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By Plane

The airport is 5 km south of the city centre. Bus "8A" runs between the airport and the bus terminal. The Aerolíneas Argentinas office is located at Caseros 475

By Bus

there are connections to all major cities in Argentina. The bus station is just one block from Parque San Martín, or 8 blocks from the main plaza. A taxi to the main tourist office in Buenos Aires cale (street) will cost 5 pesos. agree on the price before leaving the bus terminal and get the meter docket from the driver

Buenos Aires 19 hours - around 400 pesos (Jul 2011).
Puerto Iguazú 23 hours, 510 pesos (Fleche)
La Quiaca 7 hours - 57 pesos (company: Balut (6 each day) , Flecha and Andesmar 50 pesos per person
Tucuman 4 hours - 30 pesos
Cafayate 4 hours - 50 pesos (Companies: El Indio / Flecha)
Cordoba 13 hours - 188/202 pesos (semi-cama/cama)bought in February.

Key places to visit
Church of Saint Francis, San Bernardo Hill, Museum The Tribune Guillermo Velarde Pajerrito, Tren a las Nubes, Cerro San Bernardo


Places to Visit

Church of Saint Francis

In 1582 Brother Bartholomew de las Casas took possession of the block that Hernando de Lerma had distributed to the Franciscans, when he founded the city on such place.
In 1759, Brother Vicente Munoz began the construction of a new temple, of which the founding stone is inlayed in the first column of the Convent’s cloister that ended up being almost completely destroyed by a fire in 1761. In 1767 the temple was restored to suffer another fire in 1772.
The reconstruction works finalized in 1796, when Brother Vicente Munoz was no longer alive.

San Bernardo Hill

You take the cable car ($20 pesos per person return) which takes you 430 metres up the hill overlooking the city. It is a 15 minute walk or 5 pesos by cab. The view of the city is great but the bonus is the landscaping which has made it a tranquil setting. A vast water feature has been built with many interesting features. A meal or a beer is available at the top at reasonable rates. A good way to fill in a couple of hours when it is clear.

Museum The Tribune Guillermo Velarde Pajerrito

Pueyrredon 106  Wonderfull small house-museum that is a tribute to Velarde (1895-1965), who was a lawyer and banker, but more important a bohemian patron of arts, especially tango, when it was still not accepted by society in Salta. The guide does a great job of presenting the colorful tales. She only speak spanish, but if you do not understand spanish, she will just ask one of the other guest to translate to english. ARS 5.

Tren a las Nubes

Train to the clouds.two times a week with extra services during the high season . Cost US$120 (US$140 high season). Book by phone , online  or a couple of days before at any city excursion office. The trip takes a whole day, leaving Salta at 7:15am and returning between 11.00pm and midnight. The dining car on the train and the bar car are a bit expensive but you are allowed to bring your own food. A breakfast and afternoon snack is included. Coca leaf tea helps prevent altitude sickness and coca leaves are provided by the train staff. There are nurses on board and oxygen for those who suffer ill effects from the altitude. The trip is long and the seats are somewhat cramped for leg space but generally the services and staff are excellent. The experience is fantastic as the scenery is rugged and variable with a feast for the eyes at every turn. The engineering of the track was a masterpiece in its day.

Cerro San Bernardo

Cerro San Bernardo 1458 m hill just east of the city centre. From Parque San Martin, a cable car goes to the summit, offering spectacular views of the city and its surroundings (10 pesos each way, 20 pesos return). Taking 1070 steps up the hill (leaving from the statue of Güemes a little bit north of the cable car station) is another option (about 30 mins).

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