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Ribeirao Preto

Sao Paulo
Ribeirao Preto
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By Air

Dr. Leite Lopes Airport offers support and infrastructure compatible with airports of major centers.It operates full time and has an average of more than 30,000 flights and more than 473,000 passengers per year.

By Train

Currently the railway, which was very important for the city in the past, is to transport disabled passengers, but for the active transport of loads, with the carrier to the Central Atlantic Railway (FCA). There are some projects that aim to turn this system in the municipality for the transportation of passengers.

By Bus

The Ribeirao Preto's public transportation system is operated by three companies and about 300 buses that attend 113 lines and routes.There are 30 routes operated by small-sized buses.These routes connects distant districts to the main stations and are free of charge.An electronic card is required to use public transportation.The card works as a pre-paid fare system, and the fares are debited directly from the electronic card.These electronic cards are issued by the transportation department, which is called Transerp.

By Road

Ribeirao Preto is one of the three metropolitan regions of the state of Sao Paulo with a complete, highway beltway (city ring).The main highways served are: SP-255 - Antonio Machado Sant Anna Highway to Araraquara / Sao Carlos, SP-291 - Mario Donega Highway to Dumont / Pradopolis, SP-322 - Attilio Balbo and Armando Salles de Oliveira Highways to Sertaozinho and SP-328 - Alexandre Balbo Highway to North Beltway.

Key places to visit
Technology Park of Ribeirao Preto, Choperia Penguin, National Book Fair in Ribeirao Preto, Agrishow Fair


Places to Visit

Technology Park of Ribeirao Preto

aims to boost scientific and technological development in the region, attracting companies to invest in research and development (R & D) of innovative products and processes, focused on the areas of health and biotechnology, and prioritize sustainable development.The vocation of the park was based on three pillars: Education and Research Institutions - including the training of human resources, provision of technology services and computer skills,  the business demands and technological gaps in the region of Ribeirao Preto and Brazil and technological trends, national and international sector of Health and Biotechnology.Is an ongoing project to establish a center aimed at small companies in the field hospital.

Choperia Penguin

is one of the most famous and traditional beer gardens of Brazil.Since its inauguration serves beer brand Antarctica (the AmBev ), while maintaining the same standard and quality.It is located in the city of Ribeirao Preto, state of Sao Paulo, in a landmark center.Major tourist attraction, is reputed to serve the "best beer in Brazil" and is heavily frequented by tourists and famous artists.Inaugurated on 10 November of 1936 by Nicholas Miranda, the famous beer house is installed in the building Diederichsen and also in the Quarter Paulista, where he initially ran the Penguin Snooker.It also has other branches in cidade.Ha a legend that tries to explain the bar's reputation for excellence.According to the ancient inhabitants ribeiraopretanos the quality of beer is due to the proximity of the Penguin with the old factory in the city of Antarctica, according to legend the beer was transported immediately after its production to the taproom through an underground pipeline, called "chopeduto".Celini Albano, bought the beer hall in 1965.Since then started to show more than two thousand people every day, consuming more than two thousand gallons of beer, served in a tulip glass freezing process in the canteen through more than 800 meters coil up to the pump outlet.

National Book Fair in Ribeirao Preto

is the second largest book fair to open in Brazil.The Fair is held by the Foundation Book Fair, along with the city government and has the support of the national public and private sector.The entire event is free.In 2009, the Fair has reached its ninth. edition and featured more than 100 national and foreign writers, some 60 musical performances, and various cultural activities for all ages.From the Book Fair 2011 in Ribeirao Preto aims to exceed the expectations defined in the realization of one of the biggest cultural events in Brazil.Organized by the Foundation Book Fair, with support of the City, the event will have ample infrastructure, occupying the squares Carlos Gomes, XV and Esplanade November Pedro II Theatre also extending to the Ecological Park Maurilio Biagi and Kaiser Film Studios.

Agrishow Fair

is a Fair Technology International Agricultural Action performed at the Experimental Farm, called Pole Regional Agribusiness Technological Development Center East / IAC Cana Center in Ribeirao Preto, in Sao Paulo state.It is considered the second largest fair in the world and most of Latin America . The first edition took place on 4 May 1994.The idea of ​​creating a dynamic fair began to be formally addressed at a meeting held on May 22, 1993.This success was achieved by Agrishow utility that represents for them because it gather today all major releases of machinery, implements, seeds, pesticides, fertilizers and finally all the technologies that are being made available to the farmer and the Brazilian rancher.The meeting held on September 14, 1993, Experimental Station can then be regarded as the start date for the implementation of the fair in Ribeirao Preto."The great achievement of Agrishow was to promote the first big meeting of all the productive chain of agribusiness in Brazil . This allowed a closer approach of all involved areas, and a greater understanding of the problems of each area and the search for common solutions, "said the former president of Abimaq Delben Luiz Carlos Leite. "From that point, a number of other steps have been achieved. Agrishow today is a complete success, which can be determined by the growth of the public each year. We started with 17 000 people in 1994 reached 140 000 in 2008.

Right Time to Visit

April - August