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By Air

The city is served by the Saarbrucken Airport (IATA: SCN, ICAO: EDDR).The airport handled 350,592 passengers in 2007 and 517,920 in 2008.The history of aviation in Saarbrucken, the capital of the German federal state Saarland, began on 17 September 1928 in the district of St. Arnual.Flights operated from Saarbrucken-St. Arnual Airport until 1939.The first plane to use the airport was a Lufthansa flight from Frankfurt stopping en-route for Paris.In 1929 routes to Frankfurt and onto Berlin and Karlsruhe onto Munich, Vienna and Budapest were opened.

By Train

Since December 2007, Saarbrucken main station with the opening of the high-speed line (Frankfurt) Saarbrucken-Paris (LGV Est, planned 320 km / h) full stop in the European high speed network.In addition to the traffic there, the ICE trains to Frankfurt and Paris also operate ICE trains to Dresden via Frankfurt.IC connections to both Frankfurt and Stuttgart and Salzburg.

By Bus

Deny the public transport buses of the Saar GmbH and a light rail train line that Saarbahn.The vehicles of Saarbahn have the tracks on the Deutsche Bahn and go over a ramp on the track to the French Sarreguemines.In addition, some lines of the Saar-Pfalz-Bus GmbH from the inner city to lead into areas surrounding the city.

By Ferry

The lower reaches of the River Saar Konz to Saarbruecken is expanded for the large ships. From Saarbrucken to Sarreguemines the river for small boats (Penischen) navigable. From Sarreguemines connects the Saar Canal (formerly called the Saar coal-Kanal) the Saar with the Marne-Rhine canal.

By Road

In Saarbrucken start following motorways : the east, the A6 (after Waidhaus over Kaiserslautern, Mannheim, Heilbronn and Nuremberg ), in north-east, the A 623 (Shuttle to the A8 direction Pirmasens ) of SB-Dudweiler the junction Friedrichsthal and heading north, the A 1 (according to Oldenburg in Holstein on Trier, Cologne, Dortmund, Münster, Osnabrück, Bremen, Hamburg and Lübeck ).On the A620 after Saarbrucken Saarlouis is also on the A 8 connected to the city Saarlouis and Luxembourg with one another.

Key places to visit
Saarland State Theatre, Theater Uberzwerg, Saarbrucken Adventure museum, Saarland Museum, place of the invisible memorial, Film Festival Max Ophuls Preis, Trofeo Karlsberg, Saarbrucken Zoo


Places to Visit

Saarland State Theatre

shows at the State Theatre at the Old Fire Station and pieces from the fields of music theater, drama, dance and concerts, since the 2006/2007 season in the "Division 4" too cabaret, performances and experimental theater.The State Theater in Saarbrucken from 1937 to 1938 was designed by Paul Baumgarten August Otto built in neoclassical style.Officially, the was the Saarland as a thank you for the vote in 1935, with the Saarland opted for annexation to the German Reich, by the then Nazi government "gift", although a large part had to be funded from the city of Saarbrucken.The building was to serve at the will of the authorities at the border of the German Reich as a "bulwark" against France.As an opera orchestra at the Saarland State Theatre serves the Saarland State Orchestra, the conductor in the course of its history as Siegfried Kohler, Christof Prick, Jiri Kout and Jun Markl presided.With the start of season 2009/10 Toshiyuki Kamioka the post of music director.Opera director since 2006, Berthold Schneider.

Theater Uberzwerg

is the largest professional theater for children and youth in the Saarland, in Rhineland-Palatinate, Luxembourg and Lorraine.As early as 1989, the first dwarf About Youth Club was launched, two more followed. So the theater was about a dwarf of the first German theater, where a drama club for young people has been installed. Approx. 40-50 children and adolescents between 10 and 20 years meet weekly in the theater Überzwerg to learn under professional guidance and to make theater. Through a partnership with the Saarbrucken theater in the quarter (TIV), the show offers Überzwerg since the fall of 2007, also a games club for children between 6 and 10 years.Since 2002, the theater uberzwerg held in conjunction with the City Ottweiler the Children and Youth Theatre Festival "Play Strong", which takes place in September / October.In addition to the performances of professional children's theater and youth theater workshops constitute a substantive focus of the festival.

Saarbrucken Adventure museum

is a former museum of which died in 2004, Heinz Rox-Schulz was founded.The Saarbrucken Adventure Museum, founded by the world traveler, artist, author and filmmaker Heinz Rox-Schulz was an institution in the Saarland state capital. Shrunken heads of Jivaro Indians of the Amazon, hand axes, swords, rhino heads, sculptures, Tibetan skull bowls and all sorts of religious artefacts and curiosities had Rox brought back from his travels, which he in 1950 to Africa , Asia , South America and New Guinea was broken.Among the treasures of the ethnological collection includes about a mummy and the grain life-size figure of a warrior of the Tuareg of the Sahara in full gear. Rox-Schulz was an artist of life. On his journeys he made his way as a gymnast and artist. Later he became a cameraman at the Saarland Radio. The catalog also includes his experiences in his books "The Adventures of Mr. Rox: No money in the world" or "heaven and hell, India." A few days after his 83 Birthday Heinz Rox-Schulz died in March 2004. Until recently he had classes conducted by his museum, to promote respect for other cultures.In October 2004, the museum in the Old Town Hall was closed at the Palace Square, as the city had cut the grants for staff costs. His store stocks since September 2005, packed in boxes in the premises of the city of Saarbrucken. On 10 February 2009 rejected the Saarbrucken city council's proposal, after which should see the museum in two rooms of the former Saarbrucken German gentleman school again to stay, and decided in March 2009 to make an ethnographic collection identify the stocks of the adventure museum to be delivered.

