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Porto Velho

Porto Velho I
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By plane

From Porto Velho there are several connections to mayor cities with TAM and GOL throughout the country as well as regional flights with smaller carriers such as Ocean Air, Rico and TAVJ.

By train

Although Porto Velho has a railway station there are no trains in or out of the city. For tourist purposes the train was expected to work but don't expect this to happen at any time in the near future. For the Maria Fumaça telenovela part of the track has been cleaned.

By bus

From the Rodoviária (bus station) there are buses to most big cities in Brazil. Cuiabá is 24 hours away, Brasilia is 36 - 48 hours away, and São Paulo/Rio de Janeiro are about 60 hours. To the west the nearest big city is Rio Branco, about 7 - 10 hours away, all depending on the type of bus service you buy.

By boat

There is a boat to Manaus two-three times per week. Hammock class (bring your own hammock) is about 100 reais, a cabin 300, and a double cabin 350. Prices are somewhat negotiable. Before booking a boat make sure to check the boat, captain and crew out and try to negotiate with them instead of one of the 3 or 4 agents at the entrance of the harbour. Take care walking in the harbour area, it is not one of the nicest places to be in, take as little as possible with you when going there.

Key places to visit
Railway station, There's a small promenade, Caixas D'agua, Casa da Cultura, Catedral


Places to Visit

Railway station Estacao da Ferrovia, Ferroviaria. Once builed as compensation for the Brazilian taking of the state of Acre from Bolivia to transport rubber and other Amazon produce. Since long not operational and it shows at the station which is rapidly suffering from decline. The once excellent museum is now closed for reforms with nobody able to tell when it will open again. The trains have long since seen their last maintenance due to lack of funding. For the novela Maria Fumaca part of the track was restored. The train was also supposed to be operational for tourism purposes but the project has not finished to date. All in all the terrain is interesting enough to see and imagine the hardship it took to build in the heat.

There's a small promenade (Beira Rio) with a number of bars looking out over the Rio Madeira at the end of Av. 7 de Septiembre. A nice place to watch the sun set.

Caixas D'agua, Porto Velho's post card. Build for the Bolivia railway now 3 water towers on a square in reform. To get there: Facing the entrance of the railway station go to your right and keep walking. Can't miss. Sometimes illuminated at night for nice photos. To make the best one go to the last square on 7 de Septembro, walk up to the Clube da Ferrovia and turn left.

Casa da Cultura just of the square with the Caixas D'agua. Here you'll find changing expositions by local artists and once done an exhibition of local culture.

Catedral On Dom Pedro II the main church of Porto Velho. Simple on both the inside and outside but well worth a visit.

Right Time to Visit

January - March
October - December