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Porto Alegre

Rio Grande do Sul
Porto Alegre
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By Air

Salgado Filho International Airport is located just 10 km / 6 miles to the north-east of downtown Porto Alegre, where it is an extremely busy air facility serving almost six million passengers annually. This is a modern airport with excellent facilities, which include a large selection of shops and restaurants, and even a cinema. Major domestic destinations throughout Brazil are connected by Salgado Filho Airport, such as Brasilia, Fortaleza, Rio de Janeiro, Salvador and Sao Paulo, while Buenos Aires, Lima and Montevideo are popular international flight destinations. Although a metro railway station is to be found close to the airport, most travellers would agree that bus transport is far more convenient, since buses head directly into the city centre. If you prefer to travel alone, taxis are on hand, with this journey lasting approximately 15 minutes.

By  Train

The network of urban Metro trains is operated by the Trensub company and stretches for just over 40 km / 25 miles, with 17 stations spread around the northern metropolitan area. Each day, more than 125,000 passengers use Metro transport to reach destinations such as Canoas, Esteio, Novo Hamburgo, Sapucaia do Sul and Sao Leopoldo. The Metro's final stop is at the centrally located Mercado Publico (Public Market), where the main attractions are no more than a 15-minute walk away.

By Bus and Coach

The city's long-distance bus station is situated on the Largo Vespiano Julio Veppo, on the north-eastern side of central Porto Alegre, where it is next to the Rua da Conceicao, the Metro Estacio Rodoviaria and the docks. Connected by regular bus transport, popular destinations in Rio Grande do Sul include Cambara do Sul (six hours), Canela (two hours and 30 minutes), Gramado (two hours), Pelotas (three hours), Santo Angelo (seven hours) and Torres (three hours). Further afield, long-distance buses travel to and from Chui - on the Uruguay border (seven hours), Curitiba (11 hours), Florianopolis (seven hours), Foz do Iguacu (14 hours) and Rio de Janeiro (25 hours), and to international destinations such as Buenos Aires (18 hours), Montevideo (12 hours) and Santiago (36 hours).

Key places to visit
Centers of Gaúcho Tradition, Jardim Botanico, Parque Farroupilha, Museum of Natural Sciences, Teatro São Pedro


Places to Visit

Centers of Gaúcho Tradition

A must for all tourists is a visit to one of the centers of Gaúcho tradition in Porto Alegre, with such names as Os Maragatos (supporters of the federalist movement in Rio Grande do Sul), Tropeiros da Tradição (traditional herdsmen) and Ponteiros do Rio Grande (cattle-drovers of Rio Grande), which offer visitors typical local dishes, served with chimarrão (green tea), and performances of traditional music and dancing. Detailed information about the programs of the various centers can be obtained from the Movimento Tradicionalista Gaúcho, Rua Guilherme Schell 60.

Jardim Botanico

Dating back to the early part of the 19th century, the story of the Botanical Gardens was far from successful and its original design was left to be overgrown until 1952, when a large number of palms, trees and cacti were replanted. Inaugurated in 1962, the Jardim Botanico became part of the Fundacao Zoobotanica in the 1970s and now boasts glass houses, stone pathways, a lake with bridges, an education centre, a seed bank and many native plant species. The Museum of Natural Sciences is located within the grounds of the Jardim Botanico, where it is known for its paleontology exhibits.

Parque Farroupilha

A number of appealing attractions reside within the Parque Farroupilha, such as marble monuments, a fountain, the 'O Expedicionário' memorial to Brazilian soldiers, a small zoo, a children's amusement park, sports fields, cycleways and pathways suitable for jogging. Parque Farroupilha is also home to a large auditorium capable of accommodating some 4,500 spectators, and a huge flea market, which takes place here every Sunday morning. Of note, many locals refer to the Parque Farroupilha (Ragamuffin Park) as the Parque Redencao (Redemption Park).

Museum of Natural Sciences

The Museum of Natural Sciences (Museu de Ciéncias Naturais) on Avenida Ipiranga has some 10,000 mineralogical, zoological and archaeological exhibits - in effect a complete survey of the natural treasures of Rio Grande do Sul.

Teatro São Pedro

The neo-Baroque Teatro São Pedro (1850; national monument) is one of the finest buildings in Porto Alegre. It has recently been restored, with financial help from wealthy citizens of Porto Alegre. The restoration has respected the original structure and architectural forms but has incorporated contemporary functional features.

Right Time to Visit

June - August