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By Air

Randers Airfield ( ICAO airport code EKRD) is a municipally owned airfield located near the village of Borup, 4.6 km.north of Randers city center.Square, which was first commissioned in 1967, has a 900 m long and 23 m wide asphalt runway 07-25.This is the second largest airfield in eastern Jutland.The site is primarily used for private flying and flight training in small private plane, but also for small and medium commercial transports and taxi trips as space is home to Randers Flying Club.Randers Airfield is also used as an interface to other airports including Copenhagen and Aarhus.

By Road

Nordjyske Highway going west of Randers and exits to multiple gateways.Roads are all in favor of Randers only ring road that surrounds the center.Ring road called the Center Ring.The city council wants to make the city center within the Center Ring more peaceful.In this regard, it is inter alia proposed to close the roads to prevent passage and close down parking spaces.

Key places to visit
Clausholm Castle, Randers Tropical Zoo, Randers Museum of Art, Randers Museum of Cultural History, Graceland, Thor Museum


Places to Visit

Clausholm Castle

is a Danish castle, located approx. 12 km.southeast of Randers in Voldum Parish in Favrskov Municipality.There are traces of Clausholm back from 1100-century, but the present castle was built by Chancellor Count Conrad Reventlow in the 1690s with Ernst Brandenburg as a builder.This is also known for Frederiksberg Palace.The Swedish architect Nicodemus Tessin dy was also involved.It was mostly Conrad Reventlow's daughter Anna Sophie Reventlow, who made the place famous.She was in fact abducted by a love of King Frederik 4 He married her, only the left hand but after Queen Louise of Mecklenburg's death in 1721, he made her queen.When the king in 1730 died, Anne Sophie banished to his old home Clausholm Castle, where she spent her enketid in the company of his court.

Randers Tropical Zoo

is a Danish indoor zoo in Randers, Denmark.It is located in three big domes with the biomes of Africa, Asia and South America.The domes contain animals from the biomes and most of the animal live free in the domes.In addition there are many reptiles, a snakeyard with free harmless snakes, and a saltwater aquarium with tropical fish.The zoo started with two domes (Africa and Asia); the third being built later.The climate inside the domes is controlled by computers, because the length of daylight hours varies much more in Denmark than in tropical latitudes.

Randers Museum of Art

The Museum of Danish Art (founded 1891) offers one of the broadest collections of Danish art from ca.1800 to the present.The museum has since 1969 been housed in the Culture in the center of Randers.The museum's collection of Danish and foreign art from the 1800 figure and 1900-the figure consists of approx.4,000 individual works.The museum has the largest collection of works by bysbornene Sven Dalsgaard and Per Neble.Randers Museum of Art also offers a lot of foreign art from the second half of the 1900s to today, and there exhibited significant recent works by artists such as Asger Jorn, Kurt Trampedach and Per Kirkeby.The museum has an exhibition area of 1,500 square meters.

Randers Museum of Cultural History

Randers Museum of Cultural History (founded 1872) is a Danish museum, documenting Randers Area's history from ancient times to today.The museum is housed in the Culture House in the center of Randers.The museum also operates the Local History Archives and Crafts Museum Kejsergaarden.The museum is now part of the Museum of East Jutland.


Graceland is a copy of the Graceland in USA.The Danish copy is located in Randers and was built by Henrik Knudsen.Henrik Knudsen, chairman of the Danish Elvis Presley fan club The Official Elvis Presley Fan Club of Denmark.Graceland is operated as a restaurant, banquet room, souvenir shop and Elvis museum.In 2006, Henrik Knudsen was named Graceland registered trademark and the 16th april 2011 site opened to the public.Total runs throughout the building up for 26 million dollars.

Thor Museum

Thor was a Danish brewery located in Randers.It was founded in 1850 by Johan Peter Lindahl (Swede).One of the first names were "Synnestvedts Bavarian Olbryggeri" while the name Thor first arrived in 1873.In March 1897, the first Thor lager produced.Among the most famous beer brands from the brewery's Thor Pilsner, Blue Thor (launched and got gold medal in 1964 at the great beer competition in Brussels), Buur-Beer & X-mas.In 1976 the brewery was part of the Royal Breweries.The brewery was closed in 2003, and the beer Thor was then brewed at Ceres in Aarhus.Today, production has been moved to Faxe on Sealand.Thor is now part of Royal Unibrew A/S.

Right Time to Visit

February - May