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Ramnicu Valcea

Judetul Vilcea
Ramnicu Valcea
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Nearest airports to Satu Mare are sorted by the distance to the airport from the city centre.
   Satu Mare Airport (distanced approximately 11 km)
   Baia Mare Airport (distanced approximately 47 km)
   Debrecen Airport (distanced approximately 100 km)
   Oradea Airport (distanced approximately 110 km)
   Cluj Napoca Airport (distanced approximately 130 km)

Key places to visit
Tower Fire in Satu Mare, Diocese of Satu Mare, Statue Lupa Capitolina in Satu Mare, Reformed Church in Satu-Mare chain


Places to Visit

Tower Fire in Satu Mare

Fire Tower has a total height of 47 m and a height of 34 m smooth, was built in 1904 on the initiative of Bishop Gyula Meszlényi, being designed by Ferencz Dittler and built by Lajos Vajnay. Due to height, the tower gave an overview of the city being used for this purpose to prevent fires and protect against them. Today, the tower is a tourist attraction being visited daily high of that. 50 visitors

Diocese of Satu Mare

Diocese of Satu Mare is one of six Roman Catholic dioceses in Romania, located in the city of Satu Mare. Out of 2003 primate of the diocese is Bishop Eugen Schönberger. Diocese of Satu Mare and in 2004 celebrated its 200 anniversary. Diocese of Satu Mare, Satu Mare resident, was founded by Francis I of Austria and Apostolic King of Hungary on March 23, 1804, and Pope Pius VII enshrined a recognition by bubble on August 9 that year. Territory of the diocese then covered five counties: County Satmar, Ugocea, Maramures, Ung and Bereg, and some common Szabolcs County. Over time Satmar diocese went through a series of changes both outside and inside order.

Statue Lupa Capitolina in Satu Mare

Lupoaicei Statue of Satu Mare is a statue depicting the legendary founders of Rome, brothers Romulus and Remus, suckled by a wolf. Statue playing legendary founding of Rome, that the brothers who founded the city were cared for by a wolf.Statue Square is now located Basil Lucaciu of Satu Mare. In the period before 1989 was moved to Liberty Square, the center, where he is now a statue of Basil Lucaciu.

Reformed Church in Satu-Mare chain

Reformed Church in Satu-Mare chains, high sec. XVIII is a city of monuments representative of Satu-Mare, are included on historical monuments in Satu Mare, MS-II code-mA-05244.

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