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Buenos Aires
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By Train

Don Bosco is a railway station in the town of the same name Quilmes, Buenos Aires, Argentina.It is intermediate station metropolitan diesel service stations La Plata and Forests.second railway station is Bernal is a railway station in the town of the same name Quilmes, Buenos Aires, Argentina.It is intermediate station metropolitan diesel service stations La Plata and Forests.

By Bus

The party is connected to both the City of Buenos Aires as the city of La Plata by the Highway Buenos Aires - La Plata and the Ferrocarril General Roca Branch La Plata via Quilmes.Quilmes also is also home terminal or several bus lines in Greater Buenos Aires.

By Road

The party is connected to both the City of Buenos Aires as the city of La Plata by the Highway Buenos Aires - La Plata and the Ferrocarril General Roca Branch La Plata via Quilmes.

Key places to visit
Quilmes Catheral, San Martin Park, Pedestrian Rivadavia, Brewer Park, The fortress of Quilmes, Dona rosa art house, National Ranking Date Kite


Places to Visit

Quilmes Catheral

On the need to improve the Parish of Quilmes, founded in 1806, began building a new church, whose cornerstone was laid in 1835 and whose works were completed in 1847.On the street at 300 Rivadavia temple was built with adobe bricks and roof half boiled water.He had three altars and three glass doors and nine windows lighting the interior.On one of the exterior walls were two pillars on which the two bells.1863 work began to expand the church and the December 8, 1865 the first Mass was celebrated in the church renewed, although solemnly inaugurated a year later.Since then, the parish church had its front to the Plaza San Martin.In those same years, in 1864, for unknown reasons, again the name was changed Parish and has since called it "the Immaculate Conception Parish of Quilmes."It is true that, according to testimony gathered by historians, the Immaculate Conception had been taken by the town of Quilmes patron long before, perhaps even from the very beginning of the taper.For this reason, the celebration of December 8 became undoubtedly the most important event of the nascent company Quilmes.

San Martin Park

It is located opposite the Cathedral and School No. 1, surrounded by the Rivadavia streets, Alsina, Mitre and Sarmiento.the foreground of Quilmes was drawn in 1818 by the surveyor Francisco Measure and included the four squares in the center of town.The first name of the Plaza San Martin was "Plaza Mayor", as traditionally baptized Spanish towns that housed the main public buildings. Throughout history the square was also the following names: May 25, Constitution and Carlos Pellegrini.Opposite the church a plaque recalls that in that place June 10, 1810, the population of the small reduction swore allegiance to the First Nation Board.Towards the center of the square is the mast at the base was placed a plaque in honor of the population of San Francisco Solano in the third century Quilmes (1966), and the monument to General Jose de San Martin, by the sculptor Antonio Sassone who was inaugurated on October 24, 1965.In his place was from 1870, a fountain part of whose central element is currently in the Valley Plaza Aristobulus.

Pedestrian Rivadavia

It is the main open air shopping center in Quilmes, the largest in the south of Buenos Aires.On the pedestrian walk thousands of people every day not only Quilmes but also neighboring towns.The commercial offer their stables offering is so broad and varied that meets all the needs of its loyal following.Originally Municipal Street and from the beginning had a business profile as its location, connected to the train station to the main square of Quilmes was always the busiest artery of the municipality.In 1947 he founded the Association of Friends which has since been concerned to modernize and provide greater comfort to Rivadavia street.was declared a "pedestrian" in 1977 but during the 60s was cut traffic during the weekends due to the large influx of people receiving.Currently the Paseo Rivadavia has been completely renovated and pedestrianized, removing old sidewalks cords and including new lights, benches and planters that blend together.

Brewer Park

Located on the Triumvirate and Andrew Street on the West Side Rail and allows for an attractive walk outdoors in an area very carefully.There is a restaurant that offers, among other possibilities, exquisite fresh draft beer.The aspirations of the founders of "Quilmes Brewery and" to provide decent conditions for their workers, were present from the beginnings of industrial activity.In its request for land to the Municipality, Otto Bemberg, had expected a considerable amount of land next to the factory for a recreational park. His idea took shape in 1922 with the opening of the "Park of the Brewery," a sports and recreation area of ​​87,000 m2 with gardens and sports facilities.The facilities included soccer, tennis, basketball, paddle ball, swimming pools, bocce courts and a gym with all kinds of apparatus for games and entertainment for children.Within the park is the "cottage of Bemberg," so named for being one of the favorite places of the founders for their lunches and meetings with families and friends.Otto Bemberg was passionate about trees and today in the park, curious specimens can be seen as the bald cypress and swamp oak originating from Florida, USA., Ginger Syria, the red oak, cork, Spruce Pine, Eucalyptus and Acacia medicine in Australia, and other lesser known varieties inside our country.

The fortress of Quilmes

It was founded on August 9 by a group of people with the primary objective of maintaining and spreading the tradition of the rodeo, bull ring, the Duck (national sport), the rhea boleada, parades and conferences.It also has a large dance troupe performing folk dances.Located in Italy and Videla Street offers folk dance teaching, practice Pato, rodeo, rope and silver, among others. In addition, you can tour its facilities Gaucho Museum and Library.

Dona rosa art house

In 1998 Lilian Gustavo and intense art, and thus was born the idea of creating a cultural center. Restored a typical sausage over 100 years old and the November 5, 1999 the Hall opened with a thematic painting.Since then went on to become one of the most important cultural centers in the area, including up to a theater hall opened in 2001, along with a huge mural of 30 meters long and seven high, reflecting the city of Quilmes with their places typical: the banks, the cathedral, the pedestrian Rivadavia, Centenario Stadium, etc.

National Ranking Date Kite

The event was held at the Coast Quilmes, and competitive series organized by three categories: Amateur, Intermediate and Pro.Some 2500 people, including participants, neighbors and friends, enjoyed the show on the banks of Quilmes.This is an aquatic activity, which uses a small table that is conducted by pulling a kite driven by the wind. Due to the variety of styles, may develop different forms, inspired by predecessors from windsurfing and paragliding, to wakeboarding.Argentina Kite Association (AAK) was founded in 2001 by a group of riders from the north of the Rio de la Plata. It is a nonprofit institution that aims to spread the sport and skills development to internationally represent the skills of Argentine athletes, encompassing schools, events and tournaments throughout the country.

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January - July
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