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By Air

Three flights a day into and out of Sanliurfa's new airport two Istanbul and one Ankara flight. Reasonably priced transfers from and to the airport with the Havas bus service.Some accommodation choices also provide free airport transfers since the airport is out of town.

By Train

There's a train station located close to Akcakale, a few kilometres southwest of Harran.Turkish Railways (TCDD) has trains running to that direction.Akcakale train station.

By Bus
Buses connect to most big cities.Free transfers to and from the bus station provide by some accommodation choices.The bus station (otogar) is outside of the city center.There is a bus running from the main bus station in the center to the otogar, which takes about 30 minutes.A taxi costs about 20 TL.

By Car

Sanliurfa has an important highway route because of its location near Turkey’s southeastern borders with the Arab countries and its location at the centre of GAP (the South-East Anatolia Project).

Key places to visit
Cave of Abraham, Balikligol, Sanliurfa GAP Stadium, Sanliurfa castle, Museum of Sanliurfa, Saladin Mosque


Places to Visit

Cave of Abraham

Sanliurfa is supposedly the birthplace of Abraham (called Ibrahim in Arabic, he was an important prophet) and henceforth an important Islamic place of pilgrimage.Around the site of the cave are a number of mosques built around a park with water features.One of these mosques, the Halil-ur-Rahman has a pool (called the Balikligol) occupied by a rather large number of holy fish.It is said that anyone who catches one of these will go blind.That said the story behind the pool is quite interesting: The pool is at a site where Nemrut (there's a legend claiming him to be the builder of the tower of Babel) wanted to burn Abraham as a sacrifice.God however intervened and turned the pyre into water and the coals into fish thus saving Abraham.


Fish (Aynzeliha and Halil-ur Rahman lakes) in Sanliurfa city and situated in the southwest of the center of the Prophet Ibrahim was thrown in a fire, these two lakes known as the place fell, the holy fishes and surrounding historical artifacts and Sanliurfa of the most visited places.Prophet Abraham, the cruel ruler of period Nemrut and beliefs worship of the people to fight, began to defend the idea of a single god, the hill where the castle is today thrown into the fire by Nimrod. Meanwhile, by God, the fire ", Abraham Become cool and salvation", is ordered.On this order, the fish turns into fire wood into the water.Abraham as a rose garden, right into the falls.Abraham falls in the Halil-ur Rahman lake. According to tradition, Nimrod's daughter Zeliha Abraham also believed that the fire after he throws it.Occurred in the area when they Aynzeliha Zeliha Lake.Eaten by the fish pond considered holy by both the public and protected.Said Nursi 23 March 1960, Sanliurfa in the Halil-ur Rahman, Dervish Lodge and buried here after death. However 12 July 1960 27 May Coup tomb demolished by order of government, and at an undisclosed location (probably the Isparta City Cemetery) was transferred.

Sanliurfa GAP Stadium

which was built by a full Olympic stadium.Seating capacity of 28 thousand 965.Completely closed over the stands.Sanliurfa in sports activities for the realization of higher standards of GAP and GAP Stadium Sports Complex project was prepared.Other facilities provided are tender then tender for the turnkey construction of 30,000 Stadium 42 million 116 thousand TL were implemented.The foundation in 1992, the then President Turgut Ozal was thrown by, targeted to be completed in 3 years the stadium, the audience for the first time in 2009, opened its doors on December 13.2009-2010 season on May 5, 2010 Agriculture, 2009-2010 Turkey Cup Final match against Fenerbahce and Trabzonspor played host to match, won the Super Cup match Trabozspor Fenerbahce 3-1 victory.With this feature, the GAP Arena are among the major stadiums.

Sanliurfa castle

is a castle was built in antiquity and the current walls were constructed by the Abbasids in 814AD.Like the other historical cities in Turkey, many legends lie within the tales of Sanliurfa. Balikligol (The legendary Pool of Sacred Fish) is one of them and it's believed that Abraham was thrown into the fire by Nimrod here.The pool is in the courtyard of the Halil-ur-Rahman Mosque which was built by the Ayyubids in 1211.There's another legendary place called Tılfındır Hill. It's said that Urfa was taken from the Byzantine without a fight in the year 639 by the Islamic army of İyad Ganem.

Museum of Sanliurfa

is located in the village of Sehitlik and houses over 70,000 works of art from all ages including, 20,048 archeological works, 2,645 ethnographic works of art, 48203 ancient coins, 1,283 stamps and 9 handwritten books.There's the national art gallery in the National Art Museum as well as different exhibitions from time to time.

Saladin Mosque

at the location of the Selahattin Ayyubid mosque was built in 457 by the Bishop of Saint Yuhannes Nona (John the Baptist) Church there.This structure has also been used at the same time as the Palace of Justice.Selahattin between 900-1250 on the Ayyubid period, this church was Selahattin Ayyubid mosque.And three-aisled basilica with a rectangular cut stone church and made the layout plan.Over a barrel vault inside the church, the outside is covered with a flat roof. Wider and higher than the middle portion of the side naves naves.Entry is to the west where there are seven-part narthex.After it is used as a mosque portico of the narthex.This section is based on six round columns.Place of worship the windows are illuminated by a very large extent.This half-columns at the edges of the windows are embossed dragon wrapped around each other.In addition, half-bird figures of saints and bearing a cross on the titles of the columns in the building after conversion into a mosque and covered with plaster.In addition in the structure of any ornamentation.

Right Time to Visit

November - March
April - July