Saarland Museum

is a museum in the Saarland state capital of Saarbrücken, which of the Saarland Cultural Heritage Foundation is supported. It currently has three sites, each with different emphases.Director of the museum is the art historian Ralph Melcher.In May 2011, Melcher was suspended from his post after the prosecution had conducted investigations against him for embezzlement of public funds in the paths.Acting on his successor was in personal union Grewenig Meinrad, director general of the World Heritage Volklingen hut appointed.The old collection are in the circle next to the house stands Saarbrücken castle housed and focuses on artists of the 16th to 19 Century. Among them are nationally known painters such as Abraham Mignon , Joos de Momper , Gillis van Coninxloo or John Bouman, with landscapes and still lifes from the 16th and 17 Century represented. Addition, however, are regional artists such as Johann Christian von Mannlich to see. The collection is organized thematically in various directions in painting. A presentation of silver and porcelain objects , coins , miniatures and furniture add to the collection.The Modern Gallery from February 2011 until mid-2012 probably closed because the building an extension, the fourth pavilion receives. This is highly controversial in the population. In the planning phase, a citizens' initiative has massively protested against the construction for which in their opinion, in addition to architectural aesthetic criticism, one of the few in the center of Saarbrücken green space is sacrificed irreversible. The cultivation keeps the policy in the state capital and throughout the Saarland in breathing, because its costs have increased excessively due to obvious miscalculation have also been reprimanded by the state audit of the Saarland irregularities in the award process.

place of the invisible memorial

was established in 1993 in Saarbrücken inaugurated.The concept of an invisible monument dates back to an initiative of the Arts professor Jochen Gerz and several students in the early 1990s, at first secretly, started in the paving stones of the castle square of the Saarbrücken castle names of former Jewish cemeteries einzumeißeln and these stones then, according to the label below, paste them back into the existing pavement.The idea was subsequently taken up by the city Verbandstag Saarbrücken, in August 1991, the realization of such a memorial decided. A total of 2146 place names of Jewish cemeteries, which had existed until 1933, were in the dark paving stones of the central strip of the castle square milled and sunk in the ground.The monument was on 23 Passed May 1993, the public and has since become recognizable only to the unobtrusive signs attached to the place of the invisible memorial. In this way, the displacement of history are symbolized.

Film Festival Max Ophuls Preis

is an annual film festival in Saarbrücken for young filmmakers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland.It was in 1980 founded by Albrecht Stuby.Then 700 spectators attended the event, since the increased audience numbers and the number of films submitted to rise.The 30th Festival in January 2009, attracting 38 750 visitors.Among experts it is considered one of the most important forums for the German film talent.With the eponymous main prize of the festival, named after a native of Saarbruecken director Max Ophuls, the capital of the directorial work draws on a play or documentary with a length from about 60 minutes.The winner will be determined by the competition jury.2008 the price was € 18,000 (including € 3,000 copies worth) and € 18,000 more rental promotion doped.could be nominated films and documentaries with a length of about 60 minutes.The price is the main sponsor of the festival, the Saarbrücken insurance CosmosDirekt equipped.

Trofeo Karlsberg

is a major international cycling races for juniors.Namesake of the Trofeo, which remains the only race in 2008 as a German one part of the Junior Nations Cup wheel was, is the main sponsor, the Karlsberg Brewery in Homburg.The stage race for 17 to 18-year-old racer is around Saarbrucken, Gersheim, Mandelbachtal, Homburg (Saar) and Blieskastel held.The neighboring France and the Rhineland-Palatinate are included in the route again and again.The organizer ("Friends Trofeo Karlsberg" cycling enthusiasts around the Gersheim Mayor Alexander Rubeck, the former mayor Lothar Kruft, Wolfgang Degott, Holger Frenzel and Bernard waltz - the father of Olympic and world champion Andreas Walzer and many volunteers) is managed since 1988 one of the major junior race to organize the world and perform.

Saarbrucken Zoo

with over 200,000 visitors per year and more than 1,000 animals, the larger of the two Saarland zoos.The Saarbrucken Zoo houses over 1,000 animals of various kinds 160.The focus is on animals of the African plains ( giraffes, zebras, eland, cheetah and crowned cranes ), the African rain forests (such as gorillas, chimpanzees, mandrills, brush hogs, servals and crocodiles ) and the Amazon rain forest ( jaguars, tapir, marmosets, Pacas and anacondas ) and the Andes ( guanacos and rheas ).In addition, the zoo also includes animals from the Southeast Asia-Oceania area, such as gibbons, cynomolgus monkeys, Schlankloris and the Malay-hornbill.It is planned to collect penguins at the zoo.The Zoo education team offers guided tours and projects.Topics include conservation and nutrition of zoo animals.An extraordinary spectacle is the zoo at night - where children can stay in the zoo and see how the animals behave in the night - the holiday program and photo safaris.The Saarbrucken Zoo also offers voice guidance in English and French.Also, the zoo offers the Zoobuch, for further reading, and a coloring book, in French.

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