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By Air

If you land in Punta del Este airport, then Piriapolis is only 15 miles west. Ironically,this airport is closer to Piriapolis than Punta del Este and for those lucky enough to get a connection through,it is an option.Flights usually come from Buenos Aires and Brazil only,and mostly during the high season.

By Bus

Piriapolis is about 65 miles east of Montevideo.From the terminal "Tres Cruces" buses depart about every hour during the day , specially in the high season (December to March).Try to get a direct one , they are a little more expensive but you'll get there in less than two hours.If you travel to Piriapolis directly from Motevideo's airport , it is about 50 miles but not all the buses that depart Montevideo "Tres Cruces" station stop by the airport so you need to plan accordingly.If you are staying in Punta del Este, then Piriapolis is about 35 miles west and bus service is also good.Having the hotel arrange a day trip from Punta del Este to Piriapolis is an option.Costs of these day tours would be about triple what the bus ticket costs by itself but still very reasonable.

By Car

From Montevideo take Route Interbalnearia through 2 tolls (local currency only, about U$ 2 each), turn south at the Piriapolis exit at about mile marker 56 and then just enjoy the drive for another 10 miles.You'll see the city in the distance. From Punta del Este, drive west until about 10 miles past the airport.You must turn south on either the west or east entrance. Both ways are a 6 mile country drive to the city.

Key places to visit
Hill Pan de Azucar, Park La Cascada, Catillo De Piria, Templo San Antonio, Cave Of The Ducks


Places to Visit

Hill Pan De Azucar

Is a hill and the third highest point of Uruguay, with an altitude of 423 metres (1,387.8 ft).It is located southwest of Maldonado Department,in the municipality of Piriapolis, in a range of hills named Cuchilla Grande.At the eastern feet of the hill and partly on its side, is the Reserva de Flora y Fauna del Pan de Azucar, a nature reserve and zoo.On its summit, there is a cross made of cement,with a height of 35 metres (114.8 feet), visible from a wide distance.The cross is visitable inside with a spiral staircase leading to the horizontal part of the cross, which offers view of the area through small openings.

Park La Cascada

Much next to Piriapolis, almost inside the city, one finds located the Municipal Park ‘La Cascada’. Going for Avenue Artigas, once the bridge crosses it goes over to the Route Nro. 3 that joins the cities of Piriápolis and Pan de Azucar, and there only one finds the Cascade dropping his waters from an approximate height of 5 meters. Surrounded with an ancient forest it constitutes a comfortable place of recreation characterized by his freshness and beauty.To what it drinks to us the Mother Nature adds the realized for the man, the park is provided with zones of picnic provided with tables and banks of concrete, roofs of totoras and his respective broilers for use of his visitors.

Catillo De Piria

Perfectly preserved, it is a municipal museum worth being visited and being admired. In one covered exterior there cannot stop being warned the enormous quantity of pieces of gray granite, provenientes of the quarries of the Hill Bread of Sugar as an attentive examination shows it. A baseboard of granite, with amazing curved pieces in the turrets and a large door with arches, columns and adornments of granite demonstrate that it was doing ends of last century Piria it had to his disposition main stonecutters capable of executing any work.

Templo San Antonio

In the Summit of the Hill one emphasizes humbly the temple of San Antonio, whose image was brought from Europe, who has always heard the orders of the single ones and miraculously it has expired with them.To this summit it is possible to come for the aerosilla, automobile, bus or the one who looks for the emotion of a walk enjoying the contact the nature.

Cave Of The Ducks

It goes over up to her to comfortable steps, there one finds the Cave of the Source (Gruta de la Fuente), lively place to rest and to admire the surrounding beauties being the first one of the Trilogy of the principal sources of the spa, located to 70 meters on the level of the sea, bud of her a mineral water bicarbonatada sodica only comparably to that of the source Vals-Les-Bains of France.The image of Stella Maris Capo Laboro is a work of an artist milanes it was brought from Italy, Fundamental Stone of the city, it is located in the skirt of the hill, dominating to the bay, protecting the fishermen.To his feet a Mass was said for the first time in the new city.

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