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Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro
Rio de Janeiro
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By Air

There are two major airports in Rio: Santos Dumont, which caters for domestic flights, and Galeao, which services international flights. From both airports, it is possible to take a bus or a taxi to your hotel. You will find many flights from all continents arriving in Rio.

By Rail

Rail services to Rio are extremely limited and it is not recommended that you rely on trains for journeys to and from Rio. Trains that do run are often slower than buses, with most services for cargo only. There are two rail terminals in the city: Estação Dom Pedro II at Central do Brasil, Praça Cristiano Ottoni and Estação Barão de Mauá at Leopoldina, Avenida Francisco Bicalho.

By Bus

Rio's main bus station is called Novo Rio Rodoviaria and this is where all buses arriving in Rio deliver their passengers. From here, public transport taxis are available to take you to your hotel. Buses run to Rio from all major cities throughout the country. It is advisable to book a ticket in advance to ensure a seat. These can be booked at any travel agent.

By Car

If you are arriving from Salvador or São Paulo, highway BR-116 will lead you to Rio. The coastal highway is the BR-101, which runs from Natal through Salvador and Copacabana. This is a very scenic route, but not as fast as the BR-116 inland route. To arrive in Rio from Brasilia, you need to take the BR-040. The journey from São Paulo takes 6 hours; from Brasilia it takes 20 hours; and from Salvador it can take up to 28 hours.

Key places to visit
Sugarloaf, Botanical Gardens (Jardim Botnico), Maracan, Museums, Copacabana and Ipanema


Places to Visit


This mountain offers spectacular views over the whole of Rio de Janeiro. Its most striking feature is an eerie green peak that juts out over the city. It is possible to climb the mountain, but there are cable cars on offer for the less adventurous. Many people reach the top just in time for the beautiful sunsets that are well worth watching from such a prime spot.

Botanical Gardens (Jardim Botnico)

This botanical garden is one of Rio’s most stunning natural attractions. The 340-acre garden contains over 5,000 species of plants and trees, which include over 900 types of palms. The garden is perfect for an afternoon stroll, especially when it is really hot, as the temperature is generally cooler here than it is on the city’s streets.


This is Brazil’s ‘temple’ of football and home to one of the best football teams in the world. It can accommodate up to 100,000 spectators at a time and if you manage to be one of the thousands watching a game here, it will undoubtedly be an unforgettable experience.


Rio de Janeiro has many museums that will satisfy all interests including: The Museum of Modern Art (Museu de Arte Moderna) and the National Museum of Fine Arts (Museu Nacional de Belas Artes) for art lovers and the Museum of Native Arts (Museu Internacional de Arte Naif), which is a colonial mansion and home to the world’s largest collection of paintings dating back to the 15th century.  For lovers of all things military, there are two military museums - the Fortaleza Santa Cruz and Copacabana Fort (Forte de Copacabana) - each displaying information and artefacts from all of Rio’s conflicts. For history buffs, The National History Museum (Museu Histórico Nacional) offers displays of creation throughout the ages. The National Museum (Museu Nacional) exhibits some stunning relics from Brazil’s past including coins, cannons, religious art and documents. Finally, for lovers of theatre, the Carmen Miranda Museum (Museu Carmen Miranda) offers an insight into the life of this 1940s Hollywood star. There are displays of her costumes, shoes, movie memorabilia and information about her life.

Copacabana and Ipanema

These are both world-famous beaches that stretch for miles. They have golden sand and crystal clear water and a truly idyllic location. The locals spend hours playing football on the beach, which is great fun to watch, or if you fancy it, you can play with them. The locals always welcome tourists who join in.

Right Time to Visit

December - March
September - October