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Lapin Laani
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By plane

Rovaniemi Airport (RVN or EFRO), located eight kilometers north from the city center, is the largest airport in northern Finland. Most of the flights go south to Helsinki, but it fields a limited number of international flights mostly to North Russian destinations like Murmansk. To get to the city center you have to take a bus or a taxi. Flights from Helsinki, operated by Finnair or Blue1, may be cheaper than corresponding train.

By train

Rovaniemi is the terminus of most trains from the south. The line extends only a little further northeast to Kemijärvi. The journey from Helsinki takes 9–12 hours and is reasonably comfortable in a sleeper. You can also take your car with you. The railway station is located right next to the city centre and is within an easy walking distance - you facing north when you exit the station, and the city center is to your right, to the northeast. Most of the long-distance buses stop here as well.

By bus

Gold Line and Oy Matkahuolto Ab operate daily night buses to Rovaniemi from Helsinki via Helsinki-Vantaa Airport. Coming by bus from the south is relatively cheap but requires about 14 hours of sitting.
The bus station is in the city center and is just a few hundred meters away from the railway station.

Key places to visit
Santa Claus Village, Santapark, Pilke Science Centre, Lutheran church, Art museum, German Soldier Cemetery, Log Train Terminal, Arktikum


Places to Visit

Santa Claus Village

8 km north of Rovaniemi and right on the old computed place of the Arctic Circle (currently computed to be 2km north), is a tourist trap if there ever was one – but few tourists can miss the chance to meet Santa himself. Apart from meeting the man, there are also other attractions like small-scale sledding hills for kids, Santa Claus post office with nice special stamp, souvenir shops etc. The village hosts also several safari companies that organize various activities. During dark times the village has nicely lit ice sculptures. Bus number 8 goes from town to the village.


Within some walking distance from the Santa Claus Village is Santapark. An underground amusement park. Santapark has been under heavy re-decoration recently and should now be much less Disney-style place than before. Ticket price is €20 for adults and €10 for children but considerable place to visit still.

Pilke Science Centre

Ounasjoentie 6 (next to Arktikum), tel. 0205 64 7820. Do you feel attracted by northern forests? If so, your place to visit is Pilke. The exhibition tells about sustainable use of northern forests and about the forests' diverse yields,products and commodities. Admission €7 for adults, €5 children (7-15yrs) or €5 for students, re-entry at same day free of charge, open Mon-Fri 9AM-6 PM, Sat-Sun 10AM-6 PM. Lockers available.

Lutheran church

Lutheran church is build 1950 and it's located close to administrative center. Church is famous for it's considerable large fresco "Spring of the Life" by professor Lennart Segerstråle. Interestingly the fresco uses elements of Lapland in Biblical context (for example there are no lambs but reindeers). There is nice park by the pool Kirkkolampi right next to the church. A small orthodox church is on the other side of Kemijoki river (address: Ounasvaarantie 16).

Art museum

Art museum is located not very far from the shopping centre. It's collection consists mostly of modern Finnish art. Ticket price is €4/adult, €2 for students and free for people under 18 years old. Museum is closed on Mondays and has free entry on Saturdays.

German Soldier Cemetery

German Soldier Cemetery is in Norvajärvi (19 km northeast from Rovaniemi). Constructed of large stone blocks and located virtually in the middle of nowhere it might be of interest to some. During autumn one can eat berries on the way.

Log Train Terminal

Log Train Terminal about a kilometer west from the train station. Might be worth of seeing during dark times, as the cranes that lift the logs have lights on their arms. Climb to the opposite hill and sit on the fence for a nice view.


One of the best museums and science centers in Finland, focusing on life in Lapland and arctic region through the ages. Admission €12 for adults, €8 or €7 for students, re-entry at same day free of charge, open 10AM-5 PM daily (but closed Monday in winter). Lockers available. Cold in winter time.

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