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Rivne Oblast
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By Air

Rivne International Airport (IATA: RWN, ICAO: UKLR) is an airport in Rivne, Ukraine.At a distance of 8 km from the center of Rivne, practically within the city is an international airport Exactly.Near the airport are highways, allowing for a few minutes to get to the train station, bus station and city center.Management Airport pays special attention to creating favorable conditions for business people, small tour groups, business flights, postal traffic.This it seeks to contribute to the economy of the city and state as a whole.Airport covers an area of 170 hectares.It has a runway length of 2626 m and a width of 42 m.Airport is open from 8.00 to 20.00.At the request of airlines - round the clock.

By Train

Large railway junctions of the cities are Zdolbuniv, Sarna and Kovel the regional center serve the railway lines crossing the region in the meridional and latitudinal directions.The operational length of railways of general use is 587 km.

By Bus

There are daily buses from Polish cities: Warsaw, Przemysl, Lublin, Wroclaw.It is possible also to get there by bus from other European cities.From Przemysl there are 2 types of buses that regularly travel to Lviv.The first is the PKS (Polish Coach Buses) and the second is private buses.The private buses are found just outside of the train station on the opposite side from the main bus station.They head to the border when they are full, which can take a while at night and travel to the border is about 15 minutes (about 10km of rough road).The price is from 2-3 PLN (November 2011).The mini-bus drops you off at the foot way to the pedestrian crossing Medyka-Shehyni.On the Ukraine side private buses can be taken to Lviv; these take from 2 to 3 hours, and can be found at the bus station around 300 meters up the main road, past all the shops on the first major road to your left.

Key places to visit
Taras Shevchenko Park, Rivne Zoo, Rivne Regional Academic Drama Theatre, Rivne Academic Puppet Theater, Rivne Regional Museum, Rivne State Regional Library


Places to Visit

Taras Shevchenko Park

Rivne amusement park Shevchenko a monument of landscape art of national importance situated in the heart of the city of Rivne.It was founded in the late XVIII century.To date age of individual trees up to 150-200 years.Here there are 160 species of trees and shrubs.In the early 1950s.Park has expanded its territory in 1977-1984 biennium.carried out reconstruction of the park bringing it filled with new species.He was created a cascade of pools with fountains, surrounded by willows.In total the park has about 5,540 trees and 14,200 shrubs, spring 2000, the planted 670 trees (spruce, pine, Tui, birch, linden, maples and 50 shrubs.Currently the Taras Shevchenko Park occupies 32 hectares and has 5 zones of quiet rest, leisure, entertainment facilities, sports and children's sector.

Rivne Zoo

is a Zoological Park of national importance in the city of Rivne.Rivne Zoo one of the youngest in Ukraine.He began to be established in 1982 year.Since then the recreation of people built up almost daily.Today its territory reaches 13.5 hectares, where 150 species of animals (about 500 copies).In the zoo on display 24 species of animals listed in the International Red Book and Red Book of Ukraine.Rivne Ukraine's only zoo where you can see polar wolf, which was brought from the Czech Republic.Zoo works closely with other zoos in Ukraine including Lutsk, Mykolaiv and Odessa.

Rivne Regional Academic Drama Theatre

is a Regional Academic Drama Theatre in the city of Rivne home theater scene.Rivne Regional Academic Ukrainian Drama Theater is located in the center of the city of Rivne in specially built premises at:Theatre Square 1, Rivne, 33028 Ukraine.Home theater can accommodate 639 spectators, including ground 170 seats in the amphitheater-204 places belyetazhi-80 seats.In the theater has always had a scene that in its light and sound equipment, audiences of 100 seats, is one of the best in Ukraine. At one time there was a Republican, the first review of performances of small scenes.For the first time in the history of the Ukrainian theater in inpatient facility started to operate in the open air theater-a theater design construction of Rivne allowed to use the inner courtyard theater, which is rectangular in shape.It was built theater scene with sound and light equipment and Auditorium hall with 256 seats.In 2009, in connection with the reconstruction of the Theatre Square building an underground shopping center, the square arrangement, restoration repair work in several buildings surrounding the square, particularly in the former hotel "Ukraine" theater for some time ceased operations because of the threat of damage premises.

Rivne Academic Puppet Theater

is located in the center of the city of Rivne in specially built premises at: street S. Petliura, 15, Rivne, 33028 (Ukraine).The history of puppetry in Rivne originated established in the 1st half of 1970 a team of actors-puppeteers at Regional Philharmonic under the direction of Tatiana Kurowski, which included Irina Burka, Alexander Skydan, John Protsyuk.They belonged to the first actors of the theater.The main producer was Andrew Semenenko, Director - James Vakulinskyy, Principal Designer - Vitaliy Melnychuk.These were actually pioneers puppet case in Rivne region, which for decades in the future faithfully gave their talent and fellow guests edge.Officially marked the beginning of the establishment decision number 474 of the Rivne Oblast Executive Committee on 16 October 1975 on the establishment in the State Puppet Theater.Since September 1997 , the team headed by a graduate of the Kyiv Institute of Theatrical Arts.Karpenko-Kary Vladimir Danyliuk.Art Council of the theater, which he heads, was the acting body of the internal life of staff.And from 2003, the chief artist of the theater is Nina Olkhovyk.In late 2007, the Rivne Puppet Theater for services in rozytku puppet affairs in the country and received the title of "Academic" and the modern name Rivne Academic Puppet Theater.

Rivne Regional Museum

is a Historical Museum in the city of Rivne, scientific, educational and cultural center of the city and the region the main collection of materials and items of material and spiritual culture of Rivne.Rivne regional museum located in a lovely places near downtown Rivne in adapted historic two-storey building, which is a monument of architecture, at: str. Drahomanov house. 19, Rivne, 33028, Ukraine.The house museum, built in 1834 - 39 years mistylas Rivne male high school, whose history is connected with the names of Nicholas Kostomarov, Panteleimon Kulish, Vladimir Korolenko, Neil Hasevycha.Muzeynytstvo Rivne begins with the establishment in 1896 , in the town of Gorodok (3 km from the city) Baron F. Shteynhel first ethnographic museum of Volyn.In 1975 he took a significant event in the history of the museum and the city - the institution was transferred to the premises of the former school, where his time studying V. Korolenko , and worked M. Kostomarov and P. Kulish . Thus, a new exhibition of Rivne regional museum was opened in 1978 year. The authors project decoration of the museum were artists and F. W. Gvozdinsky Bobrik, clearance made Rovenskie artistic production workshops of the Art Fund of Ukraine.In 1993 - 95 years of archaeological expedition led by archaeologist Lviv S. Terek investigated chronicle Peresopnytsia.From February 2005 , the Rivne Regional Museum is headed Bulyga OS.

Rivne State Regional Library

the main library of the region, the depositary sightseeing resources, cultural, scientific, methodological and educational center.Located downtown in the area Korolenko, 6. State Regional Library was founded in February 1940.Book fund (30 thousand copies) Consisted of books confiscated private libraries, libraries of princes Lubomirski, City Museum, the Polish school, teacher of Polish libraries, county department of youth educational libraries, police library.In 1981 the library received a new four-room area of 5 thousand m2.New facilities provided opportunities for the introduction of a modern structure of services to readers: the department of foreign literature, local history department of literature and bibliography, editorial and publishing department, sector statistics and control information from the table.At different times received from the library of 18 to 25 thousand titles each year.

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