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By Air

Santarem–Maestro Wilson Fonseca Airport (IATA: STM, ICAO: SBSN) is the airport serving Santarem, Brazil.It is named after the composer Wilson Dias da Fonseca (1912–2002), who was born in Santarem.It is operated by Infraero.The airport is located 15 km (9 mi) from downtown an important alternative and supporting airfield in the Amazon region.It has regular connections to cities in Brazil.

By Bus

The bus terminal in Santarem, meets the needs of ground transportation.The Cuiaba-Santarem Highway (BR-163) is the federal highway linking Santarem to Cuiaba, state of Mato Grosso, so that within the city of Santarem, this road is known simply as Cuiaba Avenue and is one of the main thoroughfares of the city.The road has more than 1700 km, its length in United States is 165 kilometers (including Belterra).Santarem until Ruropolis the road is paved.

By Road

Six roads state travel in Santarem and sum to a total of 253 km, of which 144 km are primary coating and 109 km are asphalt coated.They are PA-257 that connects the city of Santarem Juruti and has 150 kilometers, PA-370 that links the urban center of the Santarem -una hydroelectric Curua and is 67 kilometers, PA-433 that connects the community Tabocal of Santarem in the community of Tortoise and is 36 kilometers long, Everaldo Martins Road (PA-457) connecting the inner city of Santarem to Alter do Chao and is 29 kilometers long and PA-370 that connects the Santa Rosa community Santarem through Moju dos Campos to the St. Joseph community and is 24 kilometers long.Pathways are of great economic importance complemented by the municipal road system, the Guilhon Fernando Road which connects the inner city of Santarem in Santarem International Airport and is 15 kilometers long and other local roads.

By Ferry

The port of Cargill, the court deprived the roundings located in the Dock Company of Para in Santarem, drains soybeans to the outside.The grain terminal can store up to 60,000 t, which corresponds to a ship carrying 55 thousand tons of soybeans.There are improvised ports managed by the municipality as the makeshift port located in front of Tiradentes Square where the boats dock small and medium-sized companies that carry cargo and passengers within cities the port town of Arigo docked boats for fishing and ferries for cargo the port of bushings the port of Santana and TaPara Patacho port.The infrastructure port consists of a high-traffic ports like the Port of Santarem, which is administered by the Dock Company of Para, the jurisdiction federal, that near the port of Belem are the closest the United States.It has capacity to receive vessels up to large 18,000 TDW also allow the berthing of ships of 10 m in the period of increased drought and up to 16 m in period full of rivers.It has a quay length of 520 meters and 380 meters at the pier.

Key places to visit
John Fona Museum, Candle of Our Lady of Conception, Book Fair festival, Museum of the Tapajos, Old Victoria Theatre, Church of Our Lady of Conception, Tip Frazao Museum


Places to Visit

John Fona Museum

is a museum located in the city of Santarem in the state of Para.It was built between the years 1853 to 1868 by engineer Marcos Pereira.Worked in the Municipality building, City Hall, the Hall of the Jury, The Town Hall and the public jail. It is the third oldest building in town.In 1990, the Mayor, Dr. Ronan Liberal, started building a new city hall and installed in the old Camera Municipal Cultural Centre Fona John on June 22 of 1991.In it are exposed archaeological, fossil fish, cassava pancakes, remains of middens, whole pieces of pottery and fragments of various phases of culture tapajonica, the handiwork of indigenous, seras images carved in wood, newspapers, books, furniture ultilize in forum justice and the old camera, a collection of ancient coins, utensils used in the punishment of slaves among others.

