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Ponta Grossa

Ponta Grossa
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By Air

Santana Airport (IATA: PGZ, ICAO: SSZW) is the airport serving Ponta Grossa, Brazil.It is operated by the Municipality of Ponta Grossa under the supervision of Aeroportos do Parana (SETR).The airport is presently dedicated to general aviation.Currently no scheduled flights operate to and from this airport.The airport is located 10 km (6 mi) south from downtown Ponta Grossa.

By Road

Ponta Grossa is the main road and rail junction in the state of Parana, from where roads and railways for all regions - beyond the untapped potential waterway.The municipality is crossed by highways BR-376, BR-373 and PR-151.

By Bus

The modern city is served by intercity bus terminal in Ponta Grossa.The complex is served by 20 municipal transport companies, interstate and international. As the place - from 3.4 million square feet of building area - spend about 28 200 passengers per month. The terminal also has parking for 110 cars. The current structure was opened on June 18, 2008 by Mayor Peter Wosgrau (PSDB) in the presence of Governor Roberto Requiao (PMDB).The station was built on the same site of the former City Terminal, built in the 1960s and demolished in June 2007.During construction, which lasted more than a year, passengers were served by a temporary structure attached to the construction site. According to the Municipality of Ponta Grossa, the complex cost $ 5.2 million and was funded by the Government of Parana State, through the Support Programme for Urban Development (Urban Parana) - Secretary of State for Urban Development.

Key places to visit
Old Town State Park, Mariqunha Waterfall, General Field Museum, Museum Season, Munchen Fest, Grape Festival


Places to Visit

Old Town State Park

is a geological site located in the municipality of Brazil in Ponta Grossa , twenty miles to the southeast of the city center and one hundred kilometers from the city of Curitiba, capital of the State of Parana.The group of formations resembling a city with its medieval castles and towers in ruins, hence its name.The average height of the columns of stone and walls is twenty meters and can reach a hundred feet or more in some places, depending on the terrain rugged.The park is composed of three neighboring sites: The sandstones, and Furnas Golden Pond. While the sandstone is a massive collection of large blocks of sandstone carved into exotic shapes, Furnas are three craters with vertical walls, eroded soil, most of them about 100 feet deep, half covered with water all interconnected and related to Golden Pond so named by the effect created by the crystal clear water and sand in their coloring sunsets.

Mariqunha Waterfall

The Mariqunha Waterfall is located near Ponta Grossa, city of the state of Brazil in Parana and 30 meters high and belongs to a protected area of the municipality.The site is administered by the Municipal Culture and Tourism and is considered one of the attractions of the city.

General Field Museum

is a museum Brazilian city of Ponta Grossa, State of Parana.The Museum contains General Fields of ancient everyday objects and stuffed animals to the material attached to the 2nd World War.The space is administered by the Dean of Extension and Cultural Affairs (Proex) of the State University of Ponta Grossa (UEPG).In 2003, the entire structure of the body was transferred to another property, in partnership with Banco Itau, which donated the use of the building due to the deteriorating conditions of conservation of old buildings built in the 1920s.In 2009, the museum must return to his first address the old city forum.

Museum Season

is a museum located particularly in the city of Ponta Grossa, State of Parana, Brazil.The museum has pieces that depict the history of various regions of Brazil.Some of the highlights is the collection of coins old, especially two of gold dated 1720, swords used during the war in Paraguay, radios, weapons, photographs, various phones, furniture and other objects of equal historical value.The headquarters of the museum was built in the nineteenth century, around 1880, in architectural style art nouveau.

Munchen Fest

is a popular festival in the city of Ponta Grossa, State of Parana, Brazil.The festival is sponsored by the city of Ponta Grossa, with support from private enterprise.The event, which lasts ten days, usually between November and December is the biggest party of the Parana and is among the largest in the South.The average attendance is more than one hundred thousand people per issue.It's traditional opening parade of the party with the queen, cars and blocks arranged in enfeirados Vicente Machado Avenue in downtown Ponta Grossa.Soon after, the partygoers head to the Events Center of the city, where the festival takes place since 1992.

Grape Festival

is a feast of regional agro-town Brazilian of Ponta Grossa, State of Parana.In 2008 came the 25th edition of between 24 and 27 January, the Governor Manoel Ribas Environmental Complex .In each edition of the festival are sold on average 25 tons of grapes and grape juices and wines, cakes, jellies, cheeses, hams and honey.The average attendance is about 50 000 per year.The first Festival of the Grape Capos General as it was called took place in 1982, on 30 and 31 at Rua Benjamin Constant.At the time the fruit was sold to Cr $ 1.50 per kilo in standard packages of three pounds. The aim of the festival was encouraging local producers of wine and honor the Italian immigrants in the region.From the fifth edition in 1986, the party left and went to Benjamin Constant to be held at Plaza Rio Branco , where he remained until 1993, when it was held at the Events Center to comfort the public. The party was held 6 and 7 February. The party featured several attractions, and the first sold pieces of fine craftsmanship.Since 1997, the Fesuva is held annually in the Environmental Complex Governor Manoel Ribas.

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