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Sandnes is a city and municipality in Rogaland county, Norway.It is part of the region of Jaeren.Sandnes was separated from Hoyland as a municipality of its own in 1860, and gained city status the same year. On 1 January 1965, the rural municipalities of Hoyland and Hole, as well as parts of Hetland, were merged with Sandnes.The city is named after an old farm ("Sandnaes" 1723), since the city was built on its ground.The first element is sand which means "sand" or "sandy beach", the last element is nes which means "headland".

The city of Sandnes is located about 15 kilometres (9.3 mi) south of Stavanger, and these two cities have expanded so as to form a conurbation.The municipality of Sola is located to the west, Klepp and Time to the south, and Gjesdal and Forsand to the east.The fjord Gandsfjorden is situated north-south and ends in the centre of Sandnes.The international airport of Stavanger is situated in Sola.Sandnes's districts are Austratt, Figgjo, Ganddal, Hana (includes Aspervika and Dale), Hole, Lura, Malmheim, Riska, Sandved, Soma, Stangeland, Sviland, and Trones.

The landscape of the Sandnes and Stavanger region is quite flat. On the long west coast there are several beaches and further inland the land is raised to form low plains with some small peaks rising up to 400 to 500 metres (1,300 to 1,600 ft) above sea level.From Stavanger and Sandnes it is approximately one hour by car to alpine and skiing resorts.In Sandnes there are some easily accessible small mountain peaks, such as Dalsnuten and Lifjell, with a view over the Sandnes/Stavanger area.The renowned Lysefjord is also easily accessible by car or boat.

Sandnes hosts a large array of retail shops of most kinds and is used by the neighbouring municipalities appreciating the service and wide range of selections. Sandnes is known as Norway's bicycle city, mainly due to the fact that the bicycle manufacturer Oglaend DBS was situated here for decades.The city offers a variety of routes for everyday riders and tourists.Since 1996 a public bicycle rental programme has been in operation in the city.Sandnes was formerly known as the pottery town of Norway - due to the important ceramics industry based on the extensive occurrence of clay in the surroundings.The primary football team (Sandnes Ulf) is currently competing in the second highest division of Norwegian professional football, Adeccoligaen.

How to Reach

By Air

The closest major airport is Stokmarknes Airport, Skagen (SKN / ENSK).This airport has domestic flights from Stokmarknes, Norway and is about 6 km from the center of Sandnes, Norway.Another major airport is Svolvær Airport, Helle (SVJ / ENSH), which has domestic flights from Svolvaer, Norway and is 41 km from Sandnes, Norway.Leknes Airport (LKN / ENLK) has domestic flights from Leknes, Norway and is 71 km from Sandnes, Norway.Harstad/Narvik Airport, Evenes (EVE / ENEV) has domestic flights from Evenes, Norway and is 74 km from Sandnes, Norway.

By Train

Sandnes train-station is located on the Jaerbanen railroad.Both local and express trains stop at Sandnes.Bus no 9 goes from Sola Airport Stavanger to Sandnes.

By Bus

There are buses going inside and outside of the county limits.Local buses are all organized by the Kolumbus organization.All of downtown are within walking distance.Bicycles can be borrowed for free at the bus terminal during office hours.The local government has invested heavily in bike paths -these are usually paved with a red material and can either be right next to the pedestrians' pavement or on the opposite side of the road.

Key places to visit
The Science Factory, Kvadrat Shopping Centre, Preikestolen mountain, Manafossen Waterfall, Solastranden Beach


Places to Visit

The Science Factory

Did you know that one of the world's leading mathematicians was born not far from Sandnes? Visit us at Vitenfabrikken and explore Abel's sketchbook.How many meters of DNA does your body contain.How long can you keep your balance on the skateboard. What is 101 in the decimal system? How heavy is your brain.Can you relax more than the person next to you.Perhaps you'll be invited on a guided tour through the planetarium to take a closer look at Orion, Pegasus and the other constellations.You can also learn more about Leonardo da Vinci and his inventions! And don't miss the exhibitions of the town history of Sandnes at Solaveien 10.

Kvadrat Shopping Centre

The shopping centre, located along the E39 between Stavanger and Sandnes, has its own tourist information office that follows the opening hours of the centre.

Preikestolen mountain

Preikestolen is located 600 metres above sea level and is the most visited attraction in Rogaland county.Preikestolen can be seen from the Lysefjord, but is even more impressive from above.After a spectacular two-hour hike you will have a magnificent view of the fjord. Kjerag is another major attraction in the area.Its highest point is 1,110 metres above sea level, but its northern drop to the Lysefjord attracts most visitors.The drop is 984 metres above sea level and is just by the famous Kjeragbolten, a big stone which is plugged between two rocks.It takes two and a half hours to hike to Kjerag. Be prepared for a strenuous hike, however absolutely worth the effort.

Manafossen Waterfall

If you enjoy hiking, but prefer shorter hikes, the beautiful and magnificent waterfall Manafossen is definitely worth a visit. Manafossen has a free fall of 92 metres and is the biggest waterfall in Rogaland county.It is also the ninth tallest free fall waterfall in Norway.The waterfall is protected and is one of the biggest attractions in Rogaland county.

Solastranden Beach

The Stavanger region does not only offer beautiful fjords and majestic mountains but also stunning beaches.Here you can visit the longest sandy beaches in Norway.In the article Best Holidays 2004, The Sunday Times ranked Solastranden as the sixth best beach in the world.The journalist David Wickers was so enthusiastic that he rated the beach ahead of beaches both in Spain and Thailand. Spend time here for any purpose - sunbathing, swimming, kiting or surfing.The lighthouses along and just off the coast are also open for tourists, and some of them offer accommodation and food.

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