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San Vicente del Caguan

Departmento del Caqueta
San Vicente del Caguan
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By air

Can be reached by plane to the airport Eduardo Falla Solano, which direct flights arriving from Bogota.

By road

In San Vicente del Caguan can be reached by the Carretera Marginal de la Selva from the capital of Caqueta, Florence, in a journey that can take about three hours long, also can be accessed by road from Neiva (Huila), passing through the village of Guayabal on a journey that can last 6 hours away

Key places to visit
Parish of Our Lady of Mercy, Episcopal Curia, Camino Real San Vicente, Suspension bridge over the river Caguan, Sandy hop, Salto de San Venancio, Jump Tapir, Duck River Canyon


Places to Visit

Parish of Our Lady of Mercy

It was built by the Consolata missionaries in the mid-twentieth century, by order of Father Juan de Michelis and Father Matthew Gritti. Inside are three sculptures carved in cypress and brought from Italy, corresponding to the Virgen de las Mercedes is the patron saint of San Vicente, the Sacred Heart and Our Lady of Carmen. This church has 8 windows on both sides and a main stained glass window in front. The belfry tower is located outside the temple, on the left side of the building.

Episcopal Curia

Corresponds to the headquarters of the Apostolic Vicariate of San Vicente, Puerto Leguizamo. The building is located on a small hill in the town of San Vicente del Caguan. This is accessed from the rear of the Parish of Our Lady of Mercy. There also lies the station Ecos del Caguan.

Camino Real San Vicente

This is a road with more than 200 km in length through which arrived in San Vicente del Caguan the first settlers coming from the town of Algeciras (Huila). It was also used to transport the machine and the rubber that exploded in the Caqueta in the late nineteenth century. Along this road came to San Vicente del Caguan hundreds of cattle from the plains of Yari or the department of Huila.

Suspension bridge over the river Caguan

Suspension bridge of 120 m span, 3 feet wide and 8 m towers built high in 1973 on the Caguan River. Formerly used for the passage of cattle and from the construction of a concrete railway bridge for heavy traffic, is used as a pedestrian bridge to communicate the neighborhoods of El Jardin and Puerto Redondo.

Sandy hop

A waterfall is formed when Sandy creek rushes over a rock forming a vertical drop of 35 m for a width of 20 meters. In its vicinity is possible to identify large numbers of wild flora. By having access to the top, you can perform activities of canyoning.

Salto de San Venancio

Waterfall 40 meters high in the course of the creek San Venancio. It forms a natural pool and its surroundings are a variety of heliconias, bromeliads, hundreds of birds and some species of primates.

Jump Tapir

System waterfalls formed by the stream La Danta, with a maximum height of 80 m, forming a natural pool at its bottom. Access is through a path in which tour you can see wild mammals and several species of birds and butterflies.

Duck River Canyon

The force of the waters of Duck River forms a canyon more than 3 km in length, encased in a rock formation with an amplitude of only 40 m away. This place is common to find large fish in the order of catfish. In small caves that form in the top drawer live guacharos and other species of wildlife in the area.

Peaks of the Cordillera PNN

The National Park of the Peaks Range is located partially in the municipality of San Vicente del Caguan. It consists of large peaks in the Cordillera Oriental and therein lies the basin of the Duck River where are tropical mountain ecosystems. Its biological diversity is manifested through wildlife species such as tapirs moor, the monkey Choyo, the torrent duck and various types of frogs and snakes.

Quebrada El Pescador

Natural Spa located 47 km from the town of San Vicente del Caguan. Before flowing into the Duck River forms a cave high in the found guacharos, catfish, and a variety of bats and insects.

The Founders Monument

Located at the main entrance to town. This monument was built by the painter and sculptor Ramiro Murillo on behalf of Mayor Eduardo Castillo. It was made in cast concrete rail has a height of 3 m on a 3 m by 80 cm. It comprises three human figures representing the first settlers of San Vicente del Caguan.

Settlers Monument

Sculpture ax-shaped concrete generated in ferro alloy carbide mill, located in Founders Park. It was created by Fabio Sepulveda in 1977 in honor of the first settlers with axes widened space between the trees of the Eastern Cordillera and created large areas of pasture for raising cattle.

Founders Park

The main public space in San Vicente del Caguan. Located in the center of town and has large green areas and a sports hall and a playground for the recreation of the inhabitants of the municipality. On one side stands the Parish of Our Lady of Mercy.

Conveyors Park

This park is made up of four triangles together to form a square, adorned with trees of medium size. It is frequented by street vendors and on its perimeter are installed several companies that provide municipal public transport.

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