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By Air

Airports nearest to Riehen are sorted by the distance to the airport from the city centre.

Ahlhorn Airport (distanced approximately 3.8 km)
Varrelbusch Airport (distanced approximately 9.1 km)
Oldenburg Hatten Airport (distanced approximately 23 km)
Diepholz Airport (distanced approximately 35 km)
Damme Airport (distanced approximately 39 km)

By Train

Riehen is located on the meadow valley railway, the line S6 of Regio S-Bahn Basel.In the years 2004 to 2008 the railway was Wiesental expanded.Riehen in the station itself was renovated and made up the new station "low wood" in the south of the settlement area.New rolling stock (the FLIRT) is supported by the SBB GmbH used in December 2006, the S-Bahn line to the railway station Basel SBB extended.

By Bus

Riehen belongs to the city of Basel to the zone 10 of the Tariff Association of Northwestern Switzerland.Riehen has an extensive bus network, which is traveled by large articulated buses and small buses quarters.With the tram line 6 of the Basel Transport Authority Riehen with the city of Basel is connected.In the evening run from each of 20 clock Ruftaxis Riehen village, replacing the small bus.You may also be called for the ride home from the tram station "village Riehen".Between 1948 and 2008 the church was also through the line 31 of the former Basel trolleybus operated.

Key places to visit
Fondation Beyeler, Toy Museum, Art Space Riehen, Riehen Village Church, Kornfeld Church, Deaconess House, Sarasin park


Places to Visit

Fondation Beyeler

The Basel gallery couple Hildy and Ernst Beyeler founded for their art collection, the Fondation Beyeler in 1997 and made permanently available to the public in one of the architects Renzo Piano -designed museum in Riehen.Besides the art works from the holdings of the Beyeler - mainly works of classic modernism and Oceanic art - there are also regular major exhibitions.Thus for example the artist couple Christo and Jeanne-Claude wrapped 200 trees in 1998 almost before the building on his typical way.

Toy Museum

In the 17th Wettstein-century old house is the Toy Museum, Village and viniculture.It houses a collection of European toys of all kinds but especially wooden toys, dolls houses and kitchens, metal toys, lead and tin figures, toy theater and railroads.

Art Space Riehen

The art room Riehen in the former country estate "Berowergut" exhibition is the municipal building in the village of Riehen and its Art Commission.The art space in Riehen taking place since 1998 are the presentations of contemporary art works dedicated to the region.

Riehen Village Church

is a Reformed church in the Swiss community Riehen in the canton of Basel-Stadt.It lies on the road and Basel marks the historic village of Riehen.Viewed from the road from Basel behind the church is the "Grange" a half-timbered building which today is used as a church community center.Also in the 12th Than one century fortified tower house built in part of the castle church, the oldest of its kind in Europe.The village church and the Grange are listed buildings.The church is the church of the community circle Riehen village - with its own pastor and working groups - in the four municipal districts comprehensive parish Riehen-Bettingen dealing with the field of two Basel communities Riehen and Bettingen covers.

Kornfeld Church

The Reformed Church Kornfeld 1959-1964 was designed by architect Werner Max Moser from the architectural firm Haefeli Moser Steiger built in Zurich (one of the most important architects of his time in Switzerland).The plans were from the end of December 1958 by the architect Werner Max Moser with the assistance of his collaborator Andre M.Studer from the architectural firm Haefeli Moser Steiger in Zurich (one of the then most significant architectural offices in Switzerland) drafted and revised several times, the execution took place from the 4th April 1962, the inauguration took place on 13 September 1964.

Deaconess House

The Riehen Deaconess House with hospital in 1852 at the initiative of Christian Friedrich Spittler, modeled on the Deaconess Motherhouse Kaiserswerth in an already out of the Middle Ages coming and has been decorated several times rebuilt and expanded and redeveloped original coopers and wine merchant house.Since 1972, the hospital is run by the community Riehen, since 2010, but closed due to high costs and the hospital set up a health center.The sisters of Riehen are now an evangelical community that dealing with the laws of the Catholic Benedictine order oriented.

Sarasin park

is a park in the style of an English landscape park in the middle of the 19th Century, with approximately 1,200 m2 in Riehen, Canton Basel-Stadt in Switzerland.It lies north of the old village center directly across from the Fondation Beyeler.Originally, the area used for agriculture and contributed some farmers and Rebhauser.Their successors have partly preserved economy and coach house of the land taken up seats.The resulting 1766 unites Sarasin park the site of three baroque estates of the family-Werthemann Staehelin, Le Grand and Elbs-Birr.The entryway to the main house have been uncovered by the Heritage ceiling paintings which were hidden under the later Baroque stucco ceiling.The building is Riehen since 1976 in the possession of the inhabitants of the community was renovated and now serves as a public music school.

Right Time to Visit

November - March