Candle of Our Lady of Conception

is a cultural event and religious tourism in the city of Santarem, in Para.The first candle was held on November 28th of 1919, leaving the Church of St. Sebastian.Today, the candle is held on the last Sunday of November.It happens in November, when the calendar of the Roman Catholic Church marks the Day of Christ the King during the course of the walk (Candle) tributes are made by regional singers hired by public or private institutions such as Anthony Von, Kaila Moura, Andre Machado, Ray Brito, Ivone among others.They can also be seen hundreds of promesseiros with miniature houses, churches, images and other objects that indicate the grace achieved. It uses the rope tied to the fore, in another way to pay for promises, these individuals tend to be barefoot.During this festival, other festivals are made, as the candle, with Mary Faith Walk out of the City called the Planalto dos Campos Moju 37 KM, Candle Children's motorcade of announcing the arrival of the candle, festival of the elderly, Watch "Donate your Sleep to Our Lady, "and the closing procession.Are made magazines with articles from writers of the city itself with stories and historical articles and the Social and religious party.The Candle of Our Lady of Conception is the second largest religious manifestation of Para.

Book Fair festival

Continuity in Space Pearl of the Tapajos the City Park Santarem the activities of the Fourth Book Fair of the Lower Amazon, an event promoted by the Municipality of Santarem and the Government of the State of Para.It's great that the number people who have visited the 50 booths with rich and diverse literary collections whether to buy library materials or to only participate in the programming offered during the event between the hours of 9 am to 22pm such as workshops, lectures, storytelling, literary gathering, shows, chat with young people, children's activities, book launches, exhibitions, music, theater, dance and film.Among the book launches scheduled this weekend in the Hall, is the Municipal Secretary of Education of the Municipality of Santarem Prof. Msc. Lucineide Pinheiro.The work entitled Class of Radio Sofia and Chestnut, tells the story of children who according to the author describes, playing radio, bring your memories, experiences and socialize etnicorracial diversity, cultural, gastronomic, beliefs, legends and customs depicting the beauty of flora and fauna existing here and wonder of living in the Amazon.

Museum of the Tapajos

The Museum of the Tapajos displays some 3000 examples of the craft products of the Tapajo, Tapuio and Munducuru Indians.Typical products of theTapajo culture are the muraquitas small frogs, turtles or snakes carved from black, red or grey stone which are believed to give protection against evil spirits.The Indians also produce well-formed pottery.

Old Victoria Theatre

The Victoria Theatre had its construction started May 5, 1895, being inaugurated on June 28, 1896. The authors plan was the French engineer Maurice Blaise and its capacity of about five hundred spectators.The work of the theater was made possible thanks to Santareno Dramatic Club and through amateur partners and contributors it was being held.In 1917, the administration of mayor Oscar Barreto the Victoria Theatre has gained a new furniture restoration.In 1925 and 1933 with the Mayor and Mayor Ildefonso Braga Joaquim Almeida respectively the Theatre was again restored but without change in its original architecture.However in 1965 on the grounds of its poor condition the theater was totally uncharacteristic of their original forms and since then has been used for other purposes such as City Hall and currently City Department of Education and Sports.

Church of Our Lady of Conception

It is located in the Plaza Monsignor Joseph Gregory in the city center.The first Church of the Immaculate Conception was built in 1661, mud, Largo do Pelourinho which was the center of town now Square Rodrigues dos Santos.On the centenary of the founding of Santarem in 1761, has begun the construction of a new array.The church building suffered over time restorations and modifications to the original architecture.

Tip Frazao Museum

It is located in the city center at Rua Floriano Peixoto, No. 281.The Museum was inaugurated on June 22, 1999, in order to expose the most famous handicrafts made by the artisan Tip Frazao.Considered a pioneer in the use of patchouli in the root crafts, Tip Frazao other materials introduced in the region such as straw tucum, buriti and acai beyond the mauve, jute, bamboo, bark taperebazeiro, turtle ladder lianas, bark of woods and watermelon seeds, melon, pumpkin and cucumber.The Museum features over 150 pieces Santareno crafts, among which are replicas of works that today belong to the Queen of Belgium and the Pope John Paul II and other pieces that have won national highlights.

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