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Povazska Bystrica

Povazska Bystrica
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Airports nearest to Povazska Bystrica are sorted by the distance to the airport from the city centre.

Zilina Airport (distanced approximately 17 km)
Prievidza Airport (distanced approximately 40 km)
Zlin Holesov Airport (distanced approximately 58 km)
Holesov Airport (distanced approximately 68 km)
Otrokovice Airport (distanced approximately 68 km)

Key places to visit
Povazsky hrad, Chapel of Saint Helena, Church of the Visitation of the Virgin Mary, Orlove manor house, Kostol Svateho Ladislava, Maninska Gorge


Places to Visit

Povazsky hrad

is a ruin of medieval castle on the right side of the river Vah, near Povazska Bystrica in Slovakia.It is thought to be the essential part of silhouette of Povazie and Upper Vah region especially.It is built on a cliff 497 meters above sea level.It was one of the most important castles guarding the valley of the river Vah.At the peak of its fame it was home of around 400 people.It is famously known as an "eagles nest" of the important noble family of Podmanitzky.Underneath the castle two important routes in Slovakia meet.It is the motorway D1 and barnch A of fifth corridor of Pan-European railway corridor.An organisation called "Zdruzenie na zachranu Povazskeho hradu" was established in 2008 to protect the county's heritage from being destroyed.

Chapel of Saint Helena

Chapel of Saint Helena was built in 1728 by count Peter Szaparay on the hill above the town is surrounded by lindens of which one is more than 250 years old.The chapel was robbed and became a ruin until it was renewed in 1990s.

Church of the Visitation of the Virgin Mary

is the main church in the town, situated in the heart of the town gives the crossection between 14th century architecture and the architecture of the first half of the 20th century in Slovakia.It was built by Jan Podmanitzky, the owner of the castle in gothic style.Among the years 1913-1914 the tower of the church was covered with baroque "onion like" construction.From the original buildings only the presbytery and the northern perimetric wall stands till today.Major reconstruction and enlarging begun in 1940.Church's windows are filled with colourful stained glass filling created by famous slovak artist Vincent Hloznik and his wife Viera Hloznikova in 1951.In front of the church is a sandstone statue of saint Mary to which church is dedicated.Inside are epitaphs of Zigmund Balassa, Alzbeta Zborovska, tombstone of Rafael Podmaintzky remains of caryatids and the depiction of the old town on the Balassa tombstone.

Orlove manor house

Orlovsky kastiel this baroco style building was a museum, in the premises used to be a Civic Museum.It is build in part of the town called Orlove.In the interior of the manor in a chapel there are many baroque facilities (eg.Organ, Pulpit, Altar) Now it has been closed for several years.

Kostol Svateho Ladislava

is the last fourth member of the four historical buildings build nearby the castle, creating the panorama of Povazske Podhradie.It was built in 19th century.In the premises of the church is statue of John of Nepomuk, which was coincidentally brought to Povazske Podhradie on abandoned flatboat during floods in 1784.After the floods the statue was placed on the place of its founding with five lindens around.However after some time lindens grew together forming one massive linden-tree.From this point people started to idolize the linden with the statue as a wonder of nature util the linden was cutted down during the building of new manmade basin of the river Vah.

Maninska Gorge

Maninska Gorge (in Slovak, Maninska tiesnava) is a national nature reserve and the narrowest canyon in Slovakia.It lies in the Sulov Mountains, 6 km from Povazska Bystrica.It is a place of great tourist interest, because of its wild and rare flora and fauna.

Right Time to Visit

April - August