrated on the eves of the Catholic solemnities of Saint Anthony, Saint John the Baptist, and Saint Peter.As Northeastern Brazil is largely arid or semi-arid these popular festivals not only coincide with the end of the rainy seasons of most states in the northeast but they also provide the people with an opportunity to give thanks to Saint John for the rain.They also celebrate rural life and feature typical clothing, food, dance (particularly quadrilha, which is similar to square dancing). Like Midsummer and Saint John's Day in Portugal and Scandinavian countries, Sao Joao celebrates marital union.The "quadrilha" features couple formations around a mock wedding whose bride and groom are the central attraction of the dancing.Sao Joao coincides with the corn harvest.Special dishes served during Sao Joao are made with corn, such as canjica, pamonha and brazilian cuscuz. Dishes may also include peanuts, potatoes, sausages and rice.The celebrations are very colorful and festive and include amazing pyrotechnics.Bonfires and fire in general are thus one of the most important features of these festivities a feature that is among the remnants of Midsummer pagan rituals in the Iberian Peninsula.

Valley Shopping Center

is located in the city of Sao Jose dos Campos SP.It is the largest mall in the Paraíba Valley.The Valley Center was inaugurated on May 28th of 1987 and has 86 million m2 of built area, in addition to 223 stores and 2,200 jobs in four levels of parking.It currently has 12 anchor stores, movie theaters, Brook, American Stores, Casas Bahia, C & A, Renner, Houses Pernambucanas, Ponto Frio, Shops Columbus, Tok & Stok, Centaur and Dicico.Besides these shops, the mall has featured other anchors such as grocery stores, Supermarket Sugar Loaf, Mappin and Mesbla.The mall also has a Family Space, Comfort and Space Network Wi-Fi in all environments.Inside the mall is still the headquarters of Vanguard TV.

Sao Jose dos Campos Sports Museum

The Sports Museum was opened on July 30, 1999.In exhibition are trophies, medals, photos and newspapers about the history of sports of Sao Jose dos Campos since 1910.

City Anniversary Run

a 12 kilometer run taking place on the streets of the city center in the morning with hundreds of athletes from the city and from the Vale do Paraíba region on July 27.

Hills Mall

is the first commercial venture of Sao Jose dos Campos in the concept of planned shopping center.It is a modern shopping and entertainment in Sao Jose dos Campos.Stand out in its mix of shops, supermarket Sugar Loaf, the academy Athletica Company, 8 movie theaters Cinemark network with 3D technology.The Leisure is complemented by food courts and events, bowling, electronic entertainment center.At the mall is located Poupatempo city and a large theater opened in early 2010, which has rotating parts.